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Komatsu Inspection Report - Wheel Loader

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Prepared By: JRS Innovation http://heavyvehicleinspection.com

Heavy Vehicle Inspection Report

Inspection Details Vehicle Information

Report # JRS12345 Vehicle Category: Wheel Loader
Location: Yukon Plant Vehicle Name: Komatsu WA320-7
Inspection Date: 5-Mar-2017 Vehicle #: 98766
Inspector Name: Broke Roset VIN #: 8CBDU689HDBDN
Meter Reading: 3917.4 Hours
Model/Year: 2013
Operator Name: Timber mike

Performance/ Safety/ Quality/ Functionality Inspection Checklist

Sr.No Inspection Checklist Note Good Repair Replace N/A

1 Alternator Output 25.4 volt average output

2 Audio system

3 Backup Lights and Alarm alarm functions lights function

4 Battery Both batteries hold charge well

5 Belt Tensions Belt condition good

6 Blade/Boom/Ripper Condition Boom has lots of discoloration and

surface rust but is structurally sound
no cracks or bad welds. Bucket also
in good condition repair welds in
good condition.
7 Body Damage, wear or Lots of surface rust but otherwise ok
8 Brake Condition

9 Brake Fluid

10 Brake fluid reservoir

Prepared By: JRS Innovation http://heavyvehicleinspection.com

Sr.No Inspection Checklist Note Good Repair Replace N/A
11 Bumpers Rusty no function problems

12 Carpet, Trip and Mats Dirty but cab floor is swept often

13 Chassis components lubrication Well greased

14 Clutch

15 Coupling Devices and Connectors The hydraulic cylinder that controls

coupling device repair is holding
16 Damage, Loose or missing Parts Left front turn signal lens missing
17 Decals, Warnings/ Placards

18 Doors

19 Drive Axle U joints well greased

20 Electrical Equipments

21 Engine air filter Recently changed

22 Engine cooling system Radiator fins need cleaned

23 Engine Oil Just changed

24 Engine Sounds No chatter or anything to indicate

25 Evaporative control system

26 Exhaust System Surface rust but no rot

27 Fire Extinguisher Condition

28 First Aid Kit

29 Frame, Ladder and Walkway

30 Front seat adjustment Seat functions properly including air

compressor for height adjustment
31 Fuel Tank

32 General Cracks, Wear Spots and No leaks no crack lots of

Leaks discoloration and surface rust
33 Ground Engaging Attachments

34 Hand Grabs and Steps

Prepared By: JRS Innovation http://heavyvehicleinspection.com

35 Headlights All front lights operational

36 Horn and Gauges All function properly

37 Hose Condition Normal wear for age of machine no

cracks or signs of dry rot
38 Hoses, Linesand Fittings Hydraulic lines show signs of age
but no cracks of signs of dry rot all
grease fittings work correctly
39 Hydraulic Oil Oil level good condition of oil is
40 Indirect Vision Devices Back up camera functions correct
camera lens is clean
41 Level Indicator Return to detent functions properly

42 Mirrors and Glass Clean and we'll kept front

windshield has some acid etching
from slag dust
43 Oil leak/Lube No visible leaks well lubed

44 Overall Equipment Cleanliness Giving the age of machine and

conditions it's operated in it is well
maintained cleaned regularly not a
bunch of trash in cab
45 Power Cable

46 Power Train No visible problems no sounds

47 Rear window and other glass

48 Seat Belt/ Seat and Restraint Belts in good condition work

Systems correctly
49 Service Indicators Function correctly,communicates
with Komtrax properly Recently
reset all indicators with oil change
and maintenance
50 Speedometer

51 Steering

52 Suspension

53 Tail lights Right rear brake light out

54 Tailgate Condition

55 Tarp Bow Condition and Amount

56 Tarp Condition

Prepared By: JRS Innovation http://heavyvehicleinspection.com

57 Tires or Tracks Tires approximately 40% some large
gouges on sidewalls (Photo is just
example several gouges present on
several tires
58 Transmission Fluid Color and level good

59 Turn Signals All function except for front left

because of missing lens bulb is burnt
and nonfunctional
60 Vehicle Exterior Lots of discolored paint and surface
rust No rot
61 Vehicle interior Dirty but well kept for age

62 Windshield Wipers and Fluid Wipers are at 50%or less could be

63 Wiring

Attached Vehicle Parts Images

16. Damage, Loose or missing 22. Engine cooling system 42. Mirrors and Glass
Parts /Accessary

57. Tires or Tracks 60. Vehicle Exterior

Prepared By: JRS Innovation http://heavyvehicleinspection.com

Overall Condition: Excellent Condition
Vehicle Safe to Use: Yes
Maintenance Required Yes
Maintenance Status Warranty/ Exchange Process Engaged
Maintenance Priority Low Priority Maintenance
Remarks / Note: Overall good condition given machines age

Inspector Signature

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Prepared By: JRS Innovation http://heavyvehicleinspection.com

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Prepared By: JRS Innovation http://heavyvehicleinspection.com/

Prepared By: JRS Innovation