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In the video that we watched, there were a lot of things or aspects which I’ve seen that

has captured me in various ways. It made me appreciate art more. It made me see and

ponder how beautiful art is and its importance in our lives. The video opened me up to

so many things I never knew would actually make sense. It was too deep, I haven’t

prepared myself for the impact it had caused me.

When it comes to art specifically in spoken poetry, according to the various

speakers in the video, “you should be honest with yourself and with everybody else

with your words”. You should learn to express what is truly in your hearts and not just

what you hear from other people. Aspire to speak to give out your reflection on

something. Speak about the things you love, the things that has hurt you, or the things

which you think would be beneficial to the majority.

Also, “learn to respect the craft of every individual”. Each one of us has our own

passion and destination in our lives. My opinion might not be the same as yours nor

with everybody else. However, the only key towards avoiding conflict from arising

between each individual is to have respect towards one another.

Moreover, if you’re an artist you should also “learn to listen and everything else

will follow”. This is not just a personal thing. When it comes to art, it is like a give and

take process. You create the art, then you allow the people to give their critics and

opinions about the piece you made. Whatever they’ll say, don’t treat it as something

negative that would only bring you down. Instead, treat it as a way to improve your

work and yourself.

Being an artist, entails so many things. Being an artist is about conquering your

fear. Fear of going out of your comfort zone. Fear of expressing your thoughts to many

people. Fear of speaking in public or even fear of writing down what’s inside your

heart. When you’re an artist you have all the guts in the world to do all these kind of

things with the absence of fear.

Aside from the spoken poetry video, we also watched the one entitled “Artists

by night”, which mainly talks about working hard on something that you really wanted

to do in your life. The speakers who were said to be professionals stated that there is no

work that is considered easy, every single job there is, is really hard. Living is hard, but

the harder the job or the work is, the more worth it the result will be.

However, there was this one speaker that really amazed me so much. He was a

doctor, an anaesthesiologist to be exact but at the same time he’s also a guitarist of a

local band group. He said that becoming a doctor really isn’t easy and it entails so much

sacrifice. All you sweat, blood and tears all mixed up in the duration while you are

studying for medicine. However, ever since he was young he said that it has always

been his dream to become a doctor and to be a musician or a guitarist as well and

amidst all the difficulties and hardships he had encountered for the past years, still he

was able to achieve that long dream of his. All because of the hard work he had allotted

just so he could reach the state he is in, in the present. He also wishes that his actions

could be a great example to every children out there most especially to his own off

In conclusion, the entire video made me realize that money, fame or popularity

isn’t important and won’t anymore matter if you really wanted to pursue your passion.

If you really wanted to do something, do it without wanting anything in return or

wanting to be given credits for it. Do that ‘something’ for your own self and not for

anyone else. Do it because that’s what makes you the happiest. Perhaps, you didn’t

know, someone out there is also happy because you are happy and you love what

you’re doing or perhaps, you didn’t know that you’ve already brought happiness to

someone else’s heart. There are so many perhaps and what-ifs, that your passion may

bring to other people. You just don’t know it unless you have the will and the passion

to pursue your dreams and every single thing you’ve ever wanted in life.

For the last video entitled: “On women” which was about the commitment of

certain women in the different fields and aspect of life. It was said that various women

are truly committed especially when it comes to the things they are mostly passionate

about and that includes art as well. For them, art is a way to express their inner

thoughts and the thoughts that they wouldn’t be able to vent out in person.

Moreover, one of the speaker also highlighted the importance of culture.

According to her, Culture is everything. It reflects the way you talk and the way you

think as a person. I also took time to ponder on that, perhaps, I have the thoughts I have

right now all because of the kind of culture I was raised in. Perhaps, the thought of me

liking something or disagreeing at something reflects or can be traced back in my

history. With the type of environment I first opened my eyes at and with the kind of
people I surrounded myself with and the practices which even up to this time is still

being observed especially within our home.