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Mariners’ Polytechnic Colleges Foundation of Canaman, Camarines Sur

Semi-Final Examination
Basic Computer Operation

Name: _______________________________ Year & Section: _________ Date: ______ Score: _________

Use black ink only.│Avoid erasure. │Cheating invalidates test result.

Multiple Choice: From the given choices below, encircle the letter of the BEST answer.

1. A function used to convert DEGREES to RADIANS.

a. DEGREES() c. SINE()
b. ABS() d. RADIANS()
2. Refers to the horizontal divisions that are represented by NUMBERS.
a. Rows c. Columns
b. Cells d. Borders
3. How would you combine two cells using Microsoft excel?
a. Use join button c. Remove the border
b. Use merge button d. Adjust the column and row
4. It is the intersection of rows and columns.
a. Border c. Cell
b. Merge point d. Row
5. What functionality can we use to make a 1-100 numbering faster?
a. Copy & Paste function c. Random function
b. Auto-fill function d. None of the above
6. What is the first thing to do in creating a formula?
a. Enter the function c. Start with an equal sign
b. Enter the cell reference d. None of the above
7. The following are the different parts of a MS excel function EXCEPT
a. Equal sign c. Figure
b. Function name d. Argument
8. In creating a function, we must also consider the specific order which must be followed in order for the
function to work called:
a. Semantics c. Protocol
b. Syntax d. Process
For numbers 9-11, refer on the table below. The table represents the savings of five students in a week.

9. Using a FUNCTION, how can you compute Peter’s savings for the whole week?
a. =(B2 + C2 + D2 + E2 + F2 + G2) c. =SUM(B2:G2)
b. =AVERAGE(B2:G2) d. =TOTAL(B2:G2)
10. Using a FUNCTION, show in cell H5 the average money saved by Luke every day.
a. =TOTAL(B5:G5) b. =DAILY(B5:G5)
c. =SUM(B5:G5) d. =AVERAGE(B5:G5)
11. Using a combination of formula and function, get the total of Joseph’s savings and subtract it by John’s total
savings. Enter the expression in cell H7.
a. =SUM(C4:G4)-SUM(C6:G6)
b. =SUM(C4:G4) QUOTIENT(C6:G6)
d. =SUBTRACT((ADD(C4:G4),ADD(C6:G6))
12. In order to be more organized, MS excel allows you to have more than 5 worksheets in a single book.
a. True c. It depends
b. False d. Sometimes
13. Excel auto-fill functionality is very useful in creating numbering system in the fastest way possible. To
accurately achieve the desired number, one MUST:
a. Endlessly number it manually c. Re-check the numbers twice or thrice
b. Copy paste the numbers accurately d. Provide a pattern for the excel auto-fill
14. On an excel sheet, the active cell is indicated by:
a. A dark wide border c. A blinking border
b. A dotted border d. None of the above
15. If you are going to explore the different kinds of formula in excel, it is best to go to the ________ ribbon.
a. Home c. Formula
b. Insert d. Page Layout
16. LEFT() function is used to
a. Extract parts of the string starting c. Add parts to the string starting from
from the left the left
b. Delete parts of the string starting from d. Align the text to left
the left
17. What will be the result of this equation in excel =(8+2*(6/2) -2)
a. 28 c. 12
b. 10 d. 14
18. What is the difference between a FUNCTION and FORMULA?
a. A function is a longer version of a formula
b. A formula is a shorter version of the function
c. Both starts in “F” but ends in different letters
d. A function is a pre-defined formula
19. It is a condition/test/expression that is only answerable by YES or NO.
a. And statement c. If statement
b. Or statement d. Logical operation
20. The following are logical operators in excel EXCEPT
a. /= c. <=
b. >= d. >
21. What is the result of the statement “OR(7>9,9<9,1=1)”?
a. True c. Invalid
b. False d. Syntax Error
22. What is the result of the statement “AND(7>9,9<9,1=1)”?
a. True c. Invalid
b. False d. Syntax Error
23. CONCATENATE is used to
a. Join several text strings into one string c. Format text into string
b. Combine strings together with their d. None of the above
24. In creating an IF Statement, a clear logical test contains the following EXCEPT
a. Boolean logic c. Gives more than two possibilities
b. Tests whether it is true or false d. Gives only 2 possibilities
25. What are the parts of an IF Statement?
a. Logical test, value if true, value if c. Logical test, outcome, feedback
false d. Logical test, condition, result
b. Logical test, result, output
26. The following are the different types of CASE FUNCTION EXCEPT
b. LOWER() d. PROPER()
27. What is the best way to create an IF statement that will test several conditions and possibilities?
a. Nested IF Statement c. It is not possible
b. Separate cells d. No, it’s not.
28. What is the result of this statement: =LEN(rastaman vibration)
a. 13 c. 19
b. 17 d. 18
29. If you are going to focus on the general formatting, you need to go to
a. Home Tab c. Page Layout Tab
b. Insert Tab d. Data Tab
30. Create an expression that will combine the three words in the merged cells of C2-C5.

