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Submitter Email: batchgr@aol.com

Type of Project: New IEEE Standard
PAR Request Date: 19-Oct-2013
PAR Approval Date: 17-Jan-2014
PAR Expiration Date: 31-Dec-2017
Status: PAR for a New IEEE Standard

1.1 Project Number: P2405

1.2 Type of Document: Standard
1.3 Life Cycle: Full Use

2.1 Title: Standard for the Design of Battery Chargers Used in Stationary Applications

3.1 Working Group: Battery Charger Working Group (PE/SB/Chargers)

Contact Information for Working Group Chair
Name: Art Salander
Email Address: batchgr@aol.com
Phone: 6314622739
Contact Information for Working Group Vice-Chair
Name: Haissam Nasrat
Email Address: hnasrat@primax-e.com
Phone: 514-459-9990

3.2 Sponsoring Society and Committee: IEEE Power and Energy Society/Stationary Batteries Committee (PE/SB)
Contact Information for Sponsor Chair
Name: Lesley Varga
Email Address: lesley@qualitystandbyservices.com
Phone: 404-814-8957
Contact Information for Standards Representative
Name: James Mcdowall
Email Address: jim.mcdowall@saftbatteries.com
Phone: 203-985-2712

4.1 Type of Ballot: Individual

4.2 Expected Date of submission of draft to the IEEE-SA for Initial Sponsor Ballot: 01/2016
4.3 Projected Completion Date for Submittal to RevCom: 02/2017

5.1 Approximate number of people expected to be actively involved in the development of this project: 20
5.2 Scope: This standard specifies the performance characteristics of battery chargers that continuously maintain a battery's state of charge
while simultaneously providing dc power to connected loads. These battery chargers provide transformer isolation of the dc output from the
input and are designed for stationary applications. Telecommunication applications are beyond the scope of this standard.

5.3 Is the completion of this standard dependent upon the completion of another standard: No
5.4 Purpose: The purpose of this standard is to provide requirements for the design, configuration and use of battery chargers for stationary

5.5 Need for the Project: The current standard, NEMA PE5, no longer reflects the state of the art nor does it meet the needs of the users. The
industry agrees that an updated standard is needed. NEMA is unable to update NEMA PE5 on its own.

5.6 Stakeholders for the Standard: Stakeholders for this standard include but are not limited to designers, manufacturers, system integrators
and users in power generation, transmission/distribution utilities and other industries.

Intellectual Property
6.1.a. Is the Sponsor aware of any copyright permissions needed for this project?: Yes
If yes please explain: NEMA

6.1.b. Is the Sponsor aware of possible registration activity related to this project?: No

7.1 Are there other standards or projects with a similar scope?: No

7.2 Joint Development
Is it the intent to develop this document jointly with another organization?: Yes
Organization: National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)
Technical Committee Name: Power Electronics
Technical Committee Number:
Contact Name: Greg Winchester
Phone: (703) 841-3299
Email: gre_winchester@nema.org

8.1 Additional Explanatory Notes (Item Number and Explanation): Development and balloting will follow IEEE procedures only. The
final document may be co-branded with NEMA and an MOU will be established to cover this.

From 5.5: NEMA PE 5-1997 (R2003) Utility-Type Battery Chargers