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2 Venture capital and Private Equity Firms

3 Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms

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Venture Capital Private Equity
Type Firm Name City State Phone Website
PE Aerostar Capital, LLC Wilson WY 888-280-5566 www.aerostarcapital.com
VC Enhanced Capital Partners, LLC Jackson WY 307-201-1440 www.enhancedcap.com
VC Sapient Capital Management, LLC Wilson WY 307-733-3806 www.sapientcapital.com
MB Kendell & Associates Huntsville UT 801-745-1200 www.kendellassociates.com
PE Cherokee and Walker Salt Lake City UT 801-278-7800 www.cherokeeandwalker.com
PE Dolphin Capital Park City UT 435-649-0406 www.dolphincapitalgroup.com
PE DW Healthcare Partners Park City UT 435-645-4050 www.dwhp.com
PE Huntsman Gay Global Capital Salt Lake City UT 650-321-4910 www.hgequity.com
PE LongueVue Capital, LLC Park City UT 435-655-3605 www.longuevuecapital.com
PE Sopra Capital Salt Lake City UT 801-503-9230 www.sopracapital.com
PE Sorenson Capital Lehi UT 801-407-8400 www.sorensoncap.com
VC Auxano Funding Sandy UT www.auxanofunding.com
VC Banyan Venture Partners Salt Lake City UT 801-415-2000 www.banyanventures.com
VC Crocker Ventures, Ltd. Salt Lake City UT 801-702-8580 www.crockerventures.com
VC Cross Creek Capital Salt Lake City UT 801-381-0777 www.crosscreekcapital.com
VC EPIC Ventures Salt Lake City UT 801-524-8939 www.epicvc.com
VC EsNet, Ltd. Provo UT 801-434-3000 www.esnetgroup.com
VC InnoVentures Capital Partners Salt Lake City UT 801-741-4200 www.innoventurescapitalpartners.com
VC Kickstart Seed Fund Salt Lake City UT 801-942-8999 www.kickstartseedfund.com
VC Pelion Venture Partners Salt Lake City UT 801-365-0262 http://pelionvp.com
VC Peterson Ventures Salt Lake City UT 801-438-0351 www.petersonventures.com
VC RenewableTech Ventures Salt Lake City UT 801-363-1700 www.renewablevc.com
VC Rock & Hammer Ventures (RHV) North Logan UT 888-248-2208 www.rockandhammerventures.com
VC Signal Peak Ventures Salt Lake City UT 801-942-8999 www.signalpeakvc.com
VC University Venture Fund Salt Lake City UT 801-326-3590 www.uventurefund.com
VC Upstart Life Ventures Salt Lake City UT 801-518-5046 www.upstartvc.com
VC Vision Ventures Capital St. George UT www.visionventurecapital.com
VC vSpring Capital Salt Lake City UT 801-942-8999 www.vspring.com
VC X-Bar Ventures Orem UT 801-361-5652 www.xbarventures.com
VC Grow Utah Ventures Kaysville UT 801-593-2265 www.growutahventures.com
VC, PE Alerion Capital Group, LLC Salt Lake City UT 801-415-9163 www.alerion.com
VC, PE Mercato Partners Salt Lake City UT 801-220-0055 www.mercatopartners.com
VC, PE Peterson Partners Salt Lake City UT 801-365-0180 www.petersonpartnerslp.com
VC, PE Prospector Equity Capital, LP Park City UT 435-647-3835 www.pecinvestors.com
VC Implistic Capital Las Vegas NV http://implistic.com
VC Redhills Ventures, LLC Las Vegas NV 702-233-2160 www.redhillsventures.com
VC Skywood Ventures Henderson NV www.skywood.com
VC, PE DCA Capital Partners, LP Reno NV 775-298-1674 http://dcapartners.com
PE Natural Gas Partners (NGP) Santa Fe NM 505-983-8400 www.naturalgaspartners.com
PE Sun Mountain Capital Sante Fe NM 505-954-5474 www.sunmountaincapital.com
VC Cottonwood Technology Fund (CTF) Los Alamos NM www.cottonwoodtechnologyfund.com
VC Epic Ventures Albuquerque NM 505-980-3392 www.epicvc.com
VC Flywheel Ventures Sante Fe NM 800-750-7870 www.flywheelventures.com
VC Moksa Ventures Santa Fe NM 310-210-2130 www.moksaventures.com
VC Phase One Ventures, LLC Santa Fe NM 505-660-1046 www.phaseoneventures.com
VC Psilos Santa Fe NM 505-995-8500 www.psilos.com
VC Purple Mountain Ventures, Inc. Santa Fe NM 505-984-3224 www.purplemountainventures.com
VC Santa Fe Venture Partners Santa Fe NM www.invencor.com
VC Verge Fund Albuquerque NM 505-247-1038 www.vergefund.com
VC, PE Fort Washington Capital Partners Group Santa Fe NM 505-986-1552 www.fortwashington.com
VC Glacier Venture Fund Polson MT 406-883-5470 www.glacierventurefund.com
VC Goodworks Ventures Arlee MT 406-726-2030 www.goodworksventures.com
VC, PE Bledsoe Capital Group, LLC Whitefish MT
VC, PE Montlake Capital Bozeman MT 406-581-8779 www.montlakecapital.com
PE Dauntless Capital Partners Eagle ID 949-212-4800
VC Epic Ventures Rexburg ID www.epicvc.com
VC Highway 12 Ventures Boise ID 208-345-8383 www.highway12ventures.com
VC Micron Ventures Boise ID 208-368-4000 www.micron.com/about/company-info/ventures
VC, PE Montlake Capital Boise ID 208-863-1027 www.montlakecapital.com
MB Headwaters MB Denver CO 303-572-6000 www.headwatersmb.com

