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Teaching Dates and Time Monday-Thursday(November 7-11, 2016)Friday(Ruby)9:50-10:50, 10:55-11:55,1:00-2:00 Quarter Second Semester/ 1st quarter
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
The learner is able to apply Thursday Friday
an learner
The appropriate random
I. OBJECTIVES variable for a given
understanding ofreal-life
A. Content Standards problem
concepts (such as in
of random
decision making
variables and games
and probability
B. Performance Standards of chance
At the end of the lesson, the learner should be able to:
At the end of the lesson, the learner should be able to
• Recognize the importance of providing correct information in a data collection activity;
C. Learning Competencies / identify questions that could be answered using a statistical process and
• Understand the issue of confidentiality of information in a data collection activity;
Objectives describe the activities
• Participate in a data collection activity; and
involved in a statistical process.
• Contextualize data
II. CONTENT Basic Business Mathematics
1. Teacher's Guide pages 9-13 14-22
2. Learner's Materials pages
3. Textbook pages
A. Rewiewing previous lesson or Let the students recall the meaning
presenting the new lesson of statistics.
B. Establishing a purpose for the
lesson Data collection activity.
C. Presenting examples/ instance of The teacher says: In decision making we use statistics although some of us may
Present an activity where the students will be asked to provide some data that will be submitted for
not be aware of it. An inquiry could be answered or a problem could be solved
the new lesson consolidation by the teacher for future lesson.
through the use of statistics.
D. Discussing new concepts and The teacher will ask the students what
Contextualization of Data
practicing new skill #1 is the meaning of statistics.
E. Discussing new concepts and practicing new skills #2

Let the students pick their student

Make known to students how number.The teacher will inform the
F. Developing mastery Ask students what comes to their minds when they hear the
important is statistics in decision- students that their student number
term "data".
making. is confidential as a part of data
collection activity.
The teacher will ask the students a 2 Discuss the statistical process in the teacher will present to the students the collection of
G. Finding Practical application of group of questions that answerable solving a problem using one of the Performing data collection activity. numbers, figures, symbols, and words and ask them if they
concepts and skills in daily living using statistical process and not questions presented on the previous could consider the collection as data. This Activity is to explain
answerable using statistical process. lesson. the students that the data should be contextualized.
Let the students identify the questions if
it is answerable using statistical process Explain to the students that the
H. Making generalization and Let the students summarize the
or not. Before the teacher will explain purpose of this data collection Tell the students that once the data are contextualized, there is
statistical process in making a decision
abstractions about the lesson the differences of the questions that are activity is to gather data that they now meaning to the collectionof number and symbols.
or providing solutions to a problem.
answerable using statistical process or could use for their future lessons in
not. Statistics.
The students will identify the
I. Evaluating learning The teacher will give the students a sample of data and let them
questions if it is answerable or not
contextualized the data using the 6 W's.
answerable using statistics.
J. Additional activities for application or remediation

Let the students do the research in

V. REMARKS finding the meaning of statistics for the
continuation of the lesson.
Let the students do the research in
V. REMARKS finding the meaning of statistics for the
continuation of the lesson.
VI. REFLECTION Based on my lesson for the whole week, I observe that I should used some LMs for teaching styles. The student also refresh their basic learning in mathematics.