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G.R jejeJej3sszSZz. noh. 170562
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r0xuas c!Tey chARginG PEt!ti0WNer W!th v!0lat10wn of zeCt!0N 2(aH) oWF
cOwMEl3c reSowLU+!oN ♥ xD ♥ NOw l0lz. 6446 (6un B@n) jejeJEjEzZszZz, and
Section 1 jeJ3JEje ♥♥♥♥♥, par@gr@ph 2 Of R3puBlIc Act n0H. (r.aH. ♥♥♥♥♥) 8294
(ilLEg@l pOwHzs3Ssi0N oWF ♥ xD ♥ F!rEu@rm) Lolz. tha+ 0ccurred on Maey 12,
2004 !n roWxuaS city.

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poWhZZezsIoN 0f fIReArMZ if HE waZ ALz0h chUaRgEd of huAvINg C0MmIt+ED
an0WtHer cRIMe OWF viOwlatIng thE c0Wm3lec GUN bAn uNder tH3 s@m3 sEt oWF
♥ xD ♥ F@cTs l0lz. Az m3nTiown3d 1n th3 zaid lAw 0wF R.ah. 8294 which ♥ xD ♥

“…PR0v1DEd lOlz, ♥ xD ♥ howw3ver powz, th@+ n0h OtHer Crim3 w@s cowMM!
Tt3d by THE PerSoN aRresT3D.

\"If h0WmIcId3 Or MurdEr !s C0mMiTTeD wi+h th3 us3 owf @N unl1CenZ3D f!r3uArm
POwz~~~, zuCh uze of aN unLic3NzeD fiRe@RM sh@Ll VE cownz1d3Red As aN
aGgr@vaT!N6 C!rCuMZt@NCe.

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oR in conn3C+IoWN W!tH the cRim3 0f RebelL!0wn oWR ♥ xD ♥ iNsurr3cT!on p0wz,
♥ xD ♥ zeDIt!0N l0lz, or @Tt3mpTEd c0uP d\'3tAT~~~, SUch VioLU@T1On shuaLL ve
@bSORvED @S AN 3lemEnt 0F the CrIM3 0Wf RebelL!0n jEjEj3J3, Or insurrecT!Own
powzzSZSzz, Z3diti0WN ♥♥♥♥♥, 0r @ttEMpT3d COUp d\'e+A+”


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LoLz, prov!Ded NoH oTHer CRIme W@z cowMmitted BEy ThE PErSon ARr3Zt3d.
when Th3 OThEr oFF3nze invoLv3d iS 0ne of Th0WZe eNumer8D uNder r.aH.
8294~~~, any inForma+I0Wn foR !lL3GaL P0wzs3zsi0n 0f fireu@rm zhoulD vE
qUU@zhed vecausE tH3 !LL3g@L poWHzzeSZIon of f1rEu@rm woULD hU@v3 t0w VE
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an @gGraVuaTing circuMStAncE !n mUrDeR 0R ♥ xD ♥ howmIc!de l0Lz, OWr
AVZowrveD @S an 3lEMenT oF rEvell1on pOwZ ♥♥♥♥♥, 1nZURr3CT10n
j3J3jeJeszzszz, SeDi+I0N 0r at+eMpted c0up d’e+@t~~~. C0nverSeleh, WheN tHE
0wTh3r oFf3nzE !nvolV3D IZ not oN3 0f ThowS3 EnumeR8ted uNd3r r.aH. 8294
jejEJejE ♥♥♥♥♥, TH3N Th3 ZEpAr8te c@SE For 1lLEgUal PowhSsezsioN Of f!r3ArM
should COnTInuE 2 bE ♥ xD ♥ PR0WseCut3d lolz. pe+it!oWn DIzm!sseD P0wz
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G.R. No. 170562


Two separate informations were filed before the Regional Trial Court of Roxas City
charging petitioner with violation of Section 2(a) of COMELEC Resolution No. 6446
(gun ban), and Section 1, Paragraph 2 of Republic Act No. (R.A.) 8294 (illegal
possession of firearm). That occurred on May 12, 2004 in Roxas City.

Celino contends that through certiorari he “cannot be prosecuted for illegal possession of
firearms if he was also charged of having committed another crime of violating the
Comelec gun ban under the same set of facts. As mentioned in the said law of R.A. 8294
which states:

“…Provided, however, that no other crime was committed by the person arrested.

"If homicide or murder is committed with the use of an unlicensed firearm, such use of an
unlicensed firearm shall be considered as an aggravating circumstance.

"If the violation of this Section is in furtherance of or incident to, or in connection with
the crime of rebellion or insurrection, sedition, or attempted coup d'etat, such violation
shall be absorbed as an element of the crime of rebellion, or insurrection, sedition, or
attempted coup d'etat”


Whether or not the mere filing of an information for gun ban violation against him
necessarily bars his prosecution for illegal possession of firearm


The accused can be convicted of illegal possession of firearms, provided no other crime
was committed by the person arrested.
when the other offense involved is one of those enumerated under R.A. 8294, any
information for illegal possession of firearm should be quashed because the illegal
possession of firearm would have to be tried together with such other offense, either
considered as an aggravating circumstance in murder or homicide, or absorbed as an
element of rebellion, insurrection, sedition or attempted coup d’etat. Conversely, when
the other offense involved is not one of those enumerated under R.A. 8294, then the
separate case for illegal possession of firearm should continue to be prosecuted. Petition