Venture Capital Private Equity
MB Keating Capital, LLC Greenwood CO 720-889-0139 www.keatingcapital.com
MB Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. Denver CO 303-300-1900 www.tudorpickering.com
PE Abacus Ventures Boulder CO 512-276-5140 www.abacusventures.com
PE Blue Tip Energy Partners, LP Denver CO 720-407-8493 www.bluetipenergy.com
PE Bow River Capital Partners Denver CO 303-861-8466 www.bowrivercapital.com
PE Braddock Capital Management Denver CO 303-308-6417 www.braddockcap.com
PE Brand Journey Venturing Denver CO 757-515-5555 www.brandjourneyventuring.com/
PE Broe Group Denver CO 303-393-0033 www.broe.com
PE CHB Capital Partners Denver CO 303-571-0100 www.chbcapital.com
PE Cheyenne Capital Denver CO 303-454-5453 www.cheyennefund.com
PE Consumer Capital Partners Denver CO 303-592-3800 www.consumercp.com
PE Cornerstone Holdings Broomfield CO 303-410-2510 www.cstoneholdings.com
PE Crescendo Capital Partners Boulder CO 303-228-7775 www. crescendocp.com
PE Endeavour Capital Denver CO 503-223-2721 www.endeavourcapital.com
PE Excellere Denver CO 303-765-2400 www.excellerepartners.com
PE Gart Companies Denver CO 303-333-1933 www.gartco.com
PE Grey Mountain Partners Boulder CO 303-449-5692 www.greymountain.com
PE Intermedia Partners, LP Denver CO 303-339-7100 www.intermediaadvisors.com
PE J2 Partners Boulder CO 303-962-4950 www.j2partners.com
PE Kachi Partners Boulder CO 303-962-4900 www.kachipartners.com
PE Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, LP Denver CO 303-321-1598 www.kaynecapital.com
PE KRG Capital Partners, LLC Denver CO 303-390-5001 www.krgcapital.com
PE KSL Capital Partners Denver CO 720-284-6400 www.kslcapital.com
PE Lynwood Capital Partners Denver CO 303-573-7750 www.lynwoodcapital.com
PE Mankwitz Kurtz Investments, LLC (MKI) Denver CO 303-884-9887 www.mankwitzkurtz.com
PE Mankwitz Kurtz Investments, LLC (MKI) Denver CO 303-888-5650 www.mankwitzkurtz.com
PE Mankwitz Kurtz Investments, LLC (MKI) Denver CO 720-480-1348 www.mankwitzkurtz.com
PE Mantucket Capital Greenwood CO 303-397 8888 http://mantucket.com
PE Montis Capital Boulder CO 303-440-3352 www.montiscapital.com
PE NewWest Capital Partners Denver CO 303-764-9678 www.nwfunds.com
PE Platte River Ventures Denver CO 303-292-7300 www.platteriverventures.com
PE Progress Equity Partners Englewood CO 303-297-1701 www.progressequity.com
PE Redcloud Capital Denver CO 720-544-6262 www.redcloudcapital.com
PE Roaring Fork Capital SBIC, LP Denver CO 303-694-1300 www.roaringforkcapital.com
PE Rockmont Capital Partners, Ltd. Denver CO 303-839-8500 www.rockmontcapital.com
PE Summit Investment Management Denver CO 720-221-3200 www.summit-investment.com
PE Thermo Capital Partners, LLC Denver CO 401-398-2414 www.thermocapitalpartners.com
PE Thousand Hills Venture Fund Denver CO 303-888-8877 www.thvf.com
PE Vestar Capital Partners Denver CO 303-292-6300 www.vestarcapital.com
VC 5280 Partners Denver CO 303-333-1215 www.5280partners.com
VC 9th Street Investments Golden CO 720-328-9055 www.9thstreetinvestments.com
VC Access Venture Partners Westminister CO 303-426-8899 www.accessventurepartners.com
VC Advantage Capital Partners Greenwood CO 303-321-4800 www.advantagecap.com
VC Altira Group, LLC Denver CO 303-592-5500 www.altiragroup.com
VC Altitude Funds, LLC Durango CO 970-764-6300 www.altitudefunds.com
VC Appian Ventures Denver CO 303-830-2450 www.appianvc.com
VC Aweida Venture Partners Superior CO 303-664-9520 www.aweida.com
VC Boulder Ventures Boulder CO 303-444-6950 www.boulderventures.com
VC Centennial Ventures Denver CO 303-405-7500 www.centennial.com
VC Cornerstone Holdings, LLC Broomfield CO 303-410-2510 www.cstoneholdings.com/
VC Crawley Ventures Denver CO 303-592-1135 www.crawleyventures.com
VC Deming Center Venture Fund (DCVF) Boulder CO 303-735-5415 http://cudcvf.org
VC Enhanced Capital Partners Englewood CO 303-495-2688 www.enhancedcapital.com
VC enVision Capital Denver CO 303-376-6253 www.envision-bc.com
VC eonBusiness Corporation Centennial CO 303-850-9300 www.eonbusiness.com
VC Foundry Group Boulder CO 303-642-4050 www.foundrygroup.com
VC GDBA Investments Denver CO 720-932-9395 www.gdbainvestments.com
VC Green Spark Ventures, LLC Denver CO 303-861-9800 www.greensparkventures.net
VC Greenmont Capital Partners Boulder CO 303-444-0599 www.greenmontcapital.com
VC High Country Venture (HCV) Boulder CO 303-381-2638 http://highcountryventure.com
VC Infield Capital Boulder CO 303-449-2921 www.infieldcapital.com

