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Emotional Diary

Date / Time Situation Thoughts Emotions Behavior

12/03/19 I was at class and my 1. I am having a hard time 1. Disgust (70%) 1. I moved a lot to try to
temperature was very low, I concentrating because of the heat up. I told my friend
2. I felt angry (30%)
was very cold. cold. to do and check if she
Irritated (30%) could turn the air
It is amazing that they leave
conditioning off. I joked
the air conditioning at this
with her about how cold
temperature, we should do
we were in order to make
the situation a little nicer.
I am cold, I am cold, I am
2. It lasted three
“awesome” hours.
2. I don’t want to have class
3. The consequences were
in that room ever again.
that I got very irritated
I am going to bring a blanket and in a bad mood
to class. (although I kept it under
control) but I behave as
normally as I could.
12/03/19 My best friend send me the 1. ¡It is finally here! 1. Joy (99%) 1. I smiled all the
link to our published article. ¡I can’t wait to share it Excitement way until I got
on Facebook! (99%) home and shared
¡This is huuuge! 2. Proud (90%) the news with a
2. I don’t know if it’s a Self-actualize friend that was
good idea to brag (100%) with me at the
about it moment.
I will like to publish 2. It lasted like half
more articles if an hour.
3. I congratulated and
thanked my team
for our effort and
told my parents it
was finally
published. They
congratulated me.
12/03/19 A friend of mine told me a 1. This girl has another 1. Worry (90%) 1. Listened to her,
BIG trouble she is having problem, OMG, this is Powerless tried to understand
too much. (85%) and told her what I
What is really going 2. Impressed by thought about it.
on with her boyfriend? her strength 2. Half an hour
How can she tolerate and resilience approximately.
that much? (90%) 3. I told her I was
2. She is really strong going to be there
and has a huge heart. for her and assure
I need to keep track of her she counts
this issue and help her with me.
in whatever I can.

13/03/19 I had trouble sleeping at 1. ¡I am waking up very 1. Anxiety (65%) 1. I moved around in
night early today; I need to 2. Resignation bed trying to find a
go to sleep now! (60%) comfortable
I should have Calm (30%) position to fall
exercised in order to asleep.
be tired and fall asleep 2. Two hours
more easily. approximately.
2. At least I was able to 3. I ended up turning
advance on my duties. my computer on
I manage to avoid and started doing
wasting my time this task.
pushing myself to
sleep when I couldn’t.
13/03/19 A friend of mine invited me 1. He is so cute. 1. At the very 1. I told him I would
to lunch and insisted on He loves me and really first worry accept with the
seeing me although I told cares about me. (30%) condition that he
him I had many things to do. It is important to Then happy let me study a bit
dedicate time to (94%) with him.
people who are special 2. 10 minutes
to you. 2. Happy (100%) 3. I ended up meeting
2. If you organize him and had a
yourself, you are able blast.
to do everything.
I had a great time and
enjoyed the food, it
was worth it.
13/03/19 I had a capillary treatment 1. It hurts a lot but I need 1. Pain (80%) 1. I tried to regulate
which is really painfull. to do it if I do not Discomfort the emotion.
want to lose anymore (85%) 2. 20 minutes.
hair. Tiredness 3. I felt actualized
2. The treatment is (84%) because I almost
showing results, the 2. Relief (85%) thought of
pain was worth it. Feeling of cancelling the
achievement appointment but
(100%) ended up showing
14/03/19 I was very nervous for a final 1. Should I have studied 1. Nervousness 1. I breathed and
exam. more? (68%) tried to take a
Fear (80%)
I want to get the best 2. Happy (90%) distance from my
grade possible. Excited (90%) thoughts.
2. I nailed it! I´m sure 2. 20 minutes
I´m going to have 3. I managed to solve
excellent results the exam and I felt
I did a good job.
Actually the
teacher ask me to
be her monitor.
14/03/19 I did not want to go to tennis 1. I am a shame at it. 1. Anxious (50%) 1. I tried to
class because I suck at it and But I should go Fear (60%) concentrate on
my classmates are great. because I made a what I was doing
commitment and I´m 2. Tired (60%) at the moment,
paying for it. Feeling of taking the decision
I don’t want to be the achievement to go beyond my
type of person that (100%) fear and attend the
avoids what is difficult class.
for her. 2. 1 hour.
2. I did it! This builds up 3. I went and played
my will and with my
discipline! classmates. I felt
like I did what I
had to do.
14/03/19 I had to do a task I did not 1. I hate having to do 1. Laziness 1. I went to a calm
want to do: organize some that. It is going to get (85%) place and starting
clips for a video. me anxious. Feeling of organizing the
2. I don’t really want to “must” (90%) clips.
have that video, let´s 2. Relief (100%) 2. 20 minutes
stop and be happy. 3. I found out they
weren’t that
interesting and
understood I
didn´´t actually
want this video. I
realized I can
change my mind
and it is okay.

It is important to have an emotional inventory because it makes you be more aware of the thoughts and feelings that arise when you
have an experience. It makes you realize that they are somehow connected and helps you take a distance away from them in order to
observe everything that happened, realizing that there were maybe other alternatives to behave but as we live in autopilot, it is difficult
to make other behavioral choices. It has to do with emotional intelligence because, adding to what was said before, it helps you take
better decisions that will serve to your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your relationships. By recording situations that made you think,
feel and behave in a certain way you are able to analyze the causes and consequences that preceded and arose in a situation, thus,
being aware of their influence and the relationship between them and allowing you to have a better understanding of yourself and the
how and why you behave the way you do and which thoughts and emotions were beneath your reaction.