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Christian Ministries from around the world have come together to create the

International School of Ministry® (ISOM®). These teachings have been developed

to help the Church in many nations, enabling Christian believers to understand
their faith and become servants of Jesus Christ.

Missiological Introduction
Barriers The International School of Ministry® (ISOM®) is a discipleship and leadership-
training tool produced by Good Shepherd Ministries International. Over the
overcome with the ISOM past decade, ISOM has become the world’s largest video Bible school. It is de-
1. Language barriers are signed with the primary objective of enabling local pastors around the globe
overcome. to turn their local churches into ministry training centers. It is estimated that
over 17,000 pastors are training at least 330,000 students in more than 146 na-
2. Unlimited numbers can be
tions. Individual training, through any smartphone or tablet, online, and other
trained simultaneously. technologies, is also a growing part of the ISOM vision.

3. The training can take The strength of ISOM is its faculty. A few of
place anywhere in any the better known names who teach on the
ISOM include Jack Hayford, Joyce Meyer, John
Bevere, T.L. Osborn, Reinhard Bonnke, A.R.
4. The cost factor is Bernard, Ray Comfort, Marilyn Hickey, Willie
minimal. George, and Brian Houston (see page 5).

5. Political hindrances are The ISOM consists of high-quality video teachings recorded specifically for the
ISOM project. These were captured from dynamic, wisdom-filled ministers, who
removed, as training can
impart their life message’s from a position of understanding and experience.
easily go underground. Some of the world’s most respected teachers were chosen to participate. The
main criteria used for requesting a teacher’s involvement were integrity, pas-
6. No foreigners are needed
sion, anointing, sound doctrine, ministry fruitfulness, and global vision.
on site to conduct the
The ISOM is an international tool. It currently consists of 160 sessions of video
training. Training can be
curriculum and student workbooks that match the available video lessons. A
done by the national key aim of ISOM is to provide training in the mother tongue of each nation.
leaders alone. Because of the unique bilingual format of the ISOM recordings (English and
the live interpreted language), the material is able to be easily translated and
7. There is control over the is now available in over 70 of the world’s major languages. From Mandarin
content, doctrine and Chinese to Peruvian Quechua, ISOM can span the globe with uniformity and
spirit of the material being cultural sensitivity.

taught. ISOM isn’t just bilingual. An edited Express version for English speaking countries
has also been developed. Other Express language include Spanish, Portuguese,
German, Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, and many others. The Express format re-
moves the original live translation and cuts in half the class time needed to run
the program. These language options enable great flexibility of use. Locations
of ISOM schools span the spectrum from US-based mega-churches to refugee
camps in Africa. ISOM is truly a global equipping tool.
Graduates at a Kenyan maximum security prison PO Box 11909 • San Bernardino CA 92423 • isom.org • info@isom.org • (909) 478-3330 • (866) for ISOM 3

The International School of Ministry (ISOM) is often mistakenly seen as being just
another helpful product. What many miss is the vision that drove it to be created.
ISOM’s founders, Berin and Lisa Gilfillan, were originally working with German
evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. Using their training and background in television and
journalism, their tasks were to document the salvations, miracles and healings at
Bonnke’s giant crusade events. It was during their time with Bonnke that they
Berin & Lisa outside of ISOM headquarters
became heavily burdened to see those vast numbers of new converts discipled.

During two years of study under Dr. C. Peter Wagner at Fuller Theological Seminary,
Berin and Lisa learned a strategic missions truth. Wagner convinced them, through
research, that the most effective evangelistic strategy under heaven was to plant
new churches. It was also during the Fuller season that Berin studied a local church in
Alaska that had sent out over 1,300 of its members, in teams, to plant new churches.
Berin & Dr. C. Peter Wagner Their strategy was simple: • turn the local church into a ministry training center
• turn the local church into a church planting center

The ISOM is more than a product. It is a practical vehicle to help the Church
fulfill an end-time strategy and vision for the Kingdom of God!
Following Fuller, Berin and his family headed for a season of missionary work in
Nigeria, West Africa. Using an English video curriculum put together from a number
of respected ministries, they experimented with a unique training approach in
Nigeria. They registered students and helped pastors start church-based training
centers inside local congregations. The results were beyond all expectation. During
Berin at an ISOM graduation in Nigeria an 18-month period, amidst political and economic turmoil, they registered over
4,000 students and started 140 training schools. What was even more significant
was the powerful transformation that the Word of God produced in the lives of the
students. Although the teachings came through video, a powerful anointing was
transferred from the veteran ministers who taught the curriculum to the believers
who sat under their instruction.