Venture Capital Private Equity
VC Intel Capital Denver CO 206-953-1879 www.intel.com/capital
VC iSherpa Capital Greenwood CO 303-645-0500 www.isherpa.com
VC JVax Investment Group Breckenridge CO 970-480-7669 www.jvaxig.com
VC King Hill Capital Denver CO 617-803-5597 www.kinghillcapital.com
VC Lacuna, LLC Boulder CO 303-447-1700 www.lacuna.com
VC Liberty Global Ventures Englewood CO www.lgi.com
VC Marquette Venture Partners Vail CO 877-215-3400 www.marquetteventures.com
VC Meritage Funds Denver CO 303-352-2040 www.meritagefunds.com
VC Mobius Venture Capital Boulder CO 303-642-4000 www.mobiusvc.com
VC Morgenthaler Ventures Boulder CO 303-417-1604 www.morgenthaler.com
VC Point B Capital, LLC Denver CO www.pointbcap.com
VC Purple Mountain Ventures, Inc. Denver CO 303-953-8150 www.purplemountainventures.com
VC Roser Ventures, LLC Boulder CO 303-443-6436 www.roserventures.com
VC Rutt Bridges Venture Capital Fund Denver CO 303-620-4050 www.ucdenver.edu
VC Sensor Technology Development Fund Boulder CO 303-546-0452
VC Sequel Venture Partners Boulder CO 303-546-0400 www.sequelvc.com
VC Stonehenge Capital Company, LLC Englewood CO 720-956-0235 www.stonehengecapital.com
VC Tango Group Boulder CO 303-381-2602
VC The Ballast Fund Edwards CO 303-8001788 www.theballastfund.com
VC The Gores Group Boulder CO 303-531-3100 www.gores.com
VC US Capital, LLC Denver CO 303-531-5000 www.uscap.com
VC VentureVest Capital Corporation Littleton CO 303-730-7939 www.venturevest.com
VC Vista Ventures Boulder CO 303-543-5716 www.vistavc.com
VC Wolf Ventures Denver CO 303-991-0061
VC Tiforp Business Ventures Boulder CO www.tiforpcapital.com
VC, PE Bohemian Investments Fort Collins CO 970-530-0325 www.bohemiancompanies.com
VC, PE GF Private Equity Group, LLC Durango CO 970-764-6300 www.gfprivateequity.com
VC, PE Iron Gate Capital, LLC Louisville CO 303-395-1335 www.irongatecapital.com
VC, PE Marker Hill Capital Denver CO 303-756-5600 http://www.markerhillcapital.com
VC, PE Republic Financial Corporation Greenwood CO 303-751-3501 www.republic-financial.com
VC, PE Southern Ute Growth Fund Ignacio CO 970-563-5000 www.sugf.com
VC, PE Stolberg Equity Partners, LLC Denver CO 303-592-4900 www.stolbergpartners.com
MB Brockson Capital Partners, LLC Phoenix AZ 602-508-9020 www.brockson.com
MB Fogel International Phoenix AZ 602-508-0728 www.fogelinternational.com
MB JDB Capital Partners Scottsdale AZ 480-502-9200 www.jdbcapital.com
MB PacStar Capital Partners Cave Creek AZ 480-502 2595 www.pacstarpartners.com
PE Cave Creek Capital Management LLC Scottsdale AZ 480-478-6960 www.cavecreekcapital.com
PE Najafi Companies Phoenix AZ 602-476-0600 www.najafi.com
PE Timepiece Capital, Inc. Scottsdale AZ 480-999-0259 www.timepiececapital.com
PE Your Source Private Equity, LLC Phoenix AZ 602-343-1700 www.yoursourcefinancial.com
VC Agility Ventures, LLC Prescott AZ 866-541-0771 www.agilityventures.com
VC Biltmore Ventures Phoenix AZ 480-585-2535 www.biltmoreventures.com
VC El Dorado Investment Company Phoenix AZ http://www.pinnaclewest.com
VC Grayhawk Venture Partners Phoenix AZ 602-956-8700 www.grayhawkcapital.us
VC Hercules Finance, LLC Sedona AZ 480-773-4960 www.herculesfinance.com
VC Moshir Venture Partners Scottsdale AZ 480-515-5200 (ext.170)
VC Research Corporation Technologies Tucson AZ 520-748-4400 www.rctech.com
VC Social Leverage, LLC Phoenix AZ www.socialleveragellc.com
VC Translational Accelerator, LLC (TRAC) Scottsdale AZ 480-268-2006 www.grayhawkcapital.us/trac_fund.stm
VC True North Venture Partners Phoenix AZ 602-476-5800 www.truenorthvp.com
VC Valley Ventures Tempe AZ 480-661-6600 www.valleyventures.com
VC, PE Alerion Capital Group, LLC Scottsdale AZ 480-367-0900 www.alerion.com
VC, PE Miller Group Scottsdale AZ 602-225-0505 www.themillergroup.net

Key Investment Level:

S- Seed G- Growth
E- Early M- Middle Market
Ex- Expansion

Venture Capital Private Equity
Contact Name Contact Title Contact E-Mail Stages Industry Focus
Bob Paulson Founder and CEO Robert.Paulson@ucmmail.com M M
Gingee Prince Director (Wyoming) gprince@enhancedcapital.com E, G, Ex IT, C, LS, M, BS, CP, CP, RE
Mitchell Dann Principal mdann@sapientcapital.com S, E LS
Mark A. Kendell mark@kendellassociates.com E, Ex IT E, BS,
Shane R. Peery Partner shane@cherokeeandwalker.com M IT, LS, M, F
Daniel Schley Managing Partner dschley@dolphincapitalgroup.com M LS, BS, CP
Jay Benear Managing Director jay@dwhp.com M LS
Gregory M. Benson Managing Director M IT, E, LS, M, F, CP, CP
Rick S. Rees General Partner rrees@lvcpartners.com M M, BS
David Leoncavallo Managing Director david@soprabrands.com M IT, CP, CP
Fraser Bullock Managing Director fbullock@sorensoncap.com M LS, M, BS, CP, CP
Jensen Warnock Managing Director G IT
Darin Glison Partner darin@banyanventures.com E, G, Ex IT, M, CP, RE
Gary Crocker Founder S, E LS
Karey Barker Managing Director kbarker@crosscreekcapital.com Ex IT, LS
Kent Madsen Managing Director kmadsen@epicvc.com S, E IT, C, CP, E, LS, BS
Daniel W. Campbell Managing General Partner dan@esnetgroup.com S, E IT, RE
Steve Grizell Managing Director steve@innoventurescp.com E IT, C
Gavin Christensen Managing Director gavin@kickstartseedfund.com S IT, LS, CP
Chris Cooper Partner E IT, C, LS
Joel Peterson Founder S, E, G, Ex IT, LS
Todd Stevens Managing Director todd@renewablevc.com E, G, Ex E
Chris Russell Managing Director E IT
Ron Heinz Co-Founder ron@SignalPeakVC.com E IT
Tom Stringham Managing Director tom@uventurefund.com S, E IT, C, LS
Steve Borst Managing Director stevenborst@msn.com S, E LS
Michael Christensen Founder mike@visionventurecapital.com S, E IT, C, E
Dinesh Patel Managing Director dinesh@vspring.com S, E, Ex IT, C, LS
Nick Mecham Managing Member S, E IT
Alan E. Hall Founder/Chairman alan@growutahventures.com S, E IT, M, CP
James Unruh Founding Principal jimunruh@alerion.com Ex, M IT, CP
Alan Hall Managing Director ahall@mercatopartners.com G, Ex, M IT, C, CP, CP
Dan Peterson Managing Partner Ex, M IT, C, CP, E, LS, M, BS, F, CP, Ag
Larry Griffin General Partner lgriffin@pecinvestors.com E, G, Ex, M IT, C, LS, M
Adam Pearsall Founder E IT
Victor M.G. Chaltiel Founder & Chairman vchaltiel@redhillsventures.com E, Ex LS
Jerry A. Anderson Managing Partner E IT, LS, RE
Curtis M. Rocca, III Managing Partner crocca@dcapartners.com Ex, M IT, LS, M, BS, T, F, CP
David R. Albin Managing Partner dalbin@ngptrs.com M E
Brian Birk Managing Partner brian.birk@sunmountaincapital.com M IT, E, LS, M
Dave Blivin Managing Partner dave@cottonwoodtechnologyfund.com S, E IT, C
Kent Madsen Managing Director kmadsen@epicvc.com S, E IT, C, CP, E, LS, BS
Trevor R. Loy Managing Director trevor@flywheelventures.com S, E IT, C, E
Stephanie Spong General Partner S, E IT,
John Chavez General Partner E IT, LS
Albert S. Waxman, PhD Senior Managing Member alwaxman@psilos.com G, Ex LS
John R. (Grizz) Deal grizz@purplemountainventures.com S IT, E
Richard Harding Managing Partner richard@invencor.com S, E IT, LS
William F. Bice Partner bbice@vergefund.com S, E IT, E
John J. OConnor Managing Director john.oconnor@fortwashington.com G, Ex, M IT
John Marchi Chairman jonmarchi@marchiangus.com E, G IT, E, LS, Ag
Dawn McGee CEO dawn@goodworksventures.com E IT, E
Drew Bledsoe Managing Director E, M IT, CP, RE
Andy Dale Managing Director adale@montlakecapital.com G, Ex, M IT, LS, F, CP, CP
Richard M. Torre Chairman rmtorre@dauntlesscapital.com M M, BS, T, CP
Kent Madsen Managing Director kmadsen@epicvc.com S, E IT, C, CP, E, LS, BS
Phil Reed General Partner phil@highway12ventures.com S, E IT, C, LS, BS
Matt Freeman Managing Director E IT, C, CP, LS
Andy Dale Managing Director adale@montlakecapital.com G, Ex, M IT, LS, F, CP, CP
Grant Garbers Managing Director ggarbers@headwatersmb.com G LS, CP, IT, C, BS, E

