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September 2015: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS

Minor Award Name Maths for Information Technology

Minor Award Code 5N18396
Level QQI Level 5

Suggested resources to support delivery:

Theme/Topic Type Relevance Author/Source Web Link

Basic Arithmetic Textbook Covers Whole Numbers, Fractions and Anthony Weaver http://fsw01.bcc.cuny.edu/mathde
(Online PDF) Mixed Numbers, Decimals and Percents, Department of partment/Courses/Math/MTH01/a
Ratio and Proportion, Signed Numbers Mathematics and llmath01.pdf
Computer Science
Bronx Community
College, New York
Number Online PDF A nice formal treatment of Binary, Octal and Richard M. Timoney http://www.maths.tcd.ie/~richardt
Systems Hexadecimal Numbers. Also contains some (TCD) /MA1S11/MA1S11-ch5.pdf
useful references.

Introductory Website An easy-to-use website that offers mathsisfun.com https://www.mathsisfun.com/

Maths – General mathematics in an enjoyable and accessible (maintained by Rod
manner. Pierce DipCE BEng,
with contributions
Covers topics ranging from arithmetic, from many others)
algebra, geometry, trigonometry and data.

Possibly useful for learners who find level 5

maths challenging.

September 2015: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS

Basic Arithmetic Worksheet A website for generating ‘free to use’ worksheetworks.co http://www.worksheetworks.com/
and Algebra Website worksheets in PDF format. Answers m math.html

Possibly useful for learners who find level 5

maths challenging.
Basic Arithmetic Worksheet Another website for generating worksheets. Math-Drills.com http://www.math-drills.com/
and Algebra Website Covers a broad range of topics relating to
basic Arithmetic and Algebra. Could be used All material on
by teachers to assess learners’ mastery of Math-Drills.com is
basic math facts and/or to give them extra original work that is
math practice copyright and
subject to terms of
Engineering Website Steps.ie – contains maths video relating to STEPS is managed by http://steps.ie/
Maths/ project maths however the maths section Engineers Ireland
Mathematical also contains information on mathematical and supported by
Modelling / modelling and real world maths. Science Foundation
Algebra Ireland, the
Department of
Education and Skills,
and a number of
major engineering
Set Theory Online PDF A brief, informal introduction to the basics P Kirby www.math.fsu.edu/~pkirby/mad21
(Introductory) of set theory – includes terminology, 04/SlideShow/s1_1.pdf
notation, common universal sets as well as
basic set operations

September 2015: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS

Set Theory Video (about Introduction to Set Concepts and Venn Bill Witte https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J
(Introductory) 25 mins) Diagrams t-S9J947C8
Venn Diagrams Video (about Practical Video Tutorial on Venn Diagram – Brandon Foltz https://www.youtube.com/watch?
25 mins) demonstrates solutions to given problems. v=22tiyb7Kemk
Boolean Logic Website This site is dedicated to growing awareness University College http://georgeboole.com/boole2sch
and interest among students about the Cork (UCC) ool/resources/
broader impact of maths, exemplified by
the unique contribution of George Boole

Contains Teacher Lesson Plans and

Worksheets that show a different approach
to teaching STEM skills through real world
puzzles and fun activities.
Downloads Website Maths circles allow students the space to Maths Circles http://mathscircles.ie/
include Number develop their problem solving skills in an
Tricks, environment that isn't driven by any goal
Geometrical other than the enjoyment of investigation
Approach to and discovery.circles allow students the
Counting, space to develop their problem solving skills
Teacher in an environment that isn't driven by any
Workshop and goal other than the enjoyment of
Handbook investigation and discovery
Binary Game Cisco Binary Game Cisco http://forums.cisco.com/CertCom/
Arithmetic game/binary_game_page.htm
Binary Game Binary Number Game http://britton.disted.camosun.bc.c
Arithmetic a/binary.swf

