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HDCap U Quick Install User Guide

HDCap U Quick Installation Guidance

1.1 Introduction
HDCap U800 is an eicient HDMI and analog capture box solution for PAL/SECAM/NTSC and digital video
capture and playback for Windows, works with HDMI-enabled equipments and capture HD videos up to
1920*1080i, delivers broad compatibility with analog video devices equipped with composite or component
interface. You can also connect it to cable/satellite set-top-box, gaming console and HD video recorders to
capture your favorite video content on PC and burn CD/DVD directly.
1.2 Highlights
 Capturing HD 1080i video with H.264 encoding engine
 Capturing HD video via HDMI and component video inputs.
 Crystal-clear sound: Capture audio via the digital HDMI and analog stereo inputs.
 Digitization: Digitizing HD ilms and analog audio / video signal.
 Capture HD snapshot: Capture individual frames in HD 1920x1080 resolution with a single click (BMP /
JPEG format).
 Capture video and audio signals from various sources; mixing audio and video, support for PAL / SECAM /
1.3 Application
 Capture video and audio signals from various sources; mixing audio and video, support for PAL / SECAM /
 Powerful video editing software to capture any analog audio and video signal.
 The speed of the USB 2.0 bus can capture high-quality HD video with perfect quality.
 Capturing HD video resolutions up to 1920h1080i; record unprotected video with HDMI input.
 Capturing HD video via component video input in HD resolution 1920x1080i.
 Capture audio from analog and digital (HDMI) inputs.
 Designed to capture audio and video from analog and digital sources (without protection), with outputs:
HDMI, composite PAL / SECAM / NTSC, component up to 1080i, analog stereo audio.
 Capture video and audio signal using any codec installed in Windows
1.4 System requirement
 Free USB2.0 port
 OS Windows: XP, MCE 2005, Vista 32/64 bit, Windows 7 32/64 bit
 CPU: Intel Atom ®, Celeron ®, AMD ® Sempron ® 1.2Ghz
 To record video: CPU 1.6Ghz or higher, 256MB RAM (512MB recommended)
 Video card with DirectX 9
1.5 Contents
HDCap U U800
AV cable
YPbPr Cable
USB2.0 Cable
Software CD

HDCap U Quick Install User Guide
1.6 HDCap U Connection

2. Driver and Application Installation

Step1:OS will remind a new hardware-- “New Hardware Device” was found. Please choose

Step2: Click “next” to continue installation

Step3:Select “Search for the best driver in these locations” and choose “Search removable
media(floppy, CD-ROM….),click “Browse”, Select “Driver\x86”, click “Next”;

Step4: OS will promote to install devices,Click “Continue Anyway”

Step5: Click “Finish” to completely install the Driver Software

Step6:Run “App\Setup.exe” to install application,Choose your favor ate language (Chinese or English)

Step7:Choose install the components, and click “Next”.

Step8:Prepare to install HDCap U Video Capture click “next”

Step9: Installation start to copy files to destination directory.

Step10: System will prompt that system will restart, please click “Finish”.

Step11:Icon on your desktop

Step12: When all finished, please check on open the control panel, select “System”, select ”system
properties”, select “Device Manager”, you can see four new device drivers installed.

HDCap U Quick Install User Guide