Venture Capital Private Equity
Timothy J. Keating President tk@keatinginvestments.com Ex BS, F
Joe B. Foster Chairman jfoster@tphpartners.com M E
Dave Kennedy Managing Director dkennedy@abacusventures.com M C, E, M, BS, CP
Richard A. Diclaudio Chief Executive Officer M E
Blair E. Richardson Managing Partner richardson@bowrivercapital.com M E, M, BS, T, F, RE
Harvey Allon Chairman M IT, M, BS, T, F, CP, RE
David Wolfe Managing Director David.Wolfe@brandjourneyventuring.com M IT, CP
Patrick Broe Chief Executive Officer M RE, E, T
John W. Flanigan Managing Partner jwflanigan@chbcapital.com M M, BS
John Fitzgerald Managing Director jpf@cheyennefund.com M M, F, BS, CP, E
Rick Schaden Founder M F, CP, CP, RE
Tom McCloskey Chairman and CEO tdm@cstoneholdings.com M RE, Ag, IT, F
Mark Hopkins Managing Partner mark@crescendocp.com M IT, CP, M, BS
Stephen E. Babson Managing Director seb@endeavourcapital.com M M, BS, T, CP,
Robert A. Martin Managing Partner rmartin@excellerepartners.com M LS, M, BS, CP,
Ken Gart President keng@gartco.com M CP, CP
Ben Ault Vice President bault@greymountain.com M IT, F, CP, E
Leo Hindery, Jr. Managing Partner LHindery@IntermediaAdvisors.com M IT C,
Gary Jacobs Co-Founder gjacobs@j2partners.com M M, T, BS
John D. Helson Special Partner john@kachipartners.com M M, T
Robert Sinnott CEO rsinnott@kaynecapital.com M E, M, BS, T, RE
Mark M. King Managing Director mking@krgcaptial.com M E, LS, M, BS, T, F
Michael S. Shannon Managing Director M CP, RE
David Hanson Managing Partner dh@lynwoodcapital.com M BS, M, CP
Van Mankwitz van@mankwitzkurtz.com M BS, CP, RE
Stephen Kurtz skurtz@mankwitzkurtz.com M BS, CP, RE
Brian Mankwitz brian@mankwitzkurtz.com M BS, CP, RE
Lawrence W. Hay Director larryh@mantucket.com M IT, E, LS, CP, Ag, RE
Andrew Morley Managing Partner andrew@montiscapital.com M IT, C, M, E, BS, T
David L. Henry Managing General Partner dhenry@nwfunds.com M M, T, E, LS
J. Landis Martin Managing Director lmartin@platteriverventures.com M C, E, M, F
Michael L. Bailey Founding Partner mike@progressequity.com M C, LS, BS, CP
Kevin Mitchell Partner M IT, M, BS
Eugene McColley Managing Partner gene@roaringforkcapital.com M E, LS, M, BS
Thomas Gamel Chairman & Founder M IT, M
Charles J. Burger Managing Partner cburger@summit-investment.com M F, RE, M, CP, BS, IT
Jim Lynch Managing Partner jim@thermoco.com M IT, C, BS
Robert Fogler Founder rfogler@THVF.com M IT, M, RE
James P. Kelley President M, L C, LS, M, F, CP
Kevin B. Allen Managing Member allen@5280partners.com E IT
Doug Coors President S, E IT, LS, M
Jay Campion Venture Partner jay@accessvp.com S, E IT, C, E, LS
E C, IT, LS, E
Dirk McDermott Managing Partner dmcdermott@altiragroup.com E, G E, T
Dave Maki Co-Founder E E, IT, C, CP, LS
Chris Onan Managing Director chris@appianvc.com S, E, G, Ex IT
Jesse Aweida General Partner S, G, E, Ex IT CP, LS
Kyle Lefkoff General Partner kyle@boulderventures.com E IT, LS
Steve Halstedt Managing Director shalstedt@centennial.com S, E, Ex IT, C
Tom McCloskey Chairman and CEO G IT C, BS
Jim Crawley Founder & Chairman S, E, Ex IT, C, M, F
Bret Fund Faculty Director brfund@cudcvf.org S IT
Gingee Prince gprince@enhancedcapital.com E, G, Ex IT, LS, M, CP, CP
Robert Novick Managing Partner rnovick@envision-bc.com G IT
Dave Carlson Managing Director dave@eonbusiness.com S, E IT
Brad Feld Managing Director brad@feld.com E IT
Brian Klemsz President briank@gdbainvest.com E RE, BS, IT, CP, C
Dave Ryan Managing Director dave@greensparkventures.net S, E E
Todd Woloson Managing Director todd@greenmontcapital.com E E, CP, CP
Mark Lupa E IT, LS, CP, Ag
David Moll General Partner david@infieldcapital.com E E, T

Venture Capital Private Equity
Arvind Sodhani Executive Vice President E IT, C
Deepu John Principal djohn@isherpa.com S, E IT, C
Terry Drabant President & CEO Ex IT, LS
John Keane, Jr. john@jfkeane.com S, E E
Rawleigh Ralls Principal E IT, CP, BS, LS
John Gowen Vice President jgowen@lgi.com E C
Lloyd D. Ruth General Partner cruth@marquetteventures.com E, G IT, LS, BS, CP
David Solomon Operating Partner S, E IT, C, F
Brad Feld Co-Founder brad@feld.com S, E IT, E, CP
Chris Christoffersen, Ph.D. Partner rchris@morgenthaler.com E, Ex IT, E, LS
John Bjornson President jbjornson@pointbcap.com E IT, E
John R. Grizz Deal President grizz@purplemountainventures.com S IT, E
James L.D. Roser Partner jroser@roserventures.com E IT, C, LS,
Betty Arkell S IT
Robert Knollenberg Principal robert@sensortdf.com S, E IT, CP
Tim Connor Partner tim@sequelvc.com E IT, E, LS
Thomas J. Adamek President tjadamek@stonehengecapital.com G, Ex E, RE
Scott Beck Founder and CEO sbeck@tangogroup.com E IT, CP
David Drescher Managing Partner S, E IT
Leslie E. Cook Vice President lcook@gores.com E IT, C, M, BS
Craig Harrison Ex IT
Phil E. Ray President & Director phil@venturevest.com E, G IT
Catharine Merigold General Partner catharine@vistavc.com E IT C,
James Conboy Partner jconboy@wolfventures.com E, G IT, C, CP, LS
Michael Abdy CEO and Founder michael@tiforpcapital.com S, E IT, E
Brian L. Klemsz Chief Investment Officer E, M IT, E, F, RE
James Thompson, Ph.D. President & COO E,M IT, LS, C, M, F
Douglas Fahoury Managing Director dfahoury@irongatecapital.com E, G, Ex, M IT, E, BS, CP, RE
Robert Fanch Managing Director Ex, M IT, E, RE
Robert S. Possehl President jhpossehl@republic-financial.com Ex, M IT C, M, BS
Bruce Valdez Executive Director bvaldez@sugf.com Ex, M E, M, RE
Ted Stolberg Managing Partner G, Ex, M BS, LS
John F. Trotter II Co-Founding Principal jtrotter@brockson.com G, Ex, M IT, C, LS, M, BS, T,
Lawrence M. Fogel Senior Managing Principal lfogel@fogelinternational.com M M, BS
J. Daniel Bennatt Managing Director dbennatt@jdbcapital.com M IT, E, LS, M, F, CP
Ian Subel Managing Director isubel@pacstarpartners.com M M, BS, T, CP
G. Kevin Fechtmeyer Managing Partner kfechtmeyer@cavecreekcapital.com M E, M, BS, F, CP
Jahm Najafi Chief Executive Officer M E, CP
Michael R. Starkle Managing Director mstarkle@timepiececapital.com M M, BS, T
George R. Collett Partner gcollett@ysfi.com M M, CP
Hal Hayden Managing Director hhayden@agilityventures. com E IT, C
Adam Bruss Managing Partner E IT
John Finn Venture Manager john.finn@pinnaclewest.com E, G, Ex E
Sherman I. Chu Managing Member schu@grayhawkcapital.us E, G, Ex E, LS, F
Oliver Sommer CEO S, E IT
Sean Moshir Partner sean@moshir.com S, E IT,
Shaun A. Kirkpatrick President and CEO skirkpatrick@rctech.com E LS
Howard Lindzon Managing Member howard@lindzon.com E IT
Richard Love Managing Director E LS
Michael J. Ahearn Founder E, Ex E, Ag
John M. Holliman, III General Partner jock@valleyventures.com E IT, LS
James Unruh Founding Principal jimunruh@alerion.com Ex, M IT, CP
Rudy R. Miller Chairman rmiller@themillergroup.net Ex,M M, T, F, RE

