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Subject: Letter of Recommendation Date: 21/2/2019

Dear Scholarship Committee,

I am writing to introduce and recommend Mr. Uzair Ahmad for the CERN Junior Research Fellow Ship
Program. Currently, I am his Supervisor and he is working as Lab Instructor in “Computer Hardware and
Electronics lab, at Govt Polytechnic Institute Takht Bhai. He teaches and works on different Electronics
Projects related to subjects Like Digital Electronics, Microcontroller & its application and Electronic
Measurement & Instrument under my supervision, and have had the ability to work closely with him on
various programmers and activities both curricular and extracurricular. From the very first day I met him,
Uzair Ahmad impressed me with his aptitude to learn, grasp and articulate different concepts in and out of the
Lab. Uzair Ahmad ability to conceptualize academic assignments and bring innovation to problem solving has
endeared him to me as I now see him as a rising light in the field of Electronics Engineering, which happens
to be his key area of interest.

Moreover, Uzair is a sincere and hardworking Electronics graduate with unparalleled self-drive to excel in his
chosen field of studies. His performance in subjects such as Embedded & Communication system and Control
& Automation were exemplary, demonstrating his keen interest in this area. His ability to ask right questions
and conduct his own research and studies out of the Classroom or Lab, not only helped facilitate enriching
discussion in Class, but also reflected his potential for research.

It is my candid opinion that based on Uzair Ahmad sterling qualities; he is the right candidate for your
Research Scholarship Program which normally should go to the student that possesses the highest academic
and leadership potentials among the applicants. I reiterate with all sense of responsibility that Uzair Ahmad is
an embodiment of all these qualities. I would also like to bring to your knowledge that Uzair Ahmad have
possessed all the Qualities related to good Electronics Engineer.

Finally, permit me to state here that Uzair Ahmad is a mature, intelligent and goal-oriented young lad who, in
my professional estimation, will be a valued addition to your community. I support Uzair Ahmad for this
Research Program without any reservations.

Be rest assured of my highest regards.


Yours truly

Engr. Jibran Ullah

Assistant Professor
Head of Department Computer Technology
Govt. Polytechnic Institute Takht Bhai
Contact: +92-345-9332664, +92-333-9893839, +92-937-553795(Office Land line)
Email: jibran.uet@gmail.com
Social Media(FB) :www.facebook.com/engr.jibran.ullah