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9th Class Physics

1st Year PHYSICS

CHAPTER NO.01 (Measurements)

Q. Types of physical quantities?

A- Base (7) (length, mass, time, temperature, current, amount of substance, light)
B- Derived

Q. Types of Units

A- Base (meter, kg, second, K, mole, Ampere, Candela)

B- Derived (newton, joule, watt)
C- Supplementary (Radian, Steradian)

Q. Why we use dimensions?

Dimensions are represented by square brackets:

A- To check homogeneity of equation

B- To derive a possible formula

Q. What are dimensions of pressure and density?

Pressure = [ML-1T-2]
Density = [ML-3]

Q. What are significant figures

In any measurement, Number of known digits and first doubtful digit are called as
significant figures.

In rounding off, if place of digit after decimal is odd, one is added. If it’s even, it is
retained. (Answer me last digit even chahye boss)

43.750 rounded off as 43.8

43.650 rounded off as 43.6
Q. What is radian?

Radian is a plane angle (2D) between two radii of the circle when length of arc is
equal to radius of circle.

Q. What is Ste-radian

Steradian is a solid angle (3D) subtended at the center of a sphere by an area of

sphere equal to square of its radius.

Q. What is light year?

Light year is the distance light covers in one year. It’s a unit of distance.


CHAPTER NO.02 (Vectors)

Q. What is vector?

The physical quantities which are represented by magnitude and direction both
are called vectors. E.g Torque.

Q. What is unit vector?

The vector of magnitude one is called unit vector.

A = A /!A!

Similarly, A vector of zero magnitude is called null vector.

Q. What are equal vectors?

Those vectors of same magnitude and direction are equal vectors. E.g parallel
vectors are equal vectors if magnitude is same.

Q. What is position vector?

Those vectors which describe position of vector is called position vector.

A = ai + bj + ck

Q. Resolution of vectors formula?

Fx = Fcosθ
Fy = Fsinθ
F = sqrt (Fx2 + Fy2)

*Reverse of vector addition is resolution of vectors

Q. What is scalar product?

A.B = ABcosθ

i.j = j.k = k.i = 0

A.B = B.A

Work = F.d = Fdcosθ is scalar product example.

Angle b/w two vectors can be determined by dot product.

Q. What is vector product?

AxB = ABsinθ

ixj = k, jxk = i, kxi=j

AxB not equal to BxA

Multiplication is done by matrix method.

Torque = R x f = Rfsinθ is vector product example.
Direction of vector product is determined by right hand rule.

Q. What is Torque?

The turning effect of force is called torque.

Torque = r x f = rfsinθ = N.m (unit)

*Clock wise torques is negative. Anticlockwise torques is positive.

Q. What are conditions of equilibrium?

1. Sum of all forces acting on body ΣF = 0

2. Sum of all torques acting on body Σ Torque = 0

Q. What are types of equilibrium?

1. Stable (Rest)
2. Dynamic (Moving)