While in Nigeria, Berin and Lisa’s hearts turned to other nations of the world. They
Berin recording Joyce Meyer knew if the program worked in West Africa, it would also function in Latin America,
China, Russia, India and even in developed regions like North America, Europe, and
Australia. In 1994, they returned to California to create the ISOM, a project that has of-
ten been called the training equivalent of the Jesus film. This is because the material
was created with the ability to easily be translated into any language on earth. The
initial recordings took 20 months and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Today the ISOM still maintains its original two goals of turning every local church
on earth into a ministry training center and then into a church planting center. The
people at ISOM believe that God wants to bring about a mass training of laborers for
Christ to use in His end-time harvest. This conviction drives the ISOM vision every day
and has inspired the ministry’s slogan Equipping Locally on a Global Scale.
One of many graduations around the world
4 PO Box 11909 • San Bernardino CA 92423 • isom.org • info@isom.org • (909) 478-3330 • (866) for ISOM
How to Start

A Series of Firsts
Welcome to the world’s largest video Bible school. The goal of the ISOM is to • The initial ISOM course recorded
make quality training available and affordable to every believer on earth. The was Foundations of the Faith with
easiest way to do this is to start a quality video Bible school; and the best place Rev. Bayless Conley on January
to do that is in your local church. That may seem like a daunting task, but using 8th, 1995.
ISOM and the checklist below, you will be amazed at how easy it is. Following • The original ISOM recordings used
thousands of others, now is the best time to begin. 14 live interpreters simultaneously.

✔✔ List
Starting an ISOM School
If you are the pastor of your church, challenge your members to be trained. Your promotion of the
school is critical to its success. Also appoint a respected facilitator with administrative gifting.
If you are not the pastor of your church, show and submit all materials to your local pastor for ap- Quechua pastors in Peru
proval and support.
Pray and seek God about your personal involvement with the ISOM. Remember that this is • The Quechua language was the
more than a program; it is discipleship, and consequently must be directed by His Spirit. first language translated from
Spanish instead of English.
Upon approval from your local pastor, begin to promote the ISOM to people in your church, or
to those who you know will be interested. • The first graduation was in Kath-
mandu, Nepal in 1999. The school
Guidelines for the Facilitator used the English only version with
Secure a location and time for the classes, as well as all necessary equipment. a live Nepali translator.

Set a date to begin the school (remember to allow at least 2 weeks for order processing with ISOM). • The first ISOM language com-
pleted was Hebrew. A couple of
Ask potential students to sign up, and pay the student registration costs directly to you (then you courses were done live in Arabic
will make one payment to our office for the student materials). and were put in Spanish only after
Call ISOM with your school order and payment information (all major credit cards accepted). Hebrew had been finished.

Expect a 1 - 2 week delivery time after your order has been placed.
Upon receipt, verify your order by checking videos, workbooks, etc.
Making ISOM Your Own
Develop your own style and schedule for your classes. A dress code and punctual starting times
are recommended. Attendance for each class session needs to be recorded. Berin giving diploma to oldest graduate

