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Specific Features and Uses of

Topical Preparations
may be defined as aqueous or oleaginous solutions in the form of
coarse droplets or as finely divided solids to be applied topica!y

Relieve nasal congestion

and inflammation

Combat infection and

contain antihistamines,
sympathomimetic agents,
and antibiotic substances
Medicinal Atomizer

Emit medication in the form

of fine droplets

Bulb squeezed cause flow of

air causing liquid to rise in
a small tip tube and broken
up into spray
Vaginal Douche
is for irrigation cleansing of the vagina
Vaginal Douche

Used for their hygienic


Containing specific
therapeutic anti-infective

are alcoholic / hydro alcoholic solution prepared "om
vegetable or animal drug or "om chemical substances
Iodine Tincture

Prepared by dissolving 2%
iodine crystals and 2.4%
sodium iodide in alcohol

Popular local anti-infective


Reddish-brown color,
produces stain on the skin
Compound Benzoin Tincture
Categorized as protectant

Used to protect and toughen

skin in the treatment of
bedsores, ulcers, fissures of the
lips and anus, etc.

Used as inhalant in bronchitis

and other respiratory conditions

Serves as delivery vehicle of

podophyllum in the treatment
of venereal warts
Thimerosal Tincture

Colored orange red and has

greenish fluorescence

Commonly used household


Used in the preparation of

patients for surgery
Nasal Decongestant Solutions
are usua!y aqueous solutions designed to be administered to the
nasal passages in drops or sprays
Nasal Decongestant Solutions

Used for temporary relief

of congestion in the nose
caused by common cold,
sinusitis, hay fever and

Works by narrowing the

blood vessels in the nose
area, reducing swelling and
Inhalation Solutions
are of one or more drug substances administered to the
nasal or oral respiratory route for local or systemic effect
Inhalation Solutions

Classified as

Works in the airways by

opening breathing
passages and relaxing

Used by people with

Otic Solutions
are usua!y placed in amounts for the removal of excessive ear wax
(ceriman) or for the treatment of ear infections, inflammation or pain
Otic Solutions

Used as analgesic, anti-

inflammatory agents

USP preparations include

Antipyrine and Benzocaine
otic solutions
Aromatic Waters
are clear, aqueous solutions saturated with
volatile oils or other aromatic or volatile substances
Aromatic Waters

May be prepared from

peppermint oil, rose oil,
anise oil, camphor,
spearmint oil, etc.

Used for perfuming and/or

are alcoholic or hydroalcoholic solutions of volatile substances
Alcoholic concentration is
usually over 60 %

Used as flavoring agents and

medicinally for the
therapeutic value of the
aromatic solute

In the USP-NF are aromatic

ammonia spirit, camphor
spirit, compound orange
spirit and peppermint spirit
are alcoholic or oleaginous solutions or emulsions of
various medicinal substances intended to be rubbed on the skin
A.K.A embrocations -
applied with friction and
rubbing to the affected area

Use as counterirritant,
antiseptic, local anesthetic
and analgesic

2 types of liniment -
alcoholic liniment & oily
Alcoholic Liniments

Intended generally for their

counterirritant, mild
astringent and penetrating

Penetrate the skin readily

than the oil base
Oily Liniments

Milder in their action but

are more useful when
massage is desired

Used as protective coating

depending on the
ingredient in the
preparation should not be
applied on bruises and
broken skin
are liquid preparations composed of pyroxylin dissolved in a solvent mixture
usua!y composed of alcohol and ether with or without added medicinal substances

Capable of forming a
protective film on application
to the skin and the
volatilization o the solvent

Film is useful in holding the

edges of an incised wound

2 types: flexible collodion &

salicylic acid collodion
Flexible Collodion

Prepared by adding 2%
camphor and 3% castor oil
to collodion

Castor oil renders the

products flexible

Camphor makes the

product waterproof
Salicylic Acid Collodion

10% solution of salicylic

acid in flexible collodion

Used for its keratolytic


Should be applied one drop

at a time on the wart

Salicylic acid can irritate

normal, healthy skin