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My project entitled “Industrial Relations for ITC Stationery supplies, for penetrating ITC offers
into Institutions” aims at studying the scope of ITC Classmate.
The objective of doing this project is defined as under.

 Leadership in Quality – Products, Processes, Service and People

 Continuous enhancement of value for all Stakeholders

 Leadership in Costs - achieved through economies of scale, innovation in technology

through focused R&D and robust supply chain processes

 Continued focus on Sustainability and responsible use of Natural Resources

 Upholding Societal values and expectation

The role of leadership in quality management forms the backbone of any improvement
strategy. Leaders provide a unity of purpose, while also establishing the direction of the
organization. As such, the responsibility of leaders consists of creating and maintaining the
internal environment. In this environment, employees are able to become completely involved in
achieving the organization goals and aims. In this way, good leadership is essential in order to
improve quality across the organization, as the leading force that sets objectives and assists
employees to implement these objectives

From this definition you can see that business people, such as direct users and their
managers, aren't the only stakeholders of a project. As you know there is a wide range of people
potentially affected by a new system, therefore to succeed you must understand and then
synthesize their requirements into a cohesive vision. This is one of the things that makes
software development hard: each project stakeholder will have their own requirements, their own
vision, and their own priorities. But it also makes software development fun

The Company has been able to consolidate its leadership position with single minded focus
on continuous value creation for consumers through significant investments in creating &
bringing to market innovative product designs, maintaining consistent & superior quality, state-
of-the-art manufacturing technology, & superior marketing and distribution. With consumers &
consumer insights driving strategy, ITC has been able to fortify market standing in the long-term,
by developing & delivering contemporary offers relevant to the changing attitudes & aspirations
of the constantly evolving consumer.

ITC's pursuit of international competitiveness is reflected in its initiatives in overseas

markets. In the extremely competitive US market, ITC offers high-quality, value-priced
cigarettes and Roll-your-own solutions. In West Asia, ITC has become a key player in the GCC
markets through its export operations.

The term social expectations refers to the general standards of behavior that individuals who
live within a society are expected to uphold. Good manners and common sense are standard
examples of universal social expectations, although specific social behaviors differ from one
culture to the next.