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TPACK Template

C Subject Government
n Grade Level 12th
e Type of Online Class Asynchronous
t Learning Objective GOVT.6 The student will apply social science skills to
understand local, state, and national elections by
a) describing the nomination and election process,
including the organization and evolving role of
political parties;
b) examining campaign funding and spending,
including the impact of Supreme Court
decisions, the nationalization of campaign
financing, and the role of issue groups;
c) analyzing the influence of media coverage,
campaign advertising, public opinion polls,
social media, and digital communications on

P Complete the following sentences:

d 1. The online course I’m teaching in for this activity is asynchronous
g 2. In this online activity, my online students will use a simulation on political campaigns
o and elections to have an individual experience based upon their unique choices. Each
g child’s end result will be different, and I will grade them online by their choices and
y outcome and final thoughts.
P Online Activity This 12th grade government class will be asynchronous and
e the students will have access to all the lessons leading up to
d and following this assignment.
a To prepare for this lesson there will be a powerpoint
g with the teachers voice over that goes over elections,
o campaigns, political parties, and funding. There will be
g questions throughout and a text box for students to answer
y questions and provide insight that is shared with other
members of the class when they are viewing the lesson.
Clips of debates, and speeches from previous presidential
campaigns will be linked from Youtube so that students can
see real life examples of what is being talked about.
The students will be tasked to use 's “Win
the White House” game to be elected president. The game
has them choose a name, avatar, party and political stances.
Once the students chooses a political party there an array of
issue summaries including the stance of that party. The
game starts with a debate allowing the user to choose an
issue they stand for, and then select from options as to why
they stand behind that issue and what it means to their
campaign, and as you debate you get tokens for correct
answers, if you get a response wrong in the debate the other
candidates correct you based on the view of the party you
have chosen and political climate. Following your
nomination you need to campaign, fundraise, and travel.
Once the student has completed the game they will complete
an essay about the strategies they used and what was
effective, including why they feel they got elected or did not
get elected president. They will discuss changes they would
make if they were running for president in the real world
and why they think those were effective. Additionally they
will discuss if they feel this was a useful simulation , why or
why not.
After completing the campaign simulator and essay
they will have a short discussion post regarding their
thoughts on the process and one thing they were surprised
by, and they will respond to two other classmates in this
format. The discussion post and responses will be due a
couple days apart to allow everyone to post.
The website is very easy to use to the students will
be given the link and a set of typed instructions.
Click the link:
In the top right of the website it gives you the option
to log in or register
If you do not have an account you need to make a
free account using your school e-mail, we do not have a
class code.
Once you confirm your e-mail you will return to

Scroll down until you see the box that says “Win the
White House”
This link will take you to the beginning of the game.
Because you have an account you do not need to finish in
one sitting, so you may take breaks as necessary.
Once the game is finished take a screen shot of your
outcomes to submit with your essay
T Technology https://www.icivics.org/games
c Computer or tablet with internet access.