Look over the Facilitator’s Guide (included with school materials) for further instructions.
• The oldest student to gradu-
Bathe everything in prayer as you begin your classes, and trust God to accomplish His purposes ate ISOM was 91 years old. She
and plans throughout the lessons. helped plant a church in Pitts-
burgh, Pa. in 1956 and is still help-
Trimester Completion
ing her son pastor the congrega-
Call and order the next trimester at least 2 weeks before your start date. tion in 2008, when she graduated.
Track students and grades using the formatted spreadsheet on the Facilitator’s Disk included • The largest ISOM graduation was
with the Facilitator’s Guide (a “SFD” CD is generally put in the inside front pocket of this binder). in a persecuted country in Asia.
In one ceremony 9,141 students
Report student information to ISOM after 3rd and 5th Trimesters.
were graduated but for safety
Visit isom.org/transfer for those students interested in getting a degree or transfer of credit. reasons only 200 could attend.
Strategy ™

Transforming culture through instruction,

innovation, influence, and integrity.

Five Eye-Opening Sessions

This is the newest and most exciting addition to the
Christians should demonstrate God in ev- ISOM family of curriculum. The Marketplace Module™
ery facet of society, not just in the church. comes in two 36-session Volumes and provides a way
Learn from Lance as he teaches these five for a church or business groups to practically imple-
life-changing sessions. In them he ex- ment the Seven Mountain understanding taught by
plores the seven spheres of influence that Lance Wallnau. These diverse recordings were done
shape the culture of every nation. Lance English only and are being overdubbed into many
masterfully reveals how a person should languages. Over 50 successful and amazing business
navigate the process, from birth to the and marketplace leaders from 20 different nations were
fulfillment of a calling. They provide a recorded for this project. Through this Marketplace
current, dynamic unfolding of this vital Module™ content, you will get an understanding of
revelation! Sessions include: how the business leaders in any church should relate to
and integrate with pastoral vision and covering. Discov-
• The Seven Mountain Strategy er your Kingdom assignment in the marketplace and
• Spheres of Influence learn how to effectively fulfill it. These sessions can be
• Journey to Convergence done as one or two Modules in the bachelor’s or mas-
• Hinderances to Convergence ter’s programs of ISOM or they can be done separately
• Worldview of Convergence as a stand-alone seminar by those from the business
community. Take advantage of this powerful new ISOM
addition today!



