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Isti come to a clinic, age 20 years old and she have a problem with her hipertensi

Ns. Feni : Good Morning Mrs. Isti, I’m nurse feni. What can i do for you?

Isti : Good Morning nurse, i’m not feeling well today.

Ns. Feni : Mrs. isti, can you tell about the problems of your condition?

Isti : There is something wrong with me, i have a problem with hipertensi

Ns. Feni : what is the last check result during mrs.isti consultation?
Isti : I get 140/90 blood pressure

Ns. Feni : wow, that's so high. Do mothers regularly check the health of in

Isti: : not nurs

Ns. Feni : well if so, I suggest once a month mothers to check the health of
to the hospital

Isti : yes nurs

Ns. Feni : does the have another complaint mrs?

Isti : only when I feel angry. My head is very dizzy nurs
Ns. Feni : Fine, mrs. I suggest to be able to control your emotions and
diet. Because it can affect the condition of maternal hypertension later

Isti : is there a diet that can do to reduce this hypertension?

Ns. Feni : yes mrs

Isti : what it is nurs?

Ns. Feni :the first can reduce eating foods high in cholesterol
The second keeps a regular sport
Avoid anger
Keep your diet and health well
Avoid stress
Isti : whether this hypertension can lead to struk nurs?
Ns. Feni :yes

Isti : How did it happen?

Ns. Feni : because of the stress can lead to hypertension and hypertension can
also cause symptoms of struk
Isti : whether irregular eating patterns are also influential?

Ns. Feni : Yes, of course. Such foods are rich in salt and fat
Isti : well i will reduce that bad diet
Ns. Feni : are there any other complaints?

Isti : is there any medicine that i can buy at a pharmacy mrs?

Ns. Feni : there will be later I will ask for a prescription from a doctor to get to
redeem at the pharmacy later

(take a doctor's prescription ransom)

Ns. Feni :this is a prescription given by a doctor to be bought mrs

Isti : All right. How to recommend it?

Ns. Feni : Drink a day three times in the morning, day and night.oke?
Isti : yes, thank you nurs

Ns. Feni : yes. and do not forget to go back to check the condition once a month

Isti : yes. oke