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I. Matching type:
Write the leeter before the number.
A. B.
_______1. a. whole note

_______2. b. half note

_______3. c. quarter note
_______4. d. quarter rest

_______5. e. eighth rest

f. eighth note
II. Fill up the missing note ang to the following rhythmic pattern. (6-10)

III. Divide the measurement into five note and rest sa pamamagitan ng
paglalagay ng mga barline. (11-15)

IV. Classifying cultural communities in the Philippines. Write in the proper column where most of these cultural
communities live.

Ati Gaddang Mangyan T’boli Agta Higaonon

Manobo Talaandig Badjao Ifugao Mansaka Tausug
Bilaan Ivatan Matigsalog Tiruray Bontok Kalinga
Samal Yakan Ubanon


A. Identify the cultural communities described in each sentence. Write Ivatan, Mangyan, Agta,
Ifugao, Kalinga, Bontoc, or Gaddang on the line.\

_____________________1. Their tataya is round-bootomed so that it can withstand the strong

waves of the sea.
_____________________2. They live in an octagonal house.
_____________________3. They believe their tattoos will help them in entering heaven.
_____________________4. Bulul is their rice god.
_____________________5. They live in a lean-to.
_____________________6. They weave, create baskets, and bladed items.
_____________________7. They live in a house like the Ifugaos but theirs has a cage that serve as a
_____________________8. They are commercial hunters and gatherers.
B. Classify which items are made by the cultural communities. Choose your answer inside the box then write it on the line.

Ati Ifuagao Ivatan Mangyan T’boli

_________________________1. Bulul
_________________________2. Lean-to
_________________________3. Pakudus
_________________________4. T’nalak
_________________________5 vakul.

C. Identify which cultural communities make or connected on the picture. Write your answer in the blank.

Ivatan Igugao Tausug T’boli Agta Ivatan Bontok Gaddang Badjao Mangyan

_____________ _____________ _______________ ________________

______________ ________________ _______________ ____________________