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Syed Owais Ali


Email: syedowaisalihashmi@gmail.com
Mobile: +91-9959642697


Having good knowledge on various platforms/technologies in Database administration,expert

of all Oracle versions 8.x, 9.x and 10g on several platforms like HP-UX, AIX, Linux, and
windows, with practical exposure of RAC ON SAN with ASM file system, Responsible for
Installation and Configuration of Oracle Cluster Software(Placed OCR & Voting disk in Raw
devices as well as OCFS2),Adding node, Removing node, TAF policy, srvctl utility, Flashback
technologies, Data guard, Physical Standby, RMAN, OEM, Partitioning, Replication, Streams,


Seeking a Vibrant, Dynamic professional and challenging career opportunity as an Oracle

Database Administrator in an esteemed organization of Repute with exposure to global trends
and all-round skills enhancement.


 Oracle Certified Associate (OCA): ORACLE 10G Track

• Certified in Red Hat Linux Administration from Zoom Technologies.
• Bachelor degree in Science(B.Sc) from Osmania University.


Operating Systems IBM AIX ML4 5.3, Red Hat Linux AS 4,5.2 Enterprise Linux
Languages SQL, PL/SQL
Databases ORACLE 8i, ORACLE 9i, ORACLE 9i RAC, ORACLE 10g Stand
alone,ORACLE 10G RAC.
Oracle RAC tools Srvctl, Crsctl, Ocrconfig, Crs_stat, Cluvfy, OEM
Utilities Data Pump, Import / Export, Server Manager, Oracle Enterprise
Manager, SQL*Net, Backup Manager, RMAN, SQL loader,

Role & Responsibilities

• Installed Oracle 10g software on UNIX OS's, IBM AIX 5.3,LINUX AS 4,Enterprise Linux 5.2
client Software and configured the network (Net8), Configured the TAF technology using two
• Created production and development databases following OFA compliance rules.
• Oracle server configuration and modification of the initialization parameters in init.ora files
and spfile and configuring the database environment to support optimal data access
• Creating and managing the tablespaces, database configuration files, altering the structures
and storage parameters.
• Creating and managing multiple network configuration files, configured listener and
managing the Oracle network processes (the listener control utility), configured the network
environment to allow connections to multiple databases.
• Installed Oracle Enterprise manager (OEM) and configured enterprise manager repository,
created jobs and alerts, configured OEM events with the SNMP server to send the traps.
• Creating and maintaining the users, secure application roles and profiles. Granting and
maintaining the privileges, roles and managing the resources with the profiles and
managing security.
• Implementing the partitioning by choosing the appropriate partition method and the
appropriate partition key, and implementing the appropriate indexing method such as
(local, global, prefixed, and non prefixed) and performing the partition maintenance
• Applying parallelism appropriately, setting parallel parameters and tuning memory for the
parallel operations.
• Implementing high availability by configuring Data guard, RMAN, Replication, etc.
• Database security; implement fine grained auditing to monitor day-to-day activities on
database and security implementation.
• Monitoring databases performance and manages statistics of database objects for
performance, tuning memory using manual memory management, tuning PGA using work
area size parameters.
• Transaction Management, Optimization of the SQL statements with the help of Explain Plan
and tuning the SQL using hints, bind variables, appropriate index, and appropriate joins.


Name: Syed Owais Ali Hashmi Marital Status: Single

Nationality: Indian Birth Date: 05-01-1985
E-Mail: syedowaisalihashmi@gmail.com
Phone: 91+9959642697
Passport No:- H5326113
Date of Expiry: 11/10/2019