Industry Focus Key: RE- Real Estate M- Manufacturing

E- Energy BS- Business Services F- Financial Services
LS- Life Science C- Communications T- Transportation
Ag- Agriculture CP- Consumer Products IT- Information Technology/ Software Development

Angels Timeline Website Location Sector Phone
Olympus Angels Seed/Early Stage Capital http://www.slcangels.com/ SLC Flexible
Dixie Angels Seed/Early Stage Capital http://www.dixieangels.com/ St. George Flexible
Salt Lake LS Angels Seed/Early Stage Capital http://www.sllsa.com/index.php SLC LS
Park City Angels Seed/Early Stage Capital http://parkcityangels.weebly.com/index.html Park City Flexible
Island Park Investments Seed/Early Stage Capital www.islandparkinvestments.com Ogden IT, C
Numenor Ventures Seed/Early Stage Capital www.numenorventures.com Park City Ls 435-649-9948
REES Capital Seed/Early Stage Capital www.reescapital.com South Jordan IT 801-254-5400
Bill Payne & Associates Seed/Early Stage Capital www.billpayne.com Las Vegas IT
Pteranodon Ventures Seed/Early Stage Capital www.pteranodonventures.com Las Vegas Flexible
Ansel Capital Partners Seed/Early Stage Capital www.anselcapitalpartners.com Westminster LS 720-838-8436
Bear Equity Seed/Early Stage Capital www.bearonbusiness.com Longmont IT 303-652-9181
Cohen, David G. Seed/Early Stage Capital www.davidgcohen.com Boulder IT
TeQuity Seed/Early Stage Capital http://tequity.co Boulder IT 720-833-5912
TomorrowVentures Seed/Early Stage Capital www.tomorrowvc.com Denver IT
HOTventures Seed/Early Stage Capital www.hotventures.com Tuscon Flexible 520-577-2221

Firm Name City State Phone Website
BoomStartup Sandy UT 801-957-5200 www.boomstartup.com
Information Technology and Renewable Energy Incubator (ITRE) St. George UT 435-652-7751 www.incubatortechnologyandrenewableenergy.com
ThinkAtomic, Inc. Orem UT 801-705-4242 www.thinkatomic.com
Wayne Brown Institute Salt Lake City UT 801-595-1141 www.venturecapital.org
Bio Innovations Gateway Salt Lake City UT 385-646-4625 http://bioinnovationsgateway.org
Business and Technical Assistance Center (BTAC) Price UT 435-636-3295 http://www.btacenter.com/home/homex.html
Canyon Park Tech Center Orem UT 801-764-0151 http://www.canyonparkutah.com/
Orem Technology Center Orem UT 801-226-1521 http://www.cedo.org/nb_incubator.html
U of U Software Development Center Salt Lake City UT 801-585-1867 http://tvc.utah.edu/sdc/index.php

Contact Name Contact Title Contact E-Mail Stages Industry Focus*
Robb Kunz Co-Managing Partner rkunz@boomstartup.com S,E IT
Jill Elliss ITRE Director jelliss@utah.gov S,E IT, E
Ralph Yarro Founder Chairman President and CEO ralph@thinkatomic.com S,E IT, CP
Bradley B. Bertoch President bbertoch@venturecapital.org S,E IT
Kevin Jessing Executive Director contact@bioinnovationsgateway.org S,E LS
Delynn Fielding Castle Country Business Resource Center delynn.fielding@carbon.utah.gov S,E Flexible
Allen Finlinson Vice President/GM leasing@CanyonParkUtah.com S,E Flexible
info@cedo.org S,E IT
Taylor Bench Director taylor.bench@tvc.utah.edu S,E IT

Grant Name Entity Amount Phone Purpose Website
SBIR is a program that provides small http://www.sba.gov/content/small-
SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) SBA up to 750K 202-205-6450 business the incentive to explore new business-innovation-research-program-
technology to commercialize. sbir-0

STTR (Small Business Technology STTR is a program that awards federal
SBA up to 750K 202-205-6450 business-technology-transfer-program-
Transfer) R&D funding to small business.
To help accelerate the process of http://www.innovationutah.com/blog/us
TCIP (Technology Commercialization and
GOED 40K 801-538-8770 taking university-developed cutting- tar-grants-grow-innovation-throughout-
Innovation Program)
edge technologies to market. utah/

To help Utah’s technology companies

GTM (Go To Market Grant) USTAR 5K-20K 801-538-8622 perform product validation before http://business.utah.gov/programs/coe/
initiating equity fundraising.