Number Worksheet A website for generating ‘free to use’ http://www.math-

Systems Website worksheets in PDF format. aids.com/Number_Systems/

September 2015: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS

Functions and Website (PDFs) This site provides a complete set of free Paul Dawkins http://tutorial.math.lamar.edu/
Calculus online (and downloadable) notes and/or (Lecturer at Lamar
(Advanced) tutorials for Algebra, Function and Calculus. University, Texas,
(Also contains a nice primer for Complex USA)
Numbers, a set of Common Math Errors,
Cheat Sheets) and some tips on How to
Study Math.
Trigonometry Website with This book covers elementary trigonometry Michael Corral http://www.mecmath.net/trig/
Link to PDF including concepts of radian/degree
Book measure, trigonometric ratios and practical
problems using Sine and Cosine Rules.
There are useful exercises at the end of
each section.
Geometry PDF online Contains hands-on activities relating to NCTM Content https://www.nsa.gov/academia/_fi
finding perimeter and area as well as a Standard/National les/collected_learning/elementary/
review of linear measurement, polygons Science Education geometry/geodesign.pdf
(two-dimensional figures), and preparation Standard (US)
for the study of volume (three-dimensional
Statistics Website / The Joy of Stats: documentary which takes Wingspan http://www.gapminder.org/videos/th
Video viewers on a rollercoaster ride through the Productions e-joy-of-stats/
wonderful world of statistics to explore the (Gapminder)
remarkable power they have to change our
understanding of the world, presented by
superstar boffin Professor Hans Rosling,
whose eye-opening, mind-expanding and
funny online lectures have made him an
international internet legend.
Duration: 1 hour (approx.)

September 2015: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS

Statistics and Website A set of annual statistical projects dating CensusAtSchool is a http://www.censusatschool.ie/
Probability back to 2000. non-profit making
project funded by © Royal Statistical Society Centre for
Statistical Education
Teachers decide which project to use by organisations
browsing the questionnaires for each of the interested in
years listed. The supporting documents for promoting good use
each questionnaire usually include the pdf of statistics and data
of the questionnaire, teachers' notes handling.
designed to iron out ambiguities in the
questions and sometimes technical notes Sponsors of
too. censusatschool.ie
include NCCA, NCTE,
In addition to the questionnaires from each the Irish CSO and
year the site includes other free resources the Project Maths
including the Random Data Selector (RDS), Development Team.
the Data Interrogation Tool, the Real and
Engaging Statistics and Data Handling
booklets and the many downloadable
teaching and learning materials developed
from each questionnaire of the project.

Teachers are required to register so that

they can have access to census data and
also to keep up to date with all the latest
news, events and resources.

All of the resources on the CensusAtSchool

website are free to download and use,
unless otherwise stated.

September 2015: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS

Probability – Websites These websites contain example Varied http://www.mathgames.com/skill/

Permutations simulations and activities that the students 7.74-permutations
and can try themselves http://studyjams.scholastic.com/st
Combinations udyjams/jams/math/probability/co
Statistics and Website Statistics: Topics covered include data The CK-12 Statistics
Probability (FlexBook collection, data summary and data Foundation was http://www.ck12.org/statistics/
(and lots more) Textbooks presentation. founded with the
available) mission to enable Probability
Probability: Topics covered include counting everyone to learn in http://www.ck12.org/probability/
techniques, theoretical and experimental his or her own way
probability, compound events, sets and
conditional probability.
Introduction to Website Short video (5mins.) that explains the The content is a https://www.khanacademy.org/co
Algorithms: concept of an algorithm. The video is collaboration of mputing/computer-
followed by 2 games and how algorithms Dartmouth science/algorithms
can be employed to play/solve the games Computer Science
more efficiently professors Thomas
Cormen and Devin
Balkcom, plus the
Khan Academy
curriculum team.
Data Structures Website A comprehensive treatment of algorithms tutorialspoint.com http://www.tutorialspoint.com/dat
and Algorithms and data structures. Good introduction to a_structures_algorithms/index.htm
arrays and associated operations.
Sigma and Pi Web Page A very lucid exposition of Sigma and Pi Whit Ford (Blog) https://mathmaine.wordpress.com
Notation Notation /2010/04/01/sigma-and-pi-

