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Living Life Powerfully: Living A Life that Defies the Predictable

Knowing the Distinctions vs. Being the Distinctions

Defy: to challenge a person to do something deemed impossible

Living in complacency & tranquilized obviousness

Jar you out of your sleep into a whole new dimension of being alive: attack business as

What does it mean to know something?

Knowing a distinction vs. being that distinction.

There is power available when you are being something

When you know something you can speak it to others, you make it available to them.
When we stop at knowing something, it limits us in what we can do/be.

Applying it: In a world given by that distinction, the world shows up for you inside of
that distinction?
Complacency comes w/ knowing it but not being it.

Actions that are appropriate come out of being that distinction.

Not applying knowledge the distinction is who you are.

If you are acting different than whom you are being, then you are being used by that
distinction. The world shows up for you as consistent with that distinction. Any actions
outside of that, not consistent with that distinction, are inauthentic. Your integrity is
compromised. It is out.

Integrity as a matter of who you are. An unreasonable view of life is that without
integrity, nothing works, not as a moral or ethical precept, but after this conversation you
may want to go back and re examine your views on morality and ethics.

When you hear integrity you tend to go to:

rightness or wrongness
The way it should be The way it shouldn’t be

We begin with integrity because without integrity, nothing works.

Nothing has more of an impact or gets to replace integrity than integrity.

The most powerful integrity cannot work without integrity.
If something is not working then you need to take a look at integrity first, not any other
distinctions. This is because you think that you can make other distinctions work without

Look for where the integrity is lacking? When you are being without integrity nothing
works and things are not working or you are not producing results, any lack of integrity
shows up for you immediately. After that you might next see a possibility that needs to be

When life gets good you become arrogant and begin to think that the rules don’t apply to
you anymore. It always catches up you eventually.

When we think that we can get a way with a small lack of integrity, what we’re left with
is a lack of power to sustain incredible results.

Integrity Baseline Syndrome

When you are happy with your current level of integrity=Integrity Baseline Syndrome
This comes into play the moment that you are comfortable that it is acceptable to have
any amount of out integrity. Always doing the best you can inside of what you have.
100% is no longer your baseline. As you move forward in life, the events in your life will
lack integrity and accountability.

If you think it is OK to have a little of out integrity, you will inevitably be out of
If you are being without integrity nothing works, constantly working to restore integrity/
It’s never ending, however, it is natural. It’s who you are.


Integrity is not keeping your word. It is honoring your word as yourself. Going beyond
doing what you said you would do and doing what you know you should do and doing
what others are expecting you to do.

Immediately communicating when you know that you are not going to keep your word.
Most people won’t say anything when they realize they won’t do what they say they
would do. They have a story about why they did not do it.

From the LE Grand Strategy

Integrity is: nothing hidden, being truthful and honest, doing complete work, working
from an empowering context, and doing very well what you do, doing it as it was meant
to be done or better, and without cutting corners. In other words, HONORING ONE’S
WORD (doing what you know to do, doing what you said you would do and on time,
doing what others would expect you to do even if you haven’t said that you would do it,
and saying when you are not doing this as soon as you realize you won’t be doing it or
won’t be doing it on time).

You & It, the self-pitying idiot

It will ruin your life because it is not thinking about you.

You’re not going to do what you said you would do by when you said you would do it,
but you tell the other person. It dies of embarrassment and you live on.

Honoring your word is part of integrity. When you start to be used by integrity you will
see the other part of integrity is living inside a powerful context.

Tolerating a situation leads to Integrity Baseline Syndrome.

What does it mean to keep an empowering context in your life? It is completely

constituted in language consistent conversation for being able, powerful and fulfilled in
life simply as a matter of integrity.

A powerful future and a possibility for yourself and your life to live into.
This is not positive thinking. “It” thinks you are not enough.

Being resigned about the ability to create.

What’s missing in who you are around possibility?

Real for you now, not a dream is an exciting possibility. Tonight’s the night/

Possibilities that will change the circumstances in your life are not what we are talking
about. That is hoping.

The possibilities we are talking about are those that give you power, freedom and full
self-expression in the face or despite those circumstances.

Consistently in a conversation for creating possibility that moves touches and inspires


Possibility has a half-life. Meaning that as time moves forward the potency of that
possibility that has been created dissipates. How long does that last for you? Until “It”
makes a comment about the possibility created, or “It” judges or assesses the possibility
created. Then you have to recreate it for yourself.

