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Lamac, Pinamungajan, Cebu

Reg. No. 9520-07004232 – CIN: 0102070290
Email: lamacmpc@yahoo.com
serving the countryside
Website: www.lamacmpc.com
since 1973 Tel. (032) 350-1522 --- Telefax (032) 467-8171


Name of Cooperative: Lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Present Address: Lamac, Pinamungajan, Cebu
Telephone Number: (032) 350-1522
Fax Number: (032) 467-8171
Registration/Confirmation Number: 9520-07004232
Cooperative Identification Number (CIN): 0102070290
Tax Identification Number: 004-276-101-000
Date Registered: March 13, 1992
Type of Cooperative: Agricultural Multi-Purpose
Flagship Business Activity Engaged In: Savings and Credit Services/Consumer
Goods/Agricultural Programs and
Total Number of Employees: 630

MISSION: “To strongly respond the holistic empowerment needs of the vulnerable sectors
through socio-economic programs”

VISION 2020: “A diversely-differentiated cooperative sustaining a socially-vigorous

community of environmentally- and gender-sensitive families”

1. To attain increased income, savings, investments, productivity, and purchasing
power, and promote among themselves equitable distribution of net surplus
through maximum utilization of economies of scale, cost-sharing and risk
2. To provide optimum social, economic and educational benefits to its members
3. To teach members efficient ways of doing things in a cooperative manner
4. To propagate cooperative practices and innovative ideas in business and
5. To empower through provision of access, ownership, control and opportunities
to the poor, vulnerable, lower income and less privileged groups to increase
their ownership in the wealth of the nation
6. To actively support the Government, other Cooperatives and People Oriented
Organizations, both local and foreign, in promoting cooperatives as a practical
means towards sustainable socio-economic development under a truly just and
democratic society
7. To institutionalize a dynamic savings mobilization and capital build-up schemes
to sustain its developmental activities and long-term investments, thereby
ensuring optimum economic benefits to the members, their families and the
general public
8. To adopt membership expansion mechanism / scheme, thereby ensuring growth
of the cooperatives’ movement
9. To implement policy guidelines that will ensure transparency, accountability
and equitable access to its resources and services, and promote the interests of
the members
10. To adopt such other plans as may help poster the welfare of the members, their
families and the community
11. To advance the competitiveness and innovativeness of the industry
12. To coordinate with other cooperatives on learning exchanges, coop trade, and
information exchanges in fostering sustainable development
13. To advocate legal framework and enabling policies appropriate for the
development of cooperatives
14. To encourage and promote self-help or self-employment as an engine for
economic growth and poverty alleviation
15. To be the voice and the institutional of the poor and the excluded in resisting the
growth-centered development aggression and instead promote people-centered

Name of Board of Directors and Management Staff:

Board of Directors Position
Dir. Delfin P. Tuquib, Ph.D. Chairperson
Dir. Ma. Fe C. Managaytay Vice Chairperson
Dir. Bren Paul C. Belocura Member
Dir. Pastor N. Amaba Member
Dir. Policarpio B. Egam Member
Dir. Geraldine S. Cañedo Member
Dir. Andrea A. Matildo Member
Dir. Nadine G. Quijano Member
Dir. Restita N. Carin Member
Dir. Rolly T. Magdadaro Member
Dir. Reynaldo A. Saga Member
Dir. Roquelin L. Rebucas Member
Dir. Jocelyn M. Hekrdle Member
Mrs. Maria Elena C. Limocon Ex-Officio Member / General Manager
Mrs. Catherine G. Opalla Secretary
Mr. Martin V. Tagpuno Treasurer

Spiritual Advisers
Rev. Fr. Dennis G. Acedo
Rev. Fr. Ulyses A. Desales

Key Management Staff Position

Maria Elena C. Limocon General Manager
Charlita B. Pangan Financial Operations Manager
Maribeth E. Tuquib Non-Financial Operations Manager
Cheryl W. Balongcas ISD Head
Wilmer P. Tangarorang IAD Head
Samson M. Mendiola HRD Head
Justine Lynn C. Limocon BDC Department Head
Information on Members of Cooperative as of June 2019:
No. of Regular Members: 95,063
No. of CYP Lab Coop 13,179
Total Membership: 108,242

Information of Financial Condition and Operation as of June 2019:

Share Capital: 602 M
Deposits: 764 M
Loan Receivables: 1.2 B
Net Surplus: 24.9 M
Total Assets: 1.8 B

Area of Operations: Visayas Wide with 41 Branch Offices

(Provinces: Cebu, Bohol, Leyte, Southern Leyte, Negros Occidental)

Programs and Services:

Coco Hub
Dairy Box
Coop Mart
Fresh Picks
Post Office
Hauling Truck
Gasoline Station
College Dormitory
Scholarship Program
Lending and Savings
Dairy Processing Plant
Agri-related Businesses
Coca-Cola Distributorship
CYP Laboratory Cooperative
Dairy Buffalo Multiplier Farm
Laundry & Bath Soap Making
Cacao Production & Processing
T-shirt Printing, Design & Garments
San Isidro Labrador Integrated Farm
Bugsay Resto Grill and Aquaventure
Mountain, Beach & Wave Pool Resort
Agro-enterprise (Clustering Approach) Program
Hidden Valley Integrated Organic Farm School
Malnourished Children and Elderly Feeding Program
Water System Operations and Purified Water Refilling Station
Housing Program (55 units located at Pandacan, Pinamungajan, Cebu)