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Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS)

TCS is a multinational information technology service and consulting company which has its
headquarters in Mumbai. It has over 150 offices in over 46 countries where it employs more
than 380000 people. Over the years the company has strengthened its knowledge resource and
has always strived to provide best learning and development opportunities to its employees.
The company has played a major role in providing skilled employee resource in the IT industry
by investing heavily in research and development. The company has various different programs
for its new recruits as well as experienced employees in the company.

Programs for new recruits

ILP: The Initial Learning Program, is aimed at engineering students fresh out of college who
come from different disciplines. The program works towards introducing these students into TCS
life as well as the world of software engineers. They learn latest technologies as well as
business skills, soft skills, project management etc. Their assessors review their learning diary
maintained by the trainees on a daily basis.


TCS is the biggest recruiter in the country for science graduates fresh out of college. According
to a research only 2% of science graduates are employable in the country. Every year
thousands of graduates join TCS through its Ignite program where the company receives more
than a lakh applications on its platform Open Ignite. The candidates who are selected learn
about latest technology in a more engaging and fun way. They work on real life problems and
projects in the company or industry, making them ready for the job by the end of the program.

Programs for experiences professionals

Enterprise Architects: The learning and development team at TCS collaborated with
Technology Excellence Group and designed the EA program. The main reason behind starting
the program was the increase in the demand of EA as well as TOGAF certificated professionals.
More that 750 people have attended the program and have created a strong EA community in
the company.
Ambassador Corp: TCS has a significant business in the international market and they need
their employees trained for the challenges posed in foreign land. This leadership development
program, trains the employees in communication skills, tackle diversity challenges and focuses
on critical business issues that are key for global sales roles.

Apart from these programs TCS also has some self learning and competency management
tools like iCALMS that helps in bridging the gap between existing and required competency for
the employees. With the help of Book24x7, employees can access a wide array of subjects and
topics. These are some of the steps taken by TCS to cater to the agile business strategy it has
been following. the company provides a basket of opportunities to its employees for learning
and self-development through its programs. It has smartly started at the root when a young
professional is starting his/her corporate career and goes on to develop that employee as he
grows in the organization. These programs are designed in such a way that they evolve with
company requirements as well as industrial trends, thereby developing a rich resource pool of
talent for the company.

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