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PARE,NTS of stt-rderrts who went missing parents pointed to lilllitt :ts tltc "link" of appeared. Shc rclrotted her claughter's rlahil lagpas isang buwan na akctng naka
accused Kabataan party-list Rep, Sarah their clrildren to tltc t.rtnttttttnist rebels. disappear:ancc lo authorities but laler lrouse arrest dahil sa kagustuhan lrong
fane Elago of prodclirrg their ctrilclren t<r A piclrtre oI tlrt' rtrissittg r:hilclren with learnecl thrt lrcr clrrrglrtcr, Alicia, liad rnaglingliod sa bayan (l left home because
join the New People's Artry (NPA). lilago wirs I)r(:s('n(t'tl lrt'f irrc thc cornmittee joinecl Atra lrbityatt. I havc hccn trnclcr hcluse affest l'or mole
In Wednesday's public hearing, by the heaclecl lly Scrr, llorraltl "llato" dela Rosa. Al ir-il, irr lrc'r lracetrook post, denied be- tlran a rlonth).'l'hat was so traumatic,'lakt
Senate public order and dangerous drugs Orietltt' piu'('nts, llelissa Lucena,
<if- ing coctr t'tl to join Anakba)'an, na it happenecl at tlre hands of my parent
committee on the missing minors who tulnecl cnrotiort,tl wltcn she recalled " N,tg- ;,'1,;',,,1.,, pasya akong na inasahan kong pinaka ntakakaunawa
are allegeclly recrttiled by leftist groups, turtttli,s rrg anting bahat,
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ffi RECRUITS FROM A1 by their parents, Allem said she was brought to ela and LFS in 2006 when she w
"l know them, I know their Bukidnon via the "Manilakbayan" a student at the Mindanao Sta

Lawmaker,ac,cused of helping NPA children...l feel that I am also

responsible for them," she said.
orthe march ofpeasantgrpilps from
the provinces to Manila to air their
University. She eventually endr
up carrylng an Ml6 rifle fightir
satrarry akingdecisions. Nandito isulong yung makabuluhang Exploited Allem said she was 16 when re- concems through protest rallies. government troops in Bukidno
lang po ako at isang personal na pagbabago (We were not brain- cruited by the League of Filipino She found herself within the "l was a very proud memb
issue rtgam ing pamilya ang pasya washed. We joined the organi- Four former activists-turned-NPA Students (LFS) at the Polytechnic ranks of NPA. of Kabataan Makabayan an
ko na hindi umuwi sa amin (l am zation because we understand rebels also attended the hearing University of the Philippines Allem was an active rnember was agitated further to go l
just h'ere and I have not returned the country's situation and how and recounted how they were (PUP) in 2014. of the NPA from 2017 to 2018, the mountains in 2009," sa:
home lirr personal reasons)," majority of the people suffer b exploited and deceived by the Allem said the hear'y'presence of and it was during this time that Dologuin. "lt came to a poir
she said. ecause of a corrupt government. Communist Party of the Philip- militant groups at PUP and her moth- she met her partner, who was a that I was willing to becon
"lt's really painful and outra- ,l joined and decided to devote pines (CPP) and NPA. e1s status as a contractualworker for regular Red fighter. a suicide bomber to kill GM
geous na inaaccuse ako, kami, my time because I want a mean- They claimed that front or- rnore than 10 years were among the "We decided to leave the (former president Gloria Mac
nila Bato at ng mga cohorts ingful change," she added. ganizations of the CPP-NPA factors why she joined LFS. mountains. When I got pregnant, pagal Arroyo)."
ni Duterte na 'brainwashed.' Elago parried the accusations, take advantage of the curiosity, "lmmediately, I was exposed to we asked help from tftern (NPA) Dologuin said she eventual
Hindi ')/an totoo. Sumapi kami saying political participation is anger and weaknesses of young their orientation that only an but we did not get any. A few realized her mistake.
ng organisasyon dahil gets not illegal and is not exclusive -
armed revolution is the solution to months later, our child,got sick "Only the commander wi
students. They said students were
namin ang kalagayan ng bayan to adults. enticed to join the NPA and were ourproblem, thatwe need to wage and I again sought assistance but allowed to have cellular phqng
at ang kawalan ng karapatan youth have a right to
'1The later trained and transformed war against the state," she said. was rejected," she recounted. and they don't believe in God:
ng marami gawa ng kabulukan speak their minds about their into armed fighters. "l was awed that there are these Allem said it was at this point they stole food from poor people
ng gobyerno. Sumali ako at rights and welfare. Activism is One of the former rebels was people...and it was an adventure that she and her partner surren- she said. The realization led her t

tlagpasyang buong panahong not a crime. Activism and dissent alias "Allem, " who admitted for me as a 16-year-old girl to dered to authorities. surrender to the government,
kumilos dahil gusto kong ilaan are part of our basic rights as knowing at least two of the join rallies unmindful of the Nancy Dologuin, a triathlete, JAVIER JOE ISMAI
ang aking oras at pranahon para citizens," she said. missing studenrs being
"tfF#f i^Eftfu,, said she voluntarily joined Gqbri-

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