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Town of Barre 

40 West Street ∙ Suite 697 

Barre, Massachusetts 01005-0697 
Telephone: 978-355-2504 ∙ Fax: 978-355-5023 
August 19, 2019

Financial Policies & Procedures

As previously noted, the revised Financial Policy and Procedure manual as drafted by the
Division of Local Services and amended by the Town of Barre’s Finance Team has been
completed and has been presented to the Board for your consideration. The Finance Policy &
Procedure Manual includes policies for Capital Planning, Debt Management, Financial Reserves,
Financial Forecasting, Investments, OPEB Liability, Shared Services, Audit Procedures,
Antifraud, Employee Reimbursements, Expenditures, Purchasing, Tax Enforcement and Year end

Rehabilitation of Bandstand

We are still in the process of awaiting feasibility study estimates on the assessment of the
Bandstand structure. In speaking with the architect engaged to present a feasibility study
proposal, he is currently awaiting a cost on structural engineering services. I hope to have an
estimated feasibility cost by the next meeting.

Plan of Action on New Fire Station

Since the completion of the Barre Public Safety Building, the need to address the current fire
facilities has been a noted priority. I have gone through past feasibility studies and determined
based on the projected inflation, the construction of a new Station 1 would be approximately $5.6
Million and Station 2 construction would be approximately $3.1 Million.

I believe that an appropriate first step in deeming what we can do to address this need would be to
appoint a Fire Station Building Committee and fund a new feasibility study to look into and
consider alternatives which may not have been available when the first report was drafted in
2002. The approximate cost of a Feasibility Study would be $50,000, but could take into
consideration alternative locations or construction methods such as prefab buildings with brick

Grove Street Extension

Thanks to the effort of Ann Meilus, the restoration of the Grove Street extension has been
coordinated to be done prior to this meeting. I am immensely thankful to Ann and all those who
have assisted her in ensuring that the maintenance of the Grove Street Extension was completed.
Gaston Pond Dam

On Thursday, August 8th Jason Pimental and I met with officials from the Office of Dam Safety
to go over their concerns regarding Gaston Pond Dam on Mill Road. Although the DPW has
invested considerable time and effort into ensuring the dam was brought to good and safe
condition, the Office of Dam Safety maintains concerned that due to the age of the facility and
prior engineering reports, the dam maintain a high hazard rating unless the dam is replaced or the
road is closed. The Office of Dam Safety did agree to coordinate a re-inspection of the dam,
including pictures taken by the DPW before and after repair to reconsider the hazard
classification of the dam. In the interim, I am researching funding opportunities to address a
permanent replacement including the Dam and Seawall Replacement fund and Municipal
Vulnerability Action Grant.

Online Permitting -Termination of Service

Two years ago, we began the implementation of Online Permitting for the Town of Barre through
Viewpoint Cloud. After the first year of implementation, we were met with a fee structure that
was not transparent during the execution of the agreement which significantly increased the price
of the service well beyond the 5% technology fee we collect to maintain permit tracking systems.

In recognition of this, we have decided to terminate our service with Viewpoint at the end of the
contract term which is September 30th. I have outlined to their account representative that their
revised pricing structure pushes us well beyond a sustainable level and would only be able to
maintain service if the cost were to come down within the 5% total of permit fees collected.

Business Startup Guide

As part of the regional economic development director program, we have been working to
develop startup guides for individuals looking to start a business in Barre. A copy of the Startup
Guide has been developed and has been posed as a resource on the Town Website.

Senior Transportation

Following our meeting with WRTA and CMRPC regarding the potential to improve public
transportation in Barre, we felt the best course of action would be to release a survey to find out
where the gaps in transportation currently are. We are currently working on developing a public
transportation survey for the citizens to see how we can see where the biggest current demand is.

Upcoming Events

- Barre Lions Car Show - September 7th

- Dementia Friendly Training at Barre COA - September 10th
- Joe’s Journey for Recovery 5K & Cornholl Tournament - September 14th
- Barrefest - September 15th