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Liquid Properties: Enter Data

density (kg/m3), rol 1140 Dimensionless Numbers
viscosity (kg/m.s), mul 0.003 1 XL 2.109E+01
surface tension(kg/s2), sigl 0.056 2 FrL 1.527E-04
superficial velocity(m/s), ul 2.74E-03 3 StL 2.937E-05
4 ReLG 1.280E+01
Gas Properties: 5 MortL 3.969E-09
density (kg/m3), rog 1.2
viscosity(kg/m.s), mug 1.82E-05 F. Larachi, Z. Bensetiti, B. P.A. Grandjean and G. Wild "Two-Phase
superficial velocity(m/s), ug 0.004 Frictional Pressure Drop in Cocurrent Upflow Fixed Beds: A State-of-
the Art Correlation" to be published in Chemical Engineering
Technology 11 (1998)
Particles and Bed Properties:
grain equivalent diameter (m), dv 5.00E-03
sphericity factor (-), phi 1
bed porosity (-), eps 0.4
column diameter (m), dc 0.07

Neural network based correlations, implemented in the simulator, have

been developped using NNFit software:
Dimensionless Numbers
Calculated specific surface area (m ), as -1
7.77E+02 1 FrG 3.262E-04
Calculated hydraulic diameter (m) dh 2.33E-03 2 ReL 5.200E+00
3 Sb 3.013E+00
Contact: flarachi@gch.ulaval.ca 4 StL 2.937E-05
Tel (418) 656 3566 5 CaL 1.466E-04
Fax (418) 656 5993
6 Eotv 2.219E+00

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Dimensionless Numbers
1 XL 2.109E+01
2 CaL 1.466E-04
3 Sb 3.013E+00
4 ReLG 1.280E+01
5 Eotv 2.219E+00
6 G VL 3.405E+04
Z. Bensetiti, F. Larachi, B.P.A. Grandjean, G.
G. Wild "Two-Phase Wild, "Liquid Saturation in Cocurrent Upflow
Fixed Beds: A State-of- Fixed-Bed Reactors : The State-of-the-art
cal Engineering Correlation" Chem. Eng. Sci., 52, 4239-
4247 (1997)

dp/dz 4171.3 (Pa/m)

bL 0.653
e L=b L.e 0.261
Peclet = 1.461E-01
Dax (m2/s) = 9.368E-05
Belfares L., M. Cassanello, BPA Grandjean and F. Larachi;
"Liquid back-mixing in packed-bubble column reactors"
(submitted to Catalysis Today 2000)

Project coordinators: Faïçal Larachi & Bernard Grandjean

Department of Chemical Engineering
Laval University Québec Canada G1K 7P4

Contributors: Z. Bensetiti, G. Wild, L. Belfares, M. Cassanello

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