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2siori019 Mindrain | Design project or Sr 4h an Sth Year ster Nino Ban Design project for 3rd, 4th and Sth Year students. (B.Arch, B.plan, Interior Design, Product design and other design and animation courses) Design a community for Artists where they make and display their works and conduct workshops. You are free to choose a site anywhere in the world. Just make sure that the size of the site is not more than 10 acres (40475 m?) in area and has good views around it and is set in an interesting natural context. The activities the artists indulge in are painting, display, conferences, workshops and cultural performance spaces. We want you to have full freedom and design with your wildest imagination without any restriction. We want you experience the true excitement of designing spaces! Just make sure that the community has 7 cottages (one for each artist, which includes a living area and studio) 1 Art Gallery 1 Auditorium VLibrary 1 Media Center © 1Clinic 1 Conference Meeting hall ‘© Open Interactive Spaces (as many as possible) warindrainorglarchitectue-competiton-2-21 w 25077019, Mindrain | Design project for ra, th and Sth Year students 10AT Basic Utilities (laundry etc) Dining Hall + Kitchen + Swimming Poo! ‘+ We dont have any issues ifyou think any other area needs to be added to this creative hub! Also, must keep in mind ~ * Your design should be accessible, attractive, inviting, and must be exciting in physical, philosophical and intellectual terms. ‘© Your design must have a strong concept and meaning, The visual and spatial forms should spring from an original idea and concept of your own. © Your design must be original. We are strictly against plagiarism and had to disqualify many entries last year that were directly copied from other sources. Site You are free to choose any site on your own! ust keep the following points in mind - + The total site area should not be more than ten acres (40475 rm”), ‘© The site must catch exciting, scenic views from at least two sides. Design Brief Submission requirements We don't want a tall heap of sheets and drawings. «Just send us your drawings and sketches with suitable text and explanations. ‘The sheet size should be A2 (landscape). wonrrindrainorgfarchitectire-compesiton-2-2/ 25077019, Mindrain | Design project for ra, th and Sth Year students + Please note that your sheets should be all in POF forrnat and should not be more than 5 in number. ‘+ Feel free to use any medium - drawings can be digital or hand drawn (scanned) but please make them with all your heart. ‘We are waiting for your exciting designs! An Architects’ and designers’ community! A ‘wonderland for creative people’ in the most fantastic setting of your choice - snow covered mountains, green rolling hills, beaches, forests - any kind of place that you find exciting and thrilling - you can design this artists’ hub there! Evaluation criteria All entries would be marked keeping the following points in mind - ‘© Originality, imagination and unconventional design. © Concept ‘© Design process and evolution of design. ‘© Marking would be split as ~ 70% for the idea, 20% for presentation and 10% for write up. Prizes CASH + CERTIFICATE y First prize -Rs30,000 + certificate and trophy Second Prize - Rs17,500 + certificate and trophy ‘Third Prize - Rs 5,000 certificate and trophy Five Honorable mentions + certificates Important Dates Regular registration - 1°* Apri, 2017 to 18" October, 2017 Last date of registration - 18" October, 2017 Last date for submission - 04" Novernber, 2017 Results - 315 january, 2017 wonrrindrainorgfarchitectire-compesiton-2-2/ 25077019, Mindrain | Design project for ra, th and Sth Year students Registration Fee Indian Nationals - Single entry - Rs 600 Group entry (upto three group members per group allowed) - Rs1500 Registration Fee (International Students) Judges Ayodh Vasant Kamath blends craft, design and computation in research, teaching, and professional practice. His research on bamboo gridshell design won a‘Best Paper, Runner-up’ at CAADRIA 2013 and his. research on ‘Computationally Reclaiming Materiat in Detroit won him the LTU Faculty Seed Grant in2014, He has presented his research at international conferences in Asia, Europe and North America Ayodh co-coordinates the Visual ‘Communications course sequence in the department of architecture. He teaches graduate and undergraduate design studios, and has organized an wonrrindrainorgfarchitectire-compesiton-2-2/ Narinderjit Kauris an architect, designer and motivated environmental planner who relishes new and dynamic challenges. Her fields of interest include Natural Resource Management, Urban Environment & Climate Change and Sustainable approach in and Spatial Planning and Architecture. She has eighteen years of professional experience including six years of core field work, 11 years field work as free-lance consultant along with 11 years teaching experience. Narinderjit Kaur 2ssri2019 international design-build workshop with the makeLAB at LTU. Ayodh has previously taught at the Sushant School of Art & Architecture, Gurgaon, and the University School of Architecture and Planning, Delhi, India. A practicing architect in India, Ayodh is a partner at Kamath Design Studio, New Delhi. He was involved in the design of the tallest stainless steel structure in South Asia, Projects he has worked on have appeared in various national and international publications. He has also worked on installation art projects, furniture design and photography. Ayodh Vasant Kamath Pavol Griac isa resident of Slovakia, Europe. He has studied Spatial Planning at the University of Technology in Slovakia and in city of Reims in France. He has taught Urban Planning at a prestigious university in India and has traveled different parts of india during his stay. He works in real estate business, He loves to traveland experience different culture He is a sports enthusiast and loves to play ice hockey, football and rock climbing, Pavol Griac warindrainorglarchitectue-competiton-2-21 Mindrain | Design project or Sr 4h and Sth Year ster W ) Kunal Chaudhry is an Architect and Urban Designer who graduated from the University of Toronto. He brings forth architectural design and urban design experience, with an excellent facility for concept plan illustration, development of guidelines and master planning, Having led and collaborated with large, multi- disciplinary consultant groups, and with extensive experience working with regional and municipal departments and facilitating design workshops for both the public and the private sectors, Kunal Chaudhry presents an interesting dialogue between Architecture and Urban Design, He currently works at a private firm in Toronto and has participated in numerous design competitions and proposals across the world and has served as a design jury member. 25077019, Mindrain | Design project for ra, th and Sth Year students Kunal Chaudhry Guneet has worked with Raj Rewal, one of India's most prominent Architects, for five years and handled the Architectural Department (North) For SGS India, affiliated Company of the group SGS SA Geneva, Switzerland, Guneet is an architect from Sushant School of Architecture, Gurgaon with vast and varied experience in residential, institutional, commercial and hospitality projects ike the UNITECH Group housing in NOIDA, Chancery Project, (indian Embassy), Shanghai, China and Taj Moti Mahal, Bharatpur. She has worked as a visiting faculty in various prestigious institution in NCR. She also headed the publication department under Raj Rewal Associates and worked on a number of books articles for prestigious architectural ‘magazines with publishing houses lke Phaidon and Oxford. With a keen interest in child friendly space design, she has worked on various research projects for the same, Guneet Raj Singh Media Partner \wonrrindrainorgfarchitectare-compesition-2-2/ asiori19 Cx ompetitior larchi warindrainorglarchitectue-competiton-2-21 Mindrain | Design project or Sr 4h and Sth Year stots © Get in Touch W