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is an avant-garde Remote provides a software, hardware and has a friendly and secure
Wireless Street Lighting CMS wireless mesh networking solution to control web-based user interface which
solution, which provides lighting and operate outdoor lighting installations. can be operated anywhere and
managers the ability to improve the anytime from any web connected
performance of urban and street The system incorporates the latest device such as computers,
lighting installations while saving technologies in power electronics, smartphones and tablets providing
costs by lowering energy usage, communications and IoT. This makes possible, real time and accurate control of
optimising operation and reducing among other features, an on/off scheduled the lighting infrastructures.
CO2 emissions. switching, a dynamic programming of lighting
levels, map-based visualizations, automatic
alarm reports, real-time fixture monitoring
and maintenance scheduling of every single
luminaire of multiple installations at once.

System Highlights
In-house development and manufacturing Applications
Designed and made by ELT in Spain Street and residential lighting (streets, roads)
Urban & architectural lighting (monuments, public spaces)
Flexible solution
Large infrastructures lighting (airports, ports)
Valid for new installations as well as for lighting
renovation Large areas and sport lighting (car parks, stadiums)
Suitable for most kind of street lighting luminaires Urban events lighting (celebrations, demostrations)
Optimized for ELT control gear. Compatible with other Agricultural lighting (greenhouses, warehouses)
Values and revenues
Autonomous system but integrable with other city services
Better lighting performance
Money savings
Scalable and replicable solution Energy costs reduction
Valid worldwide Operation costs reduction
Compatible with most Smart City services platforms
Complete solution, high level of service:
Robust and secure Consulting and planning
Rough and secure communication network Engineering and project
Simple installation, easy to use Installation and commissioning
On-Site training
Street lighting luminaire manufacturers Technical and after sales support
Energy Savings Company (ESCo) Funding services
Municipalities and County Councils
Smart City platforms operators
Managers of large infrastructures
System Architecture & Components
System architecture Central host and database
Smart power electronics: LED drivers & HID ballasts Local or cloud hosting available
Wireless network hardware End-to-end secured system
RF Nodes and GSM Gateways Smart City and other horizontal management platforms
Integration in outdoor lighting fixtures integrability
Cloud based data acquisition and network management Multi-level data interchange capabilities, app interfaces
Management software suite Business Intelligence and data analytics
Network & data management
Web based multi-device user friendly interface Management Software Suite
Lighting configuration, management and maintenance
Technical aspects Easy installation, test capabilities
ELT’s eSMART technology LED Driver
Data network management and configuration
Fully programmable electrical parameters and
Reports, statistics and data visualization tools
Connectivity of sensors Fast commissioning, accuracy & reliability
Self-diagnosis, notification of alarms Ease of installation
Mains voltage and frecuency monitoring Assembling outside fitting
High efficiency Unique design. Fits almost every luminaire
Remote configuration
Lighting network nodes
Reliable, outdoor-proof
Multi-hop wireless mesh network
IP-based protocol, broad coverage Accuracy
Automatic neighbour discovery, self-organization, GPS accurate location
ad-hoc configuration Point to point management
Extensibility, interoperability, open standards Real time operation
Robust link, reliable and high-performance network
Additional sensor data acquisition (optional)

Mesh network concentrator
2G/3G/LTE network gateway, telco operator agnostic
Time and date precise synch

User Friendly Web-based Interface
Main functionalities Privacy and security commitment
Easy lighting levels & timing configuration Encrypted communications
Creation of customised lighting schedules Safe communications exchange through highest
encryptation levels
Energy consumption monitoring
Power supply monitoring
Safe access
Alarms and events reporting Authentication
Operation time recording Highest protection against unauthorized access
Geolocation and mapping of luminaires (multiple map
Privacy & secure database
Easy allocation of luminaires by town, street, coordenates, type
Database access security
Manteinance planning
Secure hosting
Multiple users administration
Cloud protection
Accesibility Data confidentiality
World wide web accesibility
Quality & compliance first
Real time monitoring
Worldwide valid guarantee
Multi-device compatibility
Fully comply with related EU and international certifications
Optimum lighting maintenance
Technical support
Posibilites preventive maintenance
24 h – daily worldwide remote technical support (optional)
Optimize reactive maintenance
On-Site training
Periodic updates available
Smart City Lighting
Today’s Smart City is a city seeking to address public Avant-garde lighting
issues via ICT-based solutions on the basis of a Makes possible a human centric lighting
multistakeholder, municipality based partnership. Smart Increases citizen satisfaction
cities provide public services to their citizens in a more
Helps to improve safety on streets
convenient way, are more responsive and citizen-centred.
Smart City ICT-based solutions provide the right information
Data-enabled lighting
in real-time to the city managers for better decision-making
IoT based technology enables scalable,
and achieve all this in an economically viable way so as to
site-based or cloud-based street lights connectivity through
improve environmental sustainability.
a robust, self-healing, wireless mesh network
Smart street lighting networks have become the entry point
IT evolution proof
and key service for many Smart City projects.
Scalable & interoperable
technology makes possible a Smart Lighting by
integrating a.o. sensor and control technology, as well as Smart City platforms compatible
ICT (Information & Communication Technology), which leads Smart Cities integrability
to higher efficiencies and lower CO2 footprint in the use of Compatible with most existing Smart City & urban
electrical energy, in combination with enhanced intelligent services management platforms
functionalities and interfaces of lighting in field applications. Easily adaptable thanks to its open architecture

Flexible Lighting Environmental sustainability

Programmable lighting Energy savings
Dynamic lighting Reduction of CO2 footprint
Reactive to events Lower lighting pollution