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Despite of our problems, i learned that every each of us have the same problems.

And that, we
need to support each other to overcome these problems. –Soliano

There are thousands of stories such as your story and my story. We all have different
background in life, we should never forget that we should handle people as also a part of human
race therefore we should be control our words we blow to them especially when temper rises. –

Ive learn that sharing our problems will make us better. And make our feelings even lighter.-

I learned that every problem has a solution. We should be strong and face our problems with
courage ang faith in God because in God, everything is possible.-Silfavan

I learned that even though we have a lot of problems or obstacles in life, we should not give up
because in the end, there is always hope. God will not give us a problem without solution so we
must stay strong and believe that we can do it with God. –Icoy

I learned from our bible sharing that every situation in our lives has been written in the bible. We
think that we should solve our problem on our own, but we need to share it to other people to
relieve the pain in our hearts and find the solution we need. -Zaspa

I learned that in our life there’s alo of circumstances that we need to face. I believe that every
problem has a solution. Believe in yourself and have faith with God. Because when it comes to
God nothing is impossible. -Daño