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At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to:
a. identify multiple meanings of words;
b. write a sentence ; and
c. recognize the value of cooperation and enthusiasm through a group activity.
A. Topic: Words with Multiple Meanings
B. References: English IV Teacher’s Guide pages 243-244
English IV Learner’s Material pages 255-257
C. Materials: Cartolinas, Pictures,
D. Strategies: Cooperative Learning and Lecture Method
E. Values Integration: Cooperation and Enthusiasm
A. Preliminary Activities
1. Prayer
Let us all stand for a prayer.
(The pupils will stand for a prayer.)
2. Greeting
Good afternoon!
Good afternoon, Ma’am! Good afternoon, classmates!
It’s nice to see you again!
Thank you. You may now take your seats.
3. Cleanliness and Orderliness
Kindly, pick up those pieces of papers or litters
under your chairs.
(The pupils will pick up the pieces of papers or litters under
their chairs.)
Thank you.
4. Checking of Attendance
Who are absent today?
No one is absent today, Ma’am!
Very good.
5. Setting of Classroom Standards
What would you do if the teacher is in front?
Keep quiet.
Listen attentively.
Raise our right hand if we want to answer.
Respect the ideas of our classmates.
Very good, class. So I’m expecting that you will
follow all those standards you have just given. Are
we clear?
Yes, Ma’am.
6. Recall
What are adjectives again?
Adjectives are words that describe nouns and pronouns.

B. Motivation
Who among you have dogs at home?