$10 Workbook

Curriculum Overview
Please contact our office for advice on how to use ISOM materials in the most
advantageous way possible for your school or personal study.
Afrikaans Lingala
Trimester 1 (32 sessions) page 7 Akha Luganda
Foundations of the Faith A1 (6) Bayless Conley (Pastor/Cottonwood Christian Center) Albanian Maithili
Supernatural Living A2 (10) Dr. A.L. Gill (Gill Ministries) Amharic Malayalam
New Testament Survey A3 (10) Dr. John Amstutz (Foursquare Missions International) Arabic Mandarin
Praise and Worship A4 (5) Dr. LaMar Boschman (International Worship Institute) Armenian Mongolian
Fear of the Lord A5 (1) John Bevere (Messenger International) Bengali Nepali
Bhojpuri Oriya
Trimester 2 (32 sessions) page 8
Bulgarian Pashto
Power of Prayer B1 (5) Dr. Dick Eastman (Every Home for Christ) Pidgin
Ministry of Helps B2 (5) Buddy Bell (Ministry of Helps, International)
Cambodian Polish
Old Testament Survey B3 (10) Christopher Gornold-Smith (Teacher/ICI University)
Cantonese Portuguese
Essence of the Gospel B4 (5) Terry Law (World Compassion)
Jesus, Our Healer Today B5 (5) Bayless Conley (Pastor/Cottonwood Christian Center) Cebuano Punjabi
Living by Faith B6 (2) Bill Winston (Pastor/Living Word Christian Center) Croatian Quechua
Czech Romanian
Trimester 3 (32 sessions) page 9 English Russian
Introduction C1 (1) Dr. Berin Gilfillan (Good Shepherd Ministries, Intl.) Ewe Serbian
Church-Based Training C2 (3) Dr. Stan DeKoven (Vision International University) Farsi Shona
Cell Groups C3 (5) Larry Stockstill (Pastor/Bethany World Prayer Center) French Sinhala
Power Evangelism C4 (5) Dr. Reinhard Bonnke (Christ for all Nations) German Slovak
Leader’s Integrity C5 (2) Dr. Jack Hayford (Pastor/Church on the Way) Greek Spanish
Leadership Vision C6 (5) Dr. David Shibley (Global Advance) Gujarati Sunda
Church Planting in Teams C7 (5) Dr. Jim Feeney (Pastor/Medford Christian Center) Haitian- Swahili
Being Led by the Spirit C8 (5) Bayless Conley (Pastor/Cottonwood Christian Center) Creole Tagalog
Promise Keeper C9 (1) Dr. Ed Cole (Christian Men’s Network)
Hebrew Tamil
Altar Call C10 (1) Jim Cobrae (Pastor/The Rock Church & World Outreach Center)
Hindi Telugu
Trimester 4 (32 sessions) page 10 Hungarian Thai
Ibo Tswana
Wilderness Mentalities D1 (7) Dr. Joyce Meyer (Joyce Meyer Ministries)
Developing Leaders D2 (5) Brian Houston (Pastor/Hillsong Church, Australia) Illocano Turkish
Cell Group Leaders D3 (1) Billy Hornsby (Pastor/Bethany World Prayer Center) Indonesian Twi
Reconciliation D4 (4) Dr. A.R. Bernard (Pastor/Christian Life Center, New York) Inuktitut Ukrainian
Personal Evangelism D5 (5) Ray Comfort (Evangelist/Living Waters Publications) Italian Urdu
Spiritual Warfare D6 (5) Dean Sherman (Youth With A Mission) Japanese Vietnamese
Authority & Forgiveness D8 (2) John Bevere (Messenger International) Kannada Yoruba
Spiritual Breakthrough D9 (3) Dr. Marilyn Hickey (Marilyn Hickey Ministries) Karen Zulu
Trimester 5 (32 sessions) page 11
Go to isom.org/language.pdf for updated list
Christ Connection E1 (7) Dr. T.L. Osborn (Osborn Ministries Int’l.)
Living to Give E2 (5) Wayne Myers (Great Commission Evangelistic Assoc.) In the US, the ISOM does not
Biblical Eldership E5 (5) Dick Benjamin (Apostle/Abbott Loop Community Church) function as an accredited
Reaching a New Generation E7 (7) Willie George (Pastor/Church On The Move) training school. It supplies
Managing for Tomorrow E8 (4) Jim Wideman (Children’s Pastor/Church On The Move)
curriculum materials for
Ministering to Youth E9 (4) Blaine Bartel (Youth Pastor/Church On The Move)
churches and other ministries
PO Box 11909 • San Bernardino CA 92423 • isom.org • info@isom.org • (909) 478-3330 • (866) for ISOM to run their own programs. 7
Ministry Module (32 sessions) page 12
Curriculum Conquering the Sin Nature
The Heart of Ministry
(1) Dr. Berin Gilfillan (Good Shepherd Ministries, Intl.)
(2) John Bevere (Messenger International)
Renewed Like the Eagles (2) Dr. John Burns (Pastor/Victory Christian Centre/Relate Church)
Community & Gender (4) Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian (Professor/Wheaton College)
ISOM Formatted Dynamic Preaching
Prophetic Foundations
(5) Brick Cliff (Nation 2 Nation)
(10) Dr. Keith & Jeremy Hazel (Antioch Intl.)
for the Deaf Practical Points for Ministry (4) Dr. P.G. Vargis (Indian Evangelical Team)
Hearing God’s Voice (4) Dr. Mark Virkler (Christian Leadership University)

