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Pumping Unit 595991 (6510-20)

Pumping Unit 595991 (6510-20) LabVolt Series Datasheet Festo Didactic en 120 V - 60 Hz 07/2019

LabVolt Series


Pumping Unit 595991 (6510-20) LabVolt Series Datasheet Festo Didactic en 120 V - 60 Hz 07/2019

Festo Didactic

en 120 V - 60 Hz


Pumping Unit, LabVolt Series

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General Description


General Description

The Pumping Unit consists of a centrifugal variable-speed pump having a flow of 0-12 l/min (0-3.2 gal US/min) and a maximum pressure of 100 kPa, gauge (14.5 psig). The pump motor has a rated speed of 3600 rpm at 60 Hz and 3000 rpm at 50 Hz, with a power of 0.37 kW (0.5 hp) at 60 Hz and 0.25 kW (0.33 hp) at 50 Hz.

The Pumping Unit includes great features such as a built-in Powerflex 525 ac drive from Allen-Bradley. This ac motor drive has an output voltage of 0-230 V ac, an output frequency of 0-240 Hz, and is controlled using either 4-20 mA signals or an Ethernet/IP digital communication with Allen-Bradley PLC's. The Pumping Unit also features a convenient communication interface to configure and monitor all the drive's parameters.

The nominal current of the Pumping Unit is 3 A at 120V 60 Hz and 1.5 A at 220-240V 50 Hz.

The reservoir of the Pumping Unit has a capacity of 18.9 l (5 gal US) and comprises two inlet valves (two-way, manually operated), as well as an outlet valve (three-way, two-position, manually operated). A stainless steel vortex breaker prevents air aspiration in the pump's suction.

Pumping Unit, LabVolt Series

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