Revolving Loan Funds
Fund Name City County/Counties Phone Website
SL County SLC Salt Lake (801) 741-4200 http://cf9.slco.org/mayor/html/RevolvingLoanFund.html
SL City SLC Salt Lake (801) 535-6230 http://www.slcgov.com
BRAG Logan Box Elder, Cache, Rich (435) 752-7242 http://www.brag.utah.gov/develop-rlf.htm
Six County Richfield Juab, Sanpete, Sevier, Wayne, Millard, Piute (435) 896-9222 http://www.sixcounty.com/
Utah County Orem Utah (801) 226-1521 http://www.cedo.org/nb_assistance.html
Southern Utah St. George Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane, Washington (435) 673-3548 X-117
Davis County Farmington Davis (801) 451-3278
SUALG Price Carbon, Emery, Grand, San Juan (435) 637-5444 X-411 http://www.seualg.utah.gov/
Mountainland Orem Utah, Summit, Wasatch (801) 229-3800 http://www.mountainland.org/site/articles/view/1199

Federal Loans
Federal Loans
Purpose Amount Eligibility
General 7(a) SBA To provide long-term working capital to use to pay operational expenses, accounts payable up to 5M Operate for Profit, Be small as
Loan and/or to purchase inventory defined by SBA, Be engaged in
Short-term working capital needs, including seasonal financing, contract performance, business in the U.S., Have reasonable
construction financing and exporting invested equity, Use alternative
Revolving funds based on the value of existing inventory and receivables, under special financial reasources befor seeking
conditions financial assistance, Be able to
To purchase equipment, machinery, furniture, fixtures, supplies or materials demonstrate need, Use funds for
To purchase real estate, including land and buildings sound purpose, No deliquency on U.S.
To construct a new building or renovate an existing building governemnt debt.
To establish a new business or assist in the acquisition, operation or expansion of an
existing business
To refinance existing business debt, under certain conditions

Seasonal Loan supports the buildup of inventory, accounts receivable or labor and materials above normal up to 5M Operating for 12 months and able to
Program usage for seasonal inventory. The business must have been in business for a period of 12 demonstrate that it has a definite
months and must be able to demonstrate that it has a definite established seasonal established seasonal pattern.

Building Loan provides financing for small contractors or developers to construct or rehabilitate up to 5M Expenses of acquisition, construction
Program residential or commercial property that will be sold to a third party that is not known at the and significant rehabilitation of
time construction/rehabilitation begins. Proceeds are used solely for direct expenses of residential or commercial structures.
acquisition, immediate construction and/or significant rehabilitation of the residential or
commercial structures. Land purchase can be included if it does not exceed 20 percent of
the loan proceeds.

Working Capital Loan a revolving line of credit that provides short-term working capital. Businesses that generally up to 5M Disbursements are generally based
Program use these lines provide credit to their customers or have inventory as their major asset. on the size of a borrower’s accounts
Disbursements are generally based on the size of a borrower’s accounts receivable and/or receivable and/or inventory.
Contract Loan finances the cost associated with contracts, subcontracts or purchase orders. Proceeds can up to 5M The loan maturity is usually based on
Program be disbursed before the work begins. If used for one contract or subcontract when all the the length of the contract, but no
expenses are incurred before the buyer pays, it will generally not revolve. more than 10 years.

Export working Financing for suppliers, inventory, WIP, or production of export goods or services. Working up to 5M Against firm purchase orders from a
Capital Loan capital to support foreign accounts receivable during long payment cycles. And financing foreign buyer or to support foreign
Program for stand-by letters of credit used as bid or performance bonds or as down payment accounts receivable.
Export Express Loan Loan proceeds may be used for business purposes that will enhance a company’s export up to 500K Operating for 12 months and that the
Program development. Export Express can take the form of a term loan or a revolving line of credit. loan proceeds will support its export
International Trade The borrower may use loan proceeds to acquire, construct, renovate, modernize, improve, up to 5M To expand existing export markets or
Loan Program or expand facilities and equipment to be used in the United States to produce goods or develop new export markets.
service involved in international trade and to develop and penetrate foreign markets.
Funds also may be used to refinance an existing loan.

Patriot Express Pilot A Patriot Express term loan can be used for any of the same purposes as a Basic 7(a) Loan. up to 500K The business must be owned and
Loan Program controlled (51 percent or more) by
eligible veterans.

Industrial Loan Banks
Firm Name Address City Zip Phone Contact
American Express Centurion Bank 4315 S 2700 W SLC 84184 801-945-3000 Andrea J. Moss, CEO
BMW Bank of North America, Inc. 2735 E PARLEY'S WAY STE 301 SLC 84109 801-461-6500 Kenneth H. Petersen, Chairman/Pres.
Capmark Bank 6955 UNION PARK CTR STE 330 Midvale 84047 801-304-2900 Steven J. Nielsen, President
Celtic Bank 268 S STATE ST #300 SLC 84111 801-363-6500 Phillip H. Ware, President
Comenity Capital Bank 2795 E COTTONWOOD PARKWAY STE 100 SLC 84121 801-527-2272 Ron Ostler, President
EnerBank USA 1245 E BRICKYARD RD STE 640 SLC 84106 801-832-0700 Louise P. Kelly, President
First Electronic Bank 280 W 10200 S STE 200 Sandy 84070 801-572-4004 Reed T. Searle, Acting President
Franklin Templeton Credit Corp. 47 W 200 S STE 500 SLC 84101 801-952-3300 Tonya Roemer, Director of Private Banking
GE Capital Bank 6510 MILLROCK RD Holladay 84121 801-733-2820 Tim Carfi, President
LCA Bank Corporation 1375 DEER VALLEY DR STE 218, PO BOX 684382 Park City 84068 435-658-5446 Timothy V. Talbert, President
Medallion Bank 1100 E 6600 S STE 510 SLC 84121 801-284-7065 John M. Taggart, President
Merrick Bank Corporation 10705 S JORDAN GATEWAY STE 200 South Jordan 84095 801-545-6600 Richard L. Urrutia, President
Optum Bank, Inc. 2525 LAKE PARK BLVD West Valley 84120 801-963-6040 Kelvin L. Anderson, President
Sallie Mae Bank 175 S W TEMPLE STE 600 SLC 84101 801-320-3700 Paul F. Thome, President & CEO
Target Bank 299 S MAIN STE 2050 SLC 84111 801-512-8500 Grace Lin, President
The Pitney Bowes Bank, Inc. 1245 E BRICKYARD RD STE 250 SLC 84106 801-832-4440 Sheldon Woods, President
Transportation Alliance Bank, Inc. 4185 HARRISON BLVD STE 200 Ogden 84403 801-624-4800 Steven R. Sala, President
UBS Bank USA 299 S MAIN STE 2275 SLC 84111 801-741-0310 Lee Carter, President
WebBank 215 S STATE ST STE 800 SLC 84111 801-456-8350 Kelly Barnett, President
WEX Bank 7090 S UNION PARK CENTER STE 350 Midvale 84047 801-568-4345 Kirk Weiler, President

