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The owner and the management have taken advantage and fired many entertainers.

In this case Carmelo Grisafi is referred to as "Carm" the owner of peppermints/mints


Rob Tucker is referred to as "Rob" the manager.

Josh Barilko is referred to as "Josh" the owner's entertainer. Friend’s with the owner and
manager for over 25 years.

Mathew R. Wilson is the adjudicator in the OLRB tribunal.

Rico simply stood up for his rights and tried to stop work place violence and
harassment. This resulted in Rico being fired.

There are four clear facts with evidence that Rico was “fired”

1.Carm calls the police to inform them that Rico was “fired”

2. Josh states that Rico was “fired” on social media.

3. Rico contact’s Jhon (part owner) via text and informs him of this issue Jhon agrees
with the decision “you have to do what he says.”

4. In an email Carm makes it clear to the supervisor and the entertainers that he would
fire anyone for any reason. “i will clean house and get rid of every on of you”

This was an entertainment club not a fight club, and Rico was not the first entertainer to
be fired.

In brief Rico gets beat up “assaulted” by Josh, then fired by Carm. Carm fires Rico by
coming up with trivial issues against Rico then calls the police. Carm secretly makes a
call to the police and say’s that Rico is fired. The police inform Carm that if he’s serious
about this to give it to them in writing. Carm sends an email to the police that Rico is
fired. Carm clearly does this to get Josh back in the club which he does. - Josh has had
and barged about his past assault charges well before this case. Carm was clearly
aware but insisted on bringing Josh back. Bringing back violence and compensating
Josh’s violent actions over the victim’s clear intentions to deter violence is clearly
promoting violence in the work place.
Carm’s argument of why Rico was fired was that Rico has issues but even if Rico did
have issues. None of the issues if they ever did exist were ever documented or even
brought to Rico’s attention.

Carm and Rob state that they need entertainers however there were no attempts or any
evidence that Carm or Rob tried to reach out to Rico after he was fired.

Carm lied about firing Rico. In court Carm finally admits to calling the police and firing
Rico. At first he calls Rico’s phone threatening him and acting tough “were only using
words now” then simply calls the police. All this was because he wanted Rico to drop
the charges against his violent, obnoxious "retarded" entertainer Josh.

On multiple occasions Rob Tucker refers to Josh as "retarded"

Carm's entertainer Josh was negatively broadcasting about this case in the club, on
social media and has assaulted people in the past. Carm expresses and acts like he
needs entertainers yet fires Rico to get Josh back in the club. He fires an entertainer to
bring an entertainer how does this process in Carm”s head that firing one to bring
another equate to having more entertainers? Even if it was a business decision to have
Josh over Rico. How could Josh a 50-year-old that has been charged with assault for
violence many times be any good for business. Further more in Josh’s words on social
media he openly portrays and names his hate against other entertainers “The Kid,
Romeo”, etc... not just Rico.

Although Carm has business partners and a corporate lawyer. He has had many issues
with many staff for many years. It is believed based on the adjudicator's comments of
Carm not being an “expert” and falling in very similar problems for many years portrays
Carm as very naive or in other words ignorant to the law.

Not all court documents include all evidence or statements. In this case the decision made was
structured at the adjudicator’s preference.

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