September 2015: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS

Array Traversal Web Page Simple array traversal algorithms Shun Yan Cheung, http://www.mathcs.emory.edu/~c
demonstrated by computing sum and min. Emory University heung/Courses/170/Syllabus/09/ar
Java code. Nice Visuals. ray-alg1.html
Linear and Video YouTube exposition of Linear and Binary http://xoax.net/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?
Binary Search Search v=wNVCJj642n4
Sorting Videos A series of YouTube videos which explain a http://xoax.net/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?
variety of sorting algorithms including the v=P00xJgWzz2c&list=PLAB1DA9F45
Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Merge Sort and 2D9466C
Quick Sort in a clear and concise manner.
Sorting Website Contains links to a variety of activities and http://csunplugged.org/sorting-
resources including some visualisations of algorithms/
sorting algorithms in action.
Algorithms Website Definition and specification of algorithms Virginia,Tech, VA http://courses.cs.vt.edu/~csonline/Alg
including viaualisations of a swap and a orithms/Lessons/index.html
selection of sorts
Algorithms Website Website with support material for Robert Sedgewick & http://algs4.cs.princeton.edu/home/
Algorithms, 4th Ed bu Sedgewick & Payne. Kevin Wayne
Maybe a little advanced but some great ideas (Princeton)
and links.
Sorting and Book The Art of Computer Programming, Vol. 3: Donald Knuth
Sorting and Searching. 3rd edition, 1997.

September 2015: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS

General resources (covering more than one topic)

Theme/Topic Type Relevance Author/Source Web Link
General Website Khan academy – series of web videos on Khan Academy – US https://www.khanacademy.org/math
(tutorials) everything from Early Math, Arithmetic, website (founded by
Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Sal Khan and funded
Probability & Statistics, Calculus by Bill Gates)
(Differential and Integral) and much more.
The mission of KA is
Khan Academy offers practice exercises, to provide a free,
instructional videos, and a personalised world-class
learning dashboard that empower learners education for
to study at their own pace in and outside of anyone, anywhere.
the classroom.
Leaving Cert and Website Project maths website – has sections Project maths is a http://www.projectmaths.ie/
Junior Cert organised by level (LC or JC) and further by new initiative to
maths topics topic with a variety of materials – many teaching maths at
align closely to level 5 maths. secondary level in
Digital versions of materials from project Ireland.
maths workshops.
Website has student area with some
interesting resources, in particular the
section on how to use CASIO or SHARP
General Website Click on the Resources section for links to The Centre for http://www3.ul.ie/cemtl
Factsheets (Functions, Differentiation, Excellence in
Integration, Trigonometry and Complex Mathematics
Numbers) and Workbooks (Number Teaching and
Systems, Basic Arithmetic and Algebra, and Learning (CEMTL)
Logs and Indices)
September 2015: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS

based at University
of Limerick (UL)
General A website designed to help learners gain Kalid Azad http://betterexplained.com/
intuitive insights into a wide range of
mathematical topics. Content is freely
available under a
Teachers may find this website useful when Creative Commons
introducing a new topic that learners may Attribution-
find difficult to grasp. NonCommercial-
ShareAlike license.
Themes addressed include Popular Math
Insights, Arithmetic & Number, Algebra and
Counting, Geometry, Trigonometry,
Statistics and Calculus.

General Website mathstutor.ie – free for teachers – Eamon Toland – http://www.themathstutor.ie/

collection of maths videos but targeted to founder and
project maths. managing director.
Some of the resources may be of use at
level 5.
General Website studyclix.ie – free for teachers – collection Studyclix is an https://www.studyclix.ie/
of resources for a variety of subjects innovative education
including maths. company based at
Maths section is focussed on project maths the Innovation
but linking to certain videos suitable for Centre at Sligo
level 5 is probably the best solution. Institute of

September 2015: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS

Created by Luke
Saunders and Keith
General Website A series of resources covering Arithmetic, mathtutor.ac.uk is http://www.mathtutor.ac.uk/
Algebra, Functions/Graphs, Geometry, developed by a
Vectors, Trigonometry, Differentiation and group of teachers,
Integration mathematicians and
new media
Each topic contains a video tutorial, support producers from the
text, diagnostic test and an exercise to do. Universities of
Some topics also have an extension film Leeds, Lougborough
and/or an animation to accompany them. and Coventry and
Learners can work through at their own the former EBST
pace, pausing, rewinding, testing and Trust.
exploring until they've grasped the concept.

