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Detailed Lesson Plan In Mathematics 9

Content Standards: The learner demonstrates understanding of the basic

concepts of trigonometry.

Performance Standards: The learner is able to apply the concepts of

trigonometric ratios to formulate and solve real-life problems with
precision and accuracy.

Learning Competency: The learner uses trigonometric ratios to solve real-life

problems involving right triangles.

Code: M9GE-IVe-1

I. Objectives
At the end of a 60-minute period, 75 % of the students are expected to:
a. understand deeply angle of elevation;
b. solve problems involving Angle of Elevation using the three trigonometric
ratios; and
c. apply and appreciate trigonometric ratios in solving problems involving
real-life situation.

II. Subject Matter

Concept: Solving Problems involving Angle of Elevation.
Reference: www.mathbitsnotebook.com, Mathematics Learner material pp.
458-461; Teachers Guide pp. 284-289
Materials: Chalk, Visual Aids, LCD Projector and Calculator.
Skills: Problem solving, Logical-thinking, Applying and Appreciating.
Teaching Strategies: Practical work, Discussion and Group Activity.
Subject Integrated: English, Arts and Values.
Values: Cooperation, Honesty, Self-confidence.

III. Procedure
A. Preparatory Activities

Teacher’s Activity Students’ Activity

1. Prayer
May I request everybody to
please rise and class President
lead the prayer.

Classmate, lets bow our head

for a short prayer.

2. Greetings
Good morning class.

Good morning Sir.

3. Checking of Attendance
Who is absent today

Sir, no one is absent today,

4. Checking of Assignment
Get your assignment and
exchange paper with your

(Students will exchange paper.)

Find the value of x and y.

1. x




Who will answer number 1?
How about number 2?
Expected Answer:
1. x = 14.57 units
2. y = 13.59 units

Excellent! Count the number of

correct answer and return the paper
to the owner.
Who got 2? 1?
(Students raise their hands)

Pass your papers to the center

and then forward.

5. Review (5 minutes)

Ok class, let’s have an activity

but group yourself first into 5 groups.

Now, I have here 5 envelops

that will be distributed on your
respective group. Inside of it are
different images of group of people
included corresponding trigonometric
function. I will flash the question on
screen and determine what
trigonometric ratios should use to
solve the problem. You will copy the
image that correspond to your

1. 24


2. 32

3. ?

Expected Answer:
1. sine or cosecant.
2. tangent or cotangent.
3. cosine or secant.

Good job. You worked well in

your activity. Any question on how to
use trigonometric ratios to solve the
unknown parts of a right triangle?

None Sir.

B. Motivation (To be replace)

This morning, we will have an
activity this is entitled as “4 pics 1
word” featuring “wordscapes”. Six
images will flash on your screen and
you should answer the question
before the image will disappear. The
word that correspond to your answer
is place on the magical box that full of
words. Get the word on the and
attached on your answer sheet. If
you’re finish, post your answer on the
The group who can done the
activity first will receive 100 points
and a surprise reward.

Expected Answer:

1. Presentation
Did you enjoy the activity
Yes Sir.

It is good to hear that. Those

activities will give you hint or idea for
our lesson today. Who can read our

Our objectives are:

a. understand Angle of elevation;
b. solve problems involving angle of
elevation using trigonometric ratios;
c. apply and appreciate trigonometric
ratios in solving problems involving
real life situation.

Very Good. Now, I’ll going to present

video. But first, list these questions
that should be answer after the video:
1. What is the height of Cheeries?
2. How far is Cheeries from the
3. What is the Angle of elevation.
(The students will watch the
video presentation and answer the

Do you like the video?

Yes sir.

I know, most of you want to

know the height of the building. But
before we answer that matter, I would
like to ask you a question, do you
have any idea about our lesson
Our lesson for today is all
about Solving Problems involving
Angle of Elevation.

That’s it. Since it is Friday, I

know all of you can’t wait for
weekends. Some of you will spend
weekends playing basketball,
watching movies, go somewhere to
relax and etc.
But don’t you know that those
fun activities could be look at in a
mathematical way.

I’ll give you an example

2. Discussion
A dog is standing 5 ft. from the
base of a lighthouse looking up at
a bird that place on the top of
lighthouse. What is the height of
the lighthouse if the angle of
elevation from the point where the
dog is standing is 73°.

Based on the problem, what

are the given information that could
we use to solve the problem?
The distance of dog from the
lighthouse is 5 feet.

Correct. What else?

The angle of elevation where
the dog is standing is 73°.

Exactly! With those little

information, we can find the height of
light house. We can use now the
concept of angle of elevation to solve
the problem.


c 5ft B
What do you call the side that
measure 5 ft. with respect to  B ?
Adjacent side with respect to
B .
Very Good! How about the
unknown sides?
Opposite side with respect to
B .

That’s right. What idea comes

into your mind for opposite?
TOA or tangent is equal to

Excellent! We can solve the

problem using tangent. Who can
solve and write solution on the board?
Expected Answer:
16 feet.

Good job. You got it right. Did

you understand how to solve the
Yes Sir.

Do you have any question

regarding the solution of the problem?
None sir.

If none let’s have an activity.

You will be group
Choose your leader. Leader come in
front and draw your task in a fish bowl.
(The students will perform the
You all did the right way. It
seems you understand the lesson
very well. Let us give ourselves a
round of applause.

3. Generalization
What ideas you have learned
from our discussion?
We’ve learn how to solve
problems involving angle of elevation
using trigonometry.
Very Good! It is nice to hear
that, what else?
Determining the height of an
object that is much higher on us.
Very well said. That is the
purpose of trigonometry, to make our
lives easier. Do you have any
None Sir.

If none, let’s answer the

question based from the video
presented earlier
4. Application
Cheeries is a mathematics student and has been ask by arts teacher to
measure the height of the school building. The art department wants to paint
pictures to celebrate south Africa’s ten years of democracy. They need to know
how high the wall is that they want to paint. Cheeries walk 20 meters away from
the building, she uses clinometer to find the size of angle of elevation. She finds
that the angle of elevation of the top of the building is 38°. Now, Cheeries is 1.9
meters tall. What is the height of the building?

IV. Evaluation