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Goal Setting Reflection Paper

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to clarify and document the expectations you and your teaching partner
have for your role in UNIV 101, and to articulate your goals for the semester (personal, for co-teaching relationship,
and for class).

Detailed Steps & Reflection Prompts:

1. Set goals for the semester for yourself, your co-teaching relationship, and your class.
2. Interview your instructor using the below questions. Share and discuss your goals.
3. Write a 2+ page (12pt font, 1-inch margins, double spaced) reflection on your goals and your interview that:
a. Summarizes the interview (25% of paper or less)
b. Reflects on the interview
i. How do you feel about your instructors' expectations? Do they align with your goals and your
expectations for your role? If so, how? If not, how can you work with your instructor to find a
happy medium?
ii. What are you most excited about this semester? Least excited about?
c. Articulates your goals for yourself, your class, and this experience as a whole, and explains those goals
and how they might be achieved.
i. Will your role allow you the opportunity to be successful in your goals? Why or why not?
ii. How can your EDLP instructors help you achieve your goals?
iii. What will you do to begin working toward your goals?

UNIV 101 Instructor Interview Questions:

1. In what ways do you expect I will contribute to the class? What are my specific responsibilities?
2. How will we communicate with one another about our class, our responsibilities/ expectations, and any
problems that arise? How often will we meet, when, and where?
3. Have you ever worked with a Peer Leader before? If so, what has been your favorite activity,
responsibility, etc. a Peer Leader has done for the class? Most successful? Least successful?
4. How have you seen Peer Leaders grow and develop in the past?
5. What advice do you have for me to be successful in this role?
6. What other expectations do you have of me that we have not yet discussed?

StrengthsFinder Reflection Essay

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to help you reflect on your signature themes as identified by the Clifton
StrengthsFinder assessment.

After you have completed the StrengthsFinder inventory, review your Personal Insight Report. Use this report to
reflect on and respond to the following prompts:

1. Which of your identified talents/strengths resonate with you? Why?

2. What would you like others (friends, romantic partners, colleagues, classmates, etc.) to know about you
based on your identified talents/strengths?
3. How can you engage with and practice your strengths in your role as a peer leader?

Your reflection should be two-typed pages and will be submitted via Blackboard.
EDLP 520 Mid-Semester Reflection

Purpose: This assignment is designed to foster critical reflection on feedback as a teaching and learning tool. You will be
asked to consider your contributions to your U101 class, seek feedback from both your instructor and your students about
your role and contributions to the class, and analyze how your U101 class is going. Through this assignment you can also
practice giving meaningful and appropriate feedback to others.

Assignment: You will write and submit a 2 to 3-page reflective essay on the feedback you provide and receive following
the exercises below. In your essay, please answer the following questions:
• What have been your biggest achievements so far? In other words, what are you doing well, and what are your
strengths in the role?
• What have been your most significant challenges? How will you work to make improvements for the remainder
of the semester?
• How do you think your class is going at this midpoint in the semester?
• What was it like to give and receive feedback?

Feedback Exercises: You will complete three different feedback exercises to provide you with the information you need
to submit in your reflection paper. The exercises are outlined below.

a) Student Feedback
Solicit feedback from your students (all or some) about how you are doing as a peer leader. This may take the
form of individual or group discussions or you could poll your students online or via pen and paper.

b) Collecting feedback from your instructor

Get feedback from your instructor about your role as a peer leader by asking the following questions:
• Please identify two things I am doing well as a Peer Leader.
• Please suggest two things you would like for me to work on improving.
• Do you have other comments that will help me improve my role as a peer leader?

c) Providing feedback to your instructor

Using the rating scale below, please reflect on your level of satisfaction with the following aspects of your
relationship with your co-instructor and your role in U101. During your feedback meeting with your teaching
partner, please use this mid-semester project as an opportunity to provide feedback to your co-instructor about
your perceptions of these aspects.

Teaching Team Satisfaction – Peer Leader Perceptions

Strongly Strongly
Disagree Neutral Agree
Disagree Agree
I am satisfied with my relationship with my
UNIV 101 co-instructor. O O O O O
I have an open dialogue with my co-
instructor. O O O O O
I meet often with my co-instructor outside
of class for planning. O O O O O
I am satisfied with my role in my UNIV
101 class (planning, facilitation, etc.) O O O O O
EDLP 520 Final Reflection Project
The final reflection for this course contains two parts – the development and presentation of a “Leadership User’s
Manual” and a written reflection.
Leadership User Manual
To illustrate your Peer Leader experience, you will design and submit a “Leadership User’s Manual” detailing what you
would want others to know about your strengths, weaknesses, work styles, and anything you have learned about yourself
from personal inventories, etc. Be as creative as possible to tell your story!
Please watch this video: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kevinkruse/2018/07/01/how-to-create-your-leadership-users-
The following components are required.

• Your Name
• Mission/Vision/Purpose Statement
• Your Clifton Strengths
• Self-Identified Strengths and Weaknesses
For the remainder of your document, please be creative. You might consider sharing:

• What motivates you

• What stresses you
• What is important to you? What do you value?
• Anything else you want us and others to know about your leadership styles and capacities

Deadlines: Submit to Mike by 9:00 am on the day your final is due (second to last class).
In class, in 3 minutes, you will share your “manual” with your classmates describing what you’ve learned about yourself
this semester and how this experience has impacted you.
Written Reflection
This component will be in the form of 2 to 3-page written reflection on the process of creating this document and your
experiences this semester. Your reflection should address the following prompts:

• How did your experiences in U101 and EDLP520 support the development of your Leadership User Manual?
• What was difficult/challenging/stressful about creating this document?
• What did you learn about yourself this semester through teaching, working with a co-instructor, and your
experience in EDLP 520?
• How will you apply what you have learned about yourself and leading others this semester to other experiences in
your collegiate career or in your future professional lives?