Your current circumstances won’t be any different than the way they are now because
when they change they will become your circumstances.

Integrity gives you power in any circumstance. It also gives you power, freedom and full

Look at when you’re being a conversation for power, freedom and full self-expression.
There are times when your circumstances are lousy, but to have integrity in spite of those
circumstances you will have power, freedom and full self-expression in those

The quality of your life is not the product of your current circumstances. It’s given by the
future you are living into. I actually think it is also given by who I am being in the face of
those circumstances.

Changing/Improving your circumstances is not the way to go. Rarely do we stop to ask
what really matters to us. If you are unclear you will focus on your circumstances; be
richer, thinner, etc.

For real power, freedom & full self expression, create a future for yourself and realize
that it does not come from being rich or thin or whatever.

This is available under any circumstances. Stop orienting yourself around your
circumstances. Who are your being and what is important to you is what matters. If this
happens, then the circumstances will take care of themselves.

Having power in the world.

Accepting your circumstances does not equal giving up. You need to orient yourself
around the possibility that you are.

Honoring your word and keep present an empowering context/possibility no matter what
your circumstances are.

Look at an area that lacks integrity: that is not working

or a situation
not creating an empowering context/conversation

Create and distinguish what it looks like to be. A person who lives life without integrity
nothing works.

At work
Getting away with not having integrity because I’m doing my job
What does it look like if you are a person who is without integrity nothing works

Need to be straight in my communication about what is so and what is not.

So, what does the world look like when who you are being in the world is that without
integrity nothing works?
People want to tell me because they know I will get it. I see greatness in all everyone.
People like who they are when they are with me

What does it look like on the court, in action?

Don’t go to explain
Area that lacks integrity
Create what it looks like when you are “without integrity nothing works”.

Insights to live by

The quality of life is given by whom you are being

The other person. You have to be with the other person. Be over there with them, in their
Be a stand for possibility for the other person even though you may not be in possibility

Moment to moment ask yourself the question “What can I choose to be consistent with
who I am such that without integrity nothing works”.

It is OK not to choose whatever it is; as a result your life won’t work. You will continue
to be stuck and be unable to bring transformation to your life.

This seminar is designed to create a new opening into that. What is my access into living
powerfully and living a life that defies the predictable?

As a result of not choosing that which keeps you in integrity, you get pulled back into
complacency, make a decision, judgment creates a life sentence, life long limiting
Creates a limiting context- background for humility.

How did it get constituted in you life? Keeps always already being

Who you are for yourself and your life is that I’m to blame: it’s my fault.

You may think that you have dealt with that and moved on. If you’re not to blame then
somebody else is.

Excel so you can avoid being ht e one to blame. Victim dramatizes how you are not to

Pervasiveness of blame/fault in your life. I’m to blame/ it’s my fault

If you weren’t blaming someone else, they were blaming you

Get present to anger, hurt, sadness around a world that is full of blame and fault.

How much time and effort did you spend proving you weren’t to blame/take credit for

Someone you loved/admired said that you were to blame or it was your fault.

So it gets fixed from the outside

It judges you from the outside

Get present to it’s uncomfortable

Responsibility, guilt and shame, gets fixed from the outside.

Dictionary defines responsibility as who’s to blame/who’s at fault.

The above robs us of power, freedom and full self-expression.

How do you see the context?

That you, others the world

The whole conversation for blame was made up when you were a child and it continues
to live in the story you created.

There is nothing to forgive and there is nothing wrong.

So, you say that someone must be to blame- no; there is no one to blame

It is not your fault, someone else’s fault or God’s fault.

It’s not your fault if you’re embarrassed.

That is as true as it is your fault.

Whose fault/blame is it- in that conversation there is no power, freedom, and peace of
You’re arrogant about your circumstances

The conversation doesn’t have to dictate how you live your life.

Conversations about blame/fault won’t change your circumstances.

Real maturity comes from being those conversations about blame/fault are empty and
meaningless. This takes the past out of your future and opening for what you do want
to create.
Create a new context
Life of power beyond the predictable
Context of responsibility is a created context, not blame/fault, burden/obligation, which
comes from the outside.

From inside it is a declaration, creation

Not right/wrong, blame, fault, guilt

Who is accountable is not responsible

Assertion- a strong statement that something is true. You can get evidence to validate or
invalidate the statement. The synonym for this is declaration.