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Date: 19.06.2019



All India Bank Officers' Confederation (AIBOC), the apex organisation of Bank Officers having a
membership of over 3,20,000, strongly denounces the brutal murder of Karan Singh Negi, who was
shot dead by armed miscreants inside the branch premises of Nimbol branch of Bank of Baroda
located in Jalgaon Region of Pune Zone on 18th June, 2019. This gruesome murder of a young bank
officer, who was killed in the line of duty, underscores the lack of security personnel in bank branches.
AIBOC has been demanding for provision of armed security guards in all Bank branches and ATM
counters, to provide security to the bank personnel. There have been several incidents of bank
robbery/ dacoity, where the bank personnel had been assassinated/ injured because of the lax
security arrangements. We feel that the Banks have been compromising the security of its personnel
and customers in order to curtail overheads thereby exposing the bank personnel as soft targets for
terrorists, dacoits and other miscreants. AIBOC feels that an urgent and emergent need to assess the
safety and security aspects of the bank branches all over the country as well as the ATM counters,
which are functioning sans security personnel in most cases for the security of employees and
customers of the bank.

A nationwide protest demonstration will be organised in front of all Bank of Baroda Zonal and Regional
establishments demanding security of Bank personnel and arrest of the miscreants. A delegation of
State unit of AIBOC Maharashtra will be meeting the Chief Minister of the state demanding protection
of Bank officers and employees and also demanding arrest of the culprits. If the safety and security
aspect is not addressed, AIBOC will be compelled to go for broader agitation programs in the ensuing

(Soumya Datta)
General Secretary
Mob - 9830044737

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