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Dotted Mosaic Effect Using Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial we'll learn how to create a dotted mosaic effect using Pixelate filter and
pattern that comes with Phtoshop. Firstly, we create a circular pattern and then apply it to the photo
to obtain a dotted mosaic effect. We can apply the dotted pattern to the mask of the image.
Previously, we apply first, pixelate mosaic filter on the photo. In addition, we create a layer for the
background and fill it with black color. Let's get started!

1. Open Your Picture.

Select menu File> Open to open your photo. Duplicate the layer to backup your original photo by
choosing Layer> Duplicate Layer or Ctrl + J. You can hide the original photo visibility options. For
this Photoshop tutorial, I'll use this picture 1845166, taken from Pixabay. I recommend that you use
a bright picture for this dotted mosaic effect.

Open the picture.

2. Create a New Layer For Background.

Choose Layer> New Layer or shortcut Ctlr + Shift + N. Fill it with background color of your choice
by choosing Edit> Fill. Click the drop down menu, I would choose Black color and then click OK
Create a new layer.

3. Apply the Pixelate Mosaic Filter.

Select Filter> Pixelate> Mosaic. Please fill in the Cell Size depends on your photo. I will give the
value of Cell Size 20 px.
Apply the Pixelate mosaic filter.

4. Create a Document For the Dot Pattern.

Create a new document by choosing File> New or Ctrl + N. You must fill in the Height and Width
column with the same size with the mosaic filter size that you just created earlier. For this example I
will create a document with size 20 height and width of 20 pixels.

Fill this document with a background color. I'm going to fill it with the black color by choosing
Edit> Fill, choose Use column Black, and then click the OK button. Create a circular selection
using the Elliptical Marquee Tool then press Delete keyboard button. In order to form a perfect
circle, make a selection using the mouse while holding down the Shift key.

Lastly, create a pattern by choosing Edit> Define Pattern. Please fill in the name of Pattern Mosaic
pattern eg 20x20, then click the OK button. See another tutorial to create a mosaic in Photoshop
manually or the fast way using contact sheet.
Create a document pattern with a size equal to the size of the mosaic cell size pixelate filter that you
have created.

Elliptical Marquee Tool.

Clear/Delete the selection area.

Define a Dot Mosaic Pattern.

5. Create a Layer Mask.

Back to document mosaic photo, then create a mask on the photo by choosing Layer> Layer Mask>
Reveal All.

Create a Layer Mask.

6. Fill Layer Mask With Dot Mosaic Pattern.

Make sure the mask is active by click on it and then select Edit> Fill, choose Use the dropdown and
then select the pattern mosaic pattern that we created earlier. Click the OK button. Now, the circle
mosaic photo effect has been completed.
Fill the mask with dotted mosaic pattern.

Here is the result:

Tutorial Dotted mosaic photo effect in Photoshop.