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Situation analysis

● Innovative idea- company is trying to enter in an automobile market with a vehicle

name Naro which features a narrow track, offering the traffic evading agility of a
motorcycle with the comfort, safety and load capability of a car for two people.
● Goal- the company aims is to develop NARO vehicle POC and to provide it licence
and manufacturing opportunities.
● Hurdles -lack of funders interest and to modify your product according to the
● Opportunity -To place it in a segment where currently nothing is offered from today’s
automobile manufacturers.

SWOT Analysis
1. Strength - innovative idea and having appropriate technical skills and experience.
2. Weakness - lack of funding.
3. Opportunity- To place it in a segment where currently nothing is offered from today’s
automobile manufacturers.
4. Threat- competitors can take away an opportunity.

● Lack of fund - Does Not have Sufficient amount of fund for ‘Proof of concept’.
● Expensive - Naro is quite expensive than compared to other automobiles.
● Safety concerns - Many people presume that it is not safe on the basis of its size.
● Not having a popular brand name leads to the lack of customer reliability on the
● Attract more customers - the problem in increasing the consumer base by motivating
them to buy it.

A. The company could position itself as an upgraded version of the motorcycle instead of
a car model. This way, it could also target the working class which travels to work
every day. Since, one of the USPs of the car is the sleek design which gives advantages
in commute, the positioning of the car as a motorcycle would be beneficial.
B. The company should collaborate with other motor vehicle giants as they can then
leverage the brand name of the big giant.
C. Hugh should hire technical experts for prototype building.
D. Naro car can opt for Crowdfunding to raise more money for itself.
E. Many people make snap decisions on how safe the vehicle is, based purely on its size
and therefore the company should invite influential people on safety to take test drives.
F. To market the Naro car as an environmentally friendly car.
Criteria​ ( In descending order )

1. To be the sole owner and champion of the product. ( 4 points )

2. To maintain a certain level of quality and affordability so that they could attract the
buyers to buy such a costly vehicle. (3 points )
3. To convince the people that it was perfectly safe. ( 2 points )
4. Funding ( 1 point)

Evaluation criteria :

Criteria/opinion 1 2 3 4

A ✅ ✅
B ✅ ✅
C ✅
D ✅
E ✅
F ✅ ✅
Criteria Scores obtained

A 7

B 5

C 2

D 1

E 2

F 3