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October 2018

The Problem

Background of the Study

In the early 19th Century, internet was not yet been known by the public and people

often goes to the library for information and mostly uses newspapers, computers nowadays

gives a lot of benefits where you can make your work faster than the past equipment that are

use , by the use of computers helped people or its either students make their work efficient

and know about the happenings all over the world and as well as by using it to

communication through social media and personal use.

Moreover, by the use of social media it is either beneficial to one person or not , you

may gather information or a false information through all social media platforms , students

can also use “copy-and-paste” technique from other sources to make their work easy by

stealing others idea or information or so we call it “plagiarism” this is common nowadays

where more and more information are gathered in the internet or even in every social media

platforms , this may also benefit the student by stealing though internet platform. The

Disadvantage however is more crucial were a student is addicted by using social media for

their entertainment by this , there academic performance are affected , based on the book

“Computer in Human behavior” where they surveyed and received 108 responses that

spending time in social media may affect the students studies negatively, especially

considering students nowadays are heavily depend on the internet of things for resources.

Therefore the researchers have chosen this topic to study is because we need to know

the relationship between social media that affects academic performance of a student.
Theoretical framework

In this part of the study, theories from the other studies will help and support the goal

of the research.

Many educational researchers have been investigating the use of Social Media in

school. One of this is from Karen Lederer "Instructors can foster collaboration and discussion

create meaningful dialogue, exchange ideas and boost student interaction"

according to Karen Lederer (2012) social media has a biggest role in education as an

educational tool, social media enrich the learning experience of the students and teachers to

connect and interact in an exciting ways, but despite of these benefits there are serious risk in

using social media in school.

Pros of Social Media:

EDUCATIONAL TOOL students are fluent in web and social networking technologies this

knowledge is an effectiveness to enrich the learning experience.

ENHANCE STUDENT ENGAGEMENT there are students who are too shy or intimidated to

voice out their idea, social networking platforms which helps students to increase

engagement and build better communication skills.


facebook,twitter and other networking site helps to enhance the communication within the

students and teacher, educators can answers students's question via facebook page or twitter

feed, post homework assignments, updates, and sharing interesting web sites and multi


successful life, through these students can establish a professional web presence, post resume,

research a target company or school, and other opportunities and important development in

their field.

Social Media has it cons, it can often be the source of misinformation, people post videos,

share stories, and articles that can be set up and all fake.

Cons of Social Media:

SOCIAL MEDIA CAN BE A DISTRACTION many educators critics social media is that

because its distracting the students in studying, Facebook and Twitter and other networking

sites divert students attention away from what is happening in class, and ultimately disruptive

to learning process.

CYBERBULLYING somewhat social media is not just to connect people, but this can be

also a way of bullying weapon of malicious behavior on study about cyberbullying at Indiana

state University researchers Christine Macdonald and Bridget Roberts-Pritman found that

almost 22 percent of college students admit to being harrased online, of this group 25 percent

report they were bullied through social media.

DISCOURAGING FACE TO FACE COMMUNICATION students who are uncomfortable

expressing themselves can found a companion in social media but students are missing the

valuable lessons in real-life social skills.

Social Media comes with good and bad, but thing is people should know how to reflect social

media is indeed helpful in society and its continue developed.

REFERENCES: Lederer K. (2012) Pros and Cons of Social Media in the classroom.
Conceptual Framework

The concept of the research is formed on two variables, independent and dependent, it

shown through diagram Figure 1.

Independent variable Dependent variable

SOCIAL MEDIA Students Academic Performance

Figure 1: The Conceptual Framework of the Study.


1. Students perception about social media in terms of academic performance is good for their

social life and at the same time, a burden

2. Benefits of using Social media in terms of academic

3. What are the most use networking site of the students in La Trinidad Secondary School?

4. Cons of using Social Media in the students of La Trinidad Secondary School

Scope and Limitation of the Study

This research centers on the La Trinidad Integrated Secondary School students

excessive use of social media that may or may not affects their academic performance based

on their advantages and disadvantages. This study only focuses on the gathered data which is

sourced from the correspondents and can only formulate the conclusion by the research team.

Other areas such as mention in the study or other related topics will not be further discussed

as it is no longer involve in the context and the level of interest will not be longer give a

certain range of as it will be given or not in the survey which will indicate the specific

definition of the study.

The data and information will be given through surveys and gathered information by

the use of the information in the surveys and it will depend on the outcome of the result and it

will be validated by using questionnaires handed out to the respondents. The opinion and

thoughts from the respondents are also considered information to the study.
Significance of the study

This study provides a deeper insights about how the social media may affect the

students’ academic performance. Through this study the researchers can distinguish the pros

and cons of the social media to the students using it by using the information gathered by the

researchers though surveys. Moreover this is also help understand different perspective to

other students who uses social media.

Below are the following people who can benefit in this study:

Students, this study may aware and enlighten the students understanding the pros and cons of

the social media for what will it do to their academic performance.

Society, this study may also give understanding to the society to what benefits and detriment

to the social media to the students in the facility or to the other students from other schools.

La Trinidad Integrated Secondary School, through this study this may affect the schools

system of how to discipline the students of using social media through the information

gathered at the study itself.

Definition of Terms

Collaboration. This is a term that process of two or more people or organizations

working together to complete a task or achieve a goal. Collaboration is similar to cooperation.

Most collaboration requires leadership, although the form of leadership can be social within a

decentralized and egalitarian group.

Context. A term use by circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement,

or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.

Dialogue. conversation between two or more people

Divert. to turn aside

Efficient. This term is an achieving of maximum productivity with minimum wasted

effort or expense.

Integrated. with various parts or aspects linked or coordinated.

Pros and Cons. The pros and cons of something are its advantages and

disadvantages, which you consider carefully so that you can make a sensible decision. They

sat for hours debating the pros and cons of setting up their own firm. Motherhood has both its

pros and cons.