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VRIO Analysis of Vintage Coffee & Bread

Value : Do you offer a resource that adds value for customers? Are you able to exploit an opportunity or
neutralize competition with an internal capability?

Rare : Do you control scarce resources or capabilities? Do you own something that’s hard to find yet in

Costly to Imitate : Is it expensive to duplicate your organization’s resource or capability? Is it difficult to

find an equivalent substitute to compete with your offerings?

Exploited : Do you able to exploits all the resources and capabilities to the maximum extent ?

Resources and Capabilities of Value Rare Costly to Exploited Competitive

Imitate Implication
Vintage Coffee & Bread
Prime and Strategic Locations:
 In high-traffic, high-visibility
locations near a variety of settings,
including downtown and suburban
retail centers, office buildings,
university campuses, and in select
rural and off-highway locations
across the world.
 Tap into customers convince factor
Aesthetic Appeal and Concepts
 The cafe is visually appealing and
has a ‘cool’ factor attached to
 Provide free Wi-Fi, great music,
great service, warm atmosphere
and provide an environment of
community meeting spot
 Concept of the cafe as being a
‘third place’ besides home and
 Designed to reflect the unique
character of the neighborhood they
serve in and environmentally

Human Resource Management and

Company Culture
 Employees provided great benefits
like travel allowance and well
taken care of
 Knowledge based employees
creating a healthy corporate culture
 Great human capital management
couple with great corporate culture
translates into supreme customer
Leveraging Technology
 Effectively use of social media
platform like Facebook, Instagram,
Foursquare and etc.
 Electronic payment like GrabPay,
Boost, WeChat Pay and etc.
Customer Loyalty and Cult Status
 They have a cult following status
among consumers
 Loyalty-based programs like
Rewards and Member Card drive
Price Positioning
 Effectively use of psychological
pricing strategy
 Make the price as low as possible
because the market cares most
about price
 Price is positioned at average.
Customer Service
 Staff was friendly and cheerful
 Staff showed knowledge of the
products or services.