Traditional Lending Institutions
Firm Name Location State Website Phone
1st Bank (HO) Morgan UT www.1stbank-online.com/ 801-829-3402
Ally Bank Midvale UT www.allybank.com 801-790-5000
AmBank (HO) Provo UT www.ambankcom.com 801-377-4222
American Express (HO) Salt Lake City UT personalsavings.americanexpress.com/ 801-945-3000
American Express Bank, FSB Salt Lake City UT www.aexp.com 801-945-3000
AmericanWest Bank (HO) South Jordan UT www.awbank.net 801-208-4090
Bank of American Fork (HO) American Fork UT www.bankaf.com 801-756-7681
Bank of the West (HO) Salt Lake City UT www.bankofthewest.com 801-531-3400
Bank of Utah (HO) Ogden UT www.bankofutah.com 801-409-5000
BMW Bank of North America Salt Lake City UT 801-412-6103
Brighton Bank (HO) Salt Lake City UT www.brightonbank.com 801-943-6500
Cache Valley Bank (HO) Logan UT www.cachevalleybank.com 435-753-3020
Capital Community Bank (HO) Provo UT www.capitalcommunitybank.com 801-356-6699
Celtic Bank Salt Lake City UT www.celticbank.com 801-320-6559
Central Bank (HO) Provo UT www.cbutah.com 801-375-1000
CIT Bank Salt Lake City UT www.cit.com
Comenity Capital Bank Salt Lake City UT 801-527-2275
Continental Bank Salt Lake City UT www.cbankus.com 801-595-7000
EnerBank USA Salt Lake City UT www.enerbank.com 801-832-0844
First Electronic Bank Sandy UT www.firstelectronicbankusa.com (801)572-4004
First National Bank (HO) Layton UT www.fnbutah.com 801-544-4241
First Utah Bank (HO) Salt Lake City UT www.firstutahbank.com 801-272-2206
GE Capital Bank Salt Lake City UT 801-733-3040
GE Capital Retail Bank Draper UT 801-816-4760
Grand Valley Bank Vernal UT www.grandvalleybank.com 435-781-1001
Grand Valley Bank (HO) Grand Junction UT 970-241-4400
Grand Valley Bank (HO) Heber City UT www.grandvalleybank.com 435-654-7400
Green Dot Bank Provo UT www.bonnevillebank.com 801-374-9505
Gunnison Valley Bank Gunnison UT 435-528-7221
Holladay Bank & Trust Salt Lake City UT www.holladaybank.com 801-272-4275
JPMorgan Chase (HO) Salt Lake City UT www.jpmorganchase.com 801-322-2200
KeyBank (HO) Salt Lake City UT www.key.com 801-535-1000
LCA Bank Corporation Park City UT www.leasecorp.com 435-658-4765
Lewiston State Bank (HO) Lewiston UT www.ls-bank.com 435-258-2456
Liberty Bank, Inc. Salt Lake City UT www.libertybankofutah.com 801-355-7411
Marlin Business Bank Salt Lake City UT 888-479-9111
Medallion Bank Salt Lake City UT www.medallionbank.com 801-284-7060
Merrick Bank South Jordan UT www.merrickbank.com 888-545-5777
Morgan Stanley Bank Salt Lake City UT www.morganstanley.com 801-236-3600
Optum Bank Salt Lake City UT www.optumhealthbank.com 801-963-6040
Pitney Bowes Bank, Inc. Salt Lake City UT www.pb.com 801-832-4440
Prime Alliance Bank Woods Cross UT www.primealliancebank.com 801-296-2200
Proficio Bank Salt Lake City UT www.proficiobank.com 866-404-4111
Rock Canyon Bank (HO) Orem UT www.rockcanyonbank.com 801-222-9006

Traditional Lending Institutions
Sallie Mae Bank Salt Lake City UT www.salliemaebank.com 801-281-1423
State Bank of Southern Utah (HO) Cedar City UT www.sbsu.com 435-865-2300
TAB Bank Ogden UT www.tabbank.com 801-624-4800
Target Bank Salt Lake City UT 801-297-5000
The Village Bank (HO) Saint George UT www.thevillagebank.com 435-674-5200
Town & Country Bank Saint George UT www.tcbankutah.com 435-673-1150
U.S. Bank (HO) Salt Lake City UT www.usbank.com 801-534-6164
UBS Bank USA Salt Lake City UT bankusa.ubs.com 801-741-0310
Utah Independent Bank (HO) Beaver UT www.uibankonline.com 435-438-2433
WebBank Salt Lake City UT www.webbank.com 801-456-8350
Wells Fargo (HO) Salt Lake City UT www.wellsfargo.com 801-456-0660
WEX Bank Midvale UT www.wexinc.com 801-568-4345
Zions Bank (HO) Salt Lake City UT www.zionsbank.com 801-974-8800