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Mrs. Blackburn Math 3 Honors

tblackburn@wcpss.net Website: tamablackburn.weebly.com

Welcome to the beginning of a new and exciting semester! I look forward to getting to know you and helping you to learn and appreciate Honors Math 3.

You learn mathematics by actively participating and listening carefully in class, then practicing independently. I encourage and expect every student to ask and answer questions at appropriate times.

Much of this course is about critical thinking and synthesizing information

and putting it together in a variety of ways. You will have to THINK, not just follow a memorized process. Reviewing notes daily and completing all assigned work will be a necessary step towards success in this class.

taking information you know

Supplies needed:  Notebook o Lined paper o Graph paper o Place for returned papers
Supplies needed:
 Notebook
Lined paper
Graph paper
Place for returned papers
 Pencils
 Eraser
 Graphing calculator
o TI-83 or TI-84

Extra Tutoring

Personalization Time:

Tuesdays in class

Mondays Smart Lunch Other Days by Request

Homework will be checked daily and recorded on your stamp sheet.

reasonable, written effort on every problem. Homework answers will be posted online and should be checked

before class. Attempt to rework any incorrect problems and come to class prepared with any remaining questions.

I expect you to demonstrate a

Quarter Grades:



Quizzes and Labs


Homework and Classwork


Semester Grades:

Quarter 1


Quarter 2


Final Exam



Makeup work for all absences must be completed promptly.

Students must notify me in advance of planned absences, including field trips, and should check in with me after returning from an absence to get makeup assignments.

Grades will be updated in PowerSchool after each unit test.

Wish list for donations:

Hand sanitizer


Color Markers for board