Mathtutor is not a course and does not

offer accreditation - but it does offer
excellent revision possibilities.
General Website The site contains resources which can be UK Site. https://www.ncetm.org.uk/
used to raise levels of achievement in National Centre for
maths, and to increase appreciation of the Excellence in the
power and wonder of maths, across the Teaching of
school, sixth form college and further Mathematics
education system (NCETM)
General Website Claims to be the web's most extensive Created by Eric W. http://mathworld.wolfram.com/
mathematical resource, provided as a free Weisstein with
service to the world's mathematics and contributions from
internet communities as part of a the world’s

September 2015: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS

commitment to education and educational mathematical

outreach by Wolfram Research, makers of community

Other resources (including books)

Theme/Topic Type Relevance Author/Source Web Link
Teaching & Website A website that addresses national priorities Epi-Stem - National http://epistem.ie/
Learning (Portal) in STEM teaching and learning in Ireland. Centre for STEM
Contains many useful links. Education,
Teachers may find the resources available University of
here particularly useful Limerick, Ireland
Teaching & Online PDF A Mathematician's Lament, often referred Paul Lockhart https://www.maa.org/external_arc
Learning to informally as Lockhart's Lament, is a hive/devlin/LockhartsLament.pdf
short book on the pedagogics and
A Mathematician's philosophy of mathematics by Paul
Lament / Lockhart. Characterised as a strongly
Lockhart's Lament worded opinion piece arguing for an
intuitive and heuristic approach to teaching
and the importance of mathematics
teaching reforms, the book frames learning
mathematics as an artistic and imaginative
pursuit which is not reflected at all in the
way the subject is taught.
Teaching & Online PDF Nix The Tricks - A guide to avoiding Tina Cardone and http://nixthetricks.com/index.html
Learning shortcuts that cut out math concept the online math
September 2015: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS

development. This book is filled with community known

Nix The Tricks alternatives to the shortcuts so prevalent in as the MTBoS
mathematics education and explains exactly
why the tricks are so bad for understanding
Teaching & Website Useful resources and links relating to T&L of http://www.educationscotland.gov.uk
Learning Mathematics /learningandteaching/curriculumareas
Teaching & Website A website with a range of ideas and Rob Simpson http://maths-it.org.uk/
Learning - General resources for using ICT in Maths.

September 2015: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS

Useful Organisations:
Name Contact Information
The Irish Mathematical Society or IMS is the main http://www.maths.tcd.ie/pub/ims/
professional organization for mathematicians in
Irish Maths Teachers Association (IMTA) - The aim of http://www.imta.ie/
the IMTA (founded in 1964) is to promote and assist
the teaching of mathematics at all levels
Maths Week - Maths Week is Co-ordinated by Email: mathsweek@wit.ie
CALMAST, Waterford Institute of Technology. Website: http://www.mathsweek.ie/
Can be approached to offer guest speaker for maths
week. Maths week is in early October.
NITTA (National Information Technology Teachers Contact michaelfoley@cfedundrum.com to subscribe to mailing list.

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) – details on http://www.qqi.ie/

component specifications for minors and major awards.
Further Education Support Service (FESS) http://www.fess.ie/

National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) http://www.ncca.ie/

– section on project maths.
State Examinations Commission (SEC) home page - http://www.examinations.ie/
Previous exam papers at Junior and Leaving certificate
Project maths development team http://www.projectmaths.ie/

September 2015: Compiled by FET staff on behalf of FESS

MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses)

Free access to online courses https://www.mooc-list.com/
Search regularly for new courses and new start dates