Maturity Module (33 sessions) page 13

The Seven Mountain Strategy (5) Dr. Lance Wallnau (Speaker/Business consulatant/Author)
Navigating Betrayal (2) Dr. David Sumrall (Pastor/Cathedral of Praise, Manila, Philippines)
Leadership Principles (3) Phil Pringle (Founder/C3 Church, Sydney, Australia)
Sexual Wholeness & Healing (5) Dr. Doug Weiss (Heart to Heart Counceling Center)
Confronting Life’s Issues (3) Deborah Smith Pegues (Author/30 Days to Taming Your Tongue)
The Marriage Trinity (3) Dr. Doug Weiss (Heart to Heart Counceling Center)
The Blessed Life (7) Robert Morris (Founding Senior Pastor/Gateway Church)
Cleansing Stream (5) Chris Haywood/Raymond Pettitt/Chad Daniel (YouthBytes)
American Sign Language
WOW Essential Module (32 sessions) page 14-15
A new language group has
Become a Minister (2) Judy Bauer (Kingdom Advancement Ministries)
opened up! After much God’s Plan for Your Family (2) Dr. Marilyn Hickey (Marilyn Hickey Ministries)
effort, the ISOM has been Generational Blessings (2) Dr. John & Helen Burns (Pastors/Victory Christian Centre/Relate Church)
Difficulties in Leadership (2) Dr. Joyce Meyer (Joyce Meyer Ministries)
translated into American Rising to Your Potential (2) Christine Caine (Equip and Empowers Ministry)
Sign Language (ASL). This The Nine Principles of War (3) Barbara Peters (Pastor/Special Ops Church)
Divine Healing (3) Dr. Gloria Copeland (Kenneth Copeland Ministries)
version is designed and Overcoming Grief (2) Cheryl Salem (Salem Family Ministries)
formatted specially for the Overcoming Disappointment (3) Lisa Gilfillan (Good Shepherd Ministries, Intl.)
Miracles (2) Gaby Wentland (Pastor/Freie Gemeinde Neugraben, Germany)
Deaf and hard of hearing.
The Esther Message (2) Dr. Berin & Lisa Gilfillan (Good Shepherd Ministries, Intl.)
It comes formatted split Women in Worship (4) Darlene Zschech (Hillsong Church, Australia)
screen. Half is the original Ministry of the Holy Spirit (3) Dr. Pat Harrison (Faith Christian Fellowship, Intl.)

ISOM recording, and the

other side is in ASL, making
it much easier for Deaf to
World Missions Partner
see the translation. English
subtitles are also included
Help World Missions and sow a complete ISOM Bible School
into a persecuted nation or unreached people group for just

$10 a month. This will help our team of about 30 workers

so that nothing is missed. to do everything from language translation for unreached
Please contact us for further people groups to reaching teens in Brazil. It will help us
information about this vital develop new content for the underground church, supply
new translation. solar backpacks, provide community development material
isom.org/new- for the poor, confront suicide around the world, and harness
techonology to help persectued believers in many nations.
langauge-asl isom.org/wmp
isom.org/trimester-1 32 Sessions Trimester 1

ISOM is the world’s largest church-based video Bible school. Our teachers consist
of the most respected pastors, leaders, and evangelists from around the world.
The original core ISOM recordings took place over a five-year period between
1995–2000. The bios are at least accurate from the time of each recording. Some
ministries have changed, others have since grown significantly, and some minis-
ters have gone on to be with the Lord. Most photos are from the original record-

Foundations of the Faith A1 • The Authority of the Bible & the Doctrine of the Trinity
• The Deity and Mission of Jesus
Rev. Conley is senior pastor of the 5,000-member church where the ISOM
• Salvation, Heaven & Hell, and Christ’s Return
curriculum recordings were initially done. This is an outstanding New Believers • The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit
class. Basic foundational, doctrinal truths are clearly taught. • Divine Healing
Rev. Bayless Conley • Church Ordinances

Supernatural Living A2• The Holy Spirit

• The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Dr. Gill and his wife, Joyce, are internationally-known evangelists and top-
• The Vocal Gifts
selling authors with 20 books and teaching manuals (with accompanying • The Revelation Gifts
videos) in print. One of these books, God’s Promises for Your Every Need, has • The Power Gifts
sold over seven million copies. Their dynamic ministry, accompanied with dra- • The Gifts of Healing
Dr. A.L. Gill
matic signs, wonders, and healing miracles has taken them to over 60 nations. • Healing and the Great Commission
• The Healing Power of God
• Speaking Words of Healing
• Impartation Through Laying on of Hands