a. =CONTCATENATE(B2, “ “, B3, “ “, c. =COMBINE(B2,B3,B4)

C3, “ “) d. =CONTCATENATE(B2, “ “, B3, “ “,
b. =B2 + " " + B3 + " " + B4 B4)
31. What is wrong with the given IF statement?
=IF(>75, “False’, “True”)
a. Incomplete logical test d. Incomplete logical test and wrong
b. Wrong punctuations punctuations
c. The statement is correct
32. What will be the output of =PROPER(“kRiStian sAratE gWapO”)?
b. kristian sarate gwapo d. Kristian Sarate Gwapo
For numbers 33-36, refer to the figure below. The table shows the number of products sold per wave by 4 agents.

33. Create a FUNCTION that will get the total number of sold products during the 4 waves.
a. =(C3+D3+E3+F3) c. =SUM(C3:F3)
b. =TOTAL(C3:F3) d. =AVERAGE(C3:F3)
34. In column H, create a FORMULA that will get Robert’s average product sold per wave. Show it in H3.
a. =AVERAGE(C3:F3) c. =((C3+D3+E3+F3)/4)
b. =SUM(C3:F3) d. =(C3+D3+E3+F3/4)
35. In PROFIT column, you should be able to compute the profit from the total product sold. To compute for the
profit, the formula is PROFIT = (TOTAL_products_sold * 120) * 20%. Create your own function/formula in
a. =(G3 * 120) * 20% c. =TOTAL(120 * 20%)
b. =SUM(G3 * 120) * 20% d. = G3 * 120) * .02
36. In the last column, create an IF statement that will indicate in the remark column whether the profit has met
the quota. If the profit is greater than or equal to 2000, the output should be VERY GOOD! Otherwise, the
output should be “YOU DID NOT MEET THE QUOTA”

For numbers 37-40, refer to the table below.

37. in Make use of TEXT Function/s to put “JASON” in cell I3.

38. Make use of TEXT Function/s to put “FLORES” in cell J3.
a. =CONCATENATE(G3,F4,B5,E5,R3,25)
b. =CONCATENATE(G3,F4,B5,E5,F3,F5)
c. =CONCATENATE(G1,F4,B5,E3,F3,F5)
d. =CONCATENATE(G3,F4,B5,E7,F6,F5)
39. Make use of TEXT Function/s to put “NAGA” in cell K3.
40. Combine the three strings and include Jason’s age in the last part. L3 should look like this: JASON FLORES
NAGA – 23
a. =CONCATENATE(B7, " ",B8, " ",B9, " ", "-", " ", "23")
b. =CONCATENATE(B6, " ",B8, " ",B9, " ", "-", " ", "23")
c. =CONCATENATE(B7, " ",B8, " ",B8, " ", "-", " ", "23")
d. =CONCATENATE(B7, " ",c8, " ",B9, " ", "-", " ", "23")