New Testament Survey A3 • Introduction to the New Testament

Dr. Amstutz, in his ten-session series, covers Matthew through Revelation. • Matthew, Mark, Luke: Three Portraits of Jesus Christ
• John: A Fourth Portrait of Jesus Christ
After 27 years of teaching this subject, he is highly proficient in illuminating • Acts: The Expansion of the Gospel
the Scriptures. John has been a key figure in the worldwide missions program • Romans: The Gospel of Grace
Dr. John Amstutz of the Foursquare Gospel Church. • 1 & 2 Corinthians, Galatians: Living the Gospel of Grace
• Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians & Philemon:
Letters from Prison
• 1 & 2 Thessalonians: The Lord’s Return; 1 & 2 Timothy,
Titus: Leadership
• Hebrews - Jude: General Letters to Believers
• Revelation: The Consummation of All Things

Praise and Worship A4 • Priority, Purpose & Portrayal of Worship

Dr. Boschman is the author of four best-selling books on worship, including • The Role of Music in the Kingdom of God
• The Significance of the New Song
The Rebirth of Music, A Passion For His Presence and Future Worship. He has led • Our Responsibility as Worshippers
worship on several Integrity Music praise CDs. He is also a songwriter and has • How to Become a Worshipper
been a trainer of worshippers and worship leaders.
Dr. LaMar Boschman

Fear of the Lord * A5 • Fear of the Lord

Rev. Bevere is reaching thousands of people each year by ministering at
churches, Bible schools, and conferences around the world. His vision is to
strengthen believers, awaken the lost and captive in the church and proclaim
Rev. John Bevere the knowledge of God’s glory to the nations.
*supplemental, limited availability, no exams

PO Box 11909 • San Bernardino CA 92423 • isom.org • info@isom.org • (909) 478-3330 • (866) for ISOM 9
Trimester 2 32 Sessions isom.org/trimester-2

Power of Prayer B1 • Its Threefold Potential

• What Prayer Is
Dr. Eastman is the president of Every Home for Christ, a ministry committed to
• The Practice of Prayer PART 1
bringing the Gospel message to every home in the world. In this series, • The Practice of Prayer PART 2
Dr. Eastman teaches how prayer can unlock every closed door and open the • The Purpose of Prayer
Dr. Dick Eastman way for the Gospel to be proclaimed.

Ministry of Helps B2 • The Journey of a Servant

• God Uses Both Stars and Candles
Many refer to Rev. Bell as the pastor’s best friend. He teaches believers how to
• Fear Not Leadership, Organization & Structure PART 1
function as the disciples of Jesus did–in the ministry of helps. A must-see for • Fear Not Leadership, Organization & Structure PART 2
lay leadership in the church. • Becoming a Servant of Fire
Rev. Buddy Bell

Old Testament Survey B3 • Approaching the Old Testament

• The Order of Books and Creation
From the UK, Rev. Gornold-Smith has worked for years as an Assemblies • The Image of God and the Fall
of God missionary and served in educational media development with ICI • Babel and Abraham: the Concepts of Covenant
University in Brussels. He is one of the world’s foremost Old Testament Survey • Abraham, Israel, Joseph, and Moses
teachers. In recent years he has joined the team of International Media Minis- • The Tabernacle Worship
Rev. Christopher Gornold-Smith
tries and now is a key producer in their Bible Stories Video Project. • Joshua, Judges, and Ruth
• The Kings, David, Psalms, and Hebrew Poetry
• Wisdom Literature, Division, and Exile
• Babylonian Captivity, Return from Exile,
and the Prophets
Essence of the Gospel B4 • The Divine Exchange PART 1
• The Divine Exchange PART 2
Terry Law’s ministry, World Compassion, is focused on penetrating nations
• The Triumph of Praise
with literature, teaching and humanitarian aid. Terry is well known for his • What Activates Angels
books on music and angels. He covers his finest material in this series. • How to Make Your Faith Work
Terry Law

Jesus Our Healer Today B5 • God’s Will and Healing

• Healing in the Atonement
Rev. Conley returns in this Trimester to impart clear Biblical understanding
• Full Salvation
on the subject of healing. This series examines healing from many different • Moses, the Serpent and Healing
angles and will convince any sincere believer that healing is part of the atone- • The Mercy of Healing
Rev. Bayless Conley ment and that God still wants to heal people today.

Living by Faith * B6 • Living by Faith PART 1

• Living by Faith PART 2
Bill Winston is  pastor of a 15,000 member church near Chicago. He has an
International TV broadcast and his church owns a shopping mall. Rev. Winston
is in great demand as a conference speaker.
Rev. Bill Winston
*supplemental, limited availability, no exams

The ISOM® Core, the Modules and the WOW™ as low as

curriculum are formatted for your tablet,
$25 for Audio Review Files

mobile device or computer in
both Express and English-Spanish. Online
Take your studies with you wherever you go or per trimester
for currently enrolled students
Study on the Go!
review them online (isomonline.org).
10 PO Box 11909 • San Bernardino CA 92423 • isom.org • info@isom.org • (909) 478-3330 • (866) for ISOM
isom.org/trimester-3 32 Sessions Trimester 3

Introduction C1 • Mobilize to Multiply

Dr. Gilfillan is the one God used to create the ISOM. In this session, he shares Unlocking the
the core of his book Unlocking the Abraham Promise and shows how the ISOM Abraham Promise
Dr. Berin Gilfillan can move believers into multiplication growth.
Dr. Berin shows seven strategic areas of multiplication growth that God wants to release into the local church through the ISOM.
Those understandings are powerfully taught in Unlocking the Abraham Promise – book included with all US English/Spanish schools.
Church-Based Training C2 • Model for Ministry Training
Dr. DeKoven is the founder and president of Vision International Educational • The Goal and Objective of Educational Ministry
• Planning Your Institute
Network and Vision International University. His institute specializes in encour-
Dr. Stan DeKoven aging, assisting and accrediting church-based Bible schools.

Cell Groups C3 • Purposes of Cell Groups

Rev. Stockstill pastors a 10,000-member, cell-based church. Larry has studied • Evangelizing the Lost
• Raising Up Leaders
different models of small groups around the world. He is passionate about the • Great Leaders in the Church
Rev. Larry Stockstill discipleship and leadership training that cell structures give to a local church.

Power Evangelism C4 • Fire Brand Evangelists

Millions have been saved, delivered and healed through Dr. Bonnke’s ministry. • The Power of the Holy Spirit
• Integrity
Signs and wonders follow his preaching of the Gospel. Learn the secrets of • The Great Commission
Dr. Reinhard Bonnke evangelism from one of the most fruitful evangelists in the world today. • Fire of the Holy Spirit

Leader’s Integrity C5 • Integrity of Heart

Dr. Hayford is the founding pastor of Church On The Way in California and is • A Forgiving Spirit
known as a pastor of pastors. He is internationally respected as an author,
Dr. Jack Hayford songwriter and teacher.

Leadership Vision C6 • Embracing the Vision

Dr. Shibley heads up Global Advance Ministries. He has written numerous • Qualities of a Visionary
• Focusing Your Vision
books that challenge the Church to fulfill the Great Commission. He is focused • God’s Vision and Your Vision
Dr. David Shibley on resourcing front-line shepherds and imparting vision to leaders. • Funding the Vision

Church Planting C7 • An Overview of Church Planting

Dr. Feeney teaches from an academic and experiential perspective on church • The Local Church as a Ministry Training Center
• Vocational Ministers in the Local Church
planting. Leaders and potential church planters discover how to practically recruit, • Identifying Church-Planting Teams
Dr. Jim Feeney prepare, and send teams from a local church to start healthy congregations. • Preparing & Sending the Church-Planting Team

Being Led by the Spirit C8 • Spirit Directed & Spirit Power

Rev. Conley shares practical insights with leaders on how to be led by God’s • How God Leads Us Through Our Spirits
• Direction in Difficult Times
Spirit. This is a very practical series that also deals with potential pitfalls when • Priorities of Life
Rev. Bayless Conley seeking direction. Family issues and tips on preparing messages are also covered. • Pitfalls & Dangers When Seeking for Guidance

Altar Call C10 • How to Give an Altar Call

Rev. Cobrae pastors a 15,000-member church called The Rock in California.
Every service closes with a powerful altar call which Rev. Cobrae never changes.
Rev. Jim Cobrae The fruit is that about 250 new converts are won every week at the Rock.

Promise Keeper * C9 • Promise Keeper

Dr. Cole was the founder and president of the Christian Men’s Network. This
message inspired the formation of the Promise Keeper movement. We were
Dr. Ed Cole gratefully able to capture this message before Dr. Cole died. *supplemental, limited availability, no exams 11
Trimester 4 32 Sessions isom.org/trimester-4

Wilderness Mentalities D1 • Mindsets, Vision and Responsibility

• Responsibility and Trials
Joyce Meyer is known for her many books and her Enjoying Everyday Life® TV
• Grumbling and Impatience
broadcasts. She shares the truth of God’s Word in a practical and relevant way. • Impatience and the Victim Mentality
In this series, Joyce shows how the wrong thinking of Christians, not just the • The Victim Mentality and Self-pity
Dr. Joyce Meyer tactics of the devil, can keep them from victory and their inheritance. • Self-Worth
• Comparison, Stubbornness and Rebellion

Developing Leaders D2 • The Heart of a Leader

• Your Heart Determines the Course of Your Life
Brian Houston pastors the 20,000 member Hillsong church in Sydney, Aus-
• Your Heart Determines Your Success in Life
tralia. His TV ministry airs in 180 nations. In this series, Brian shares powerful • Leaders or Followers
leadership principles and shows how the heart of a leader determines their • Pitfalls of Visionaries
Rev. Brian Houston ultimate effectiveness.

Reconciliation D4 • Introduction
• Origins and Destiny
Dr. A.R. Bernard is the pastor of New York City’s largest church with 21,000
• Fear: The Strategy of the Enemy
members. Few people are as qualified as he to speak on the subject of rec- • Living a Reconciled Life
onciliation. This course goes deeper than race and ethnicity; it also deals with
Dr. A.R. Bernard natural and spiritual origins, as well as divine destiny.

Personal Evangelism D5 • Hell’s Best Kept Secret

• Atheism
From New Zealand, Rev. Comfort has written more than 40 books. He is per-
• Militant Evangelism
haps best known for Hell’s Best Kept Secret. The videos in this series are a must • True and False Conversion
as Rev. Comfort employs many amusing visual aids to get his message across. • How to Get on Fire for God
Rev. Ray Comfort

Spiritual Warfare D6 • The Biblical Foundation

• Understanding Spiritual Warfare
Rev. Sherman is an internationally-respected Bible teacher. He has taught on
• Warfare Prayer and the Gates of Hell
spiritual warfare for more than 20 years in ministers conferences, Youth With • Crashing the Gates of Hell
A Mission schools, and churches in over 40 countries and in all 50 states. You • Exercising Authority in Society
Rev. Dean Sherman will appreciate Dean’s down-to-earth and solid approach on this crucial topic.

Authority & Forgiveness D8 • The Bait of Satan

• Under Cover
Rev. Bevere reaches millions of people each year through books, live meetings,
and The Messenger TV broadcasts. His vision is to strengthen believers, awaken
the lost and captive in the Church, and proclaim the knowledge of His glory
Rev. John Bevere to the nations.

Spiritual Breakthrough D9 • Bible Memorization - Part 1

• Bible Memorization - Part 2
Dr. Hickey has been the invited guest of government leaders and heads of
• Breaking Generational Curses
state from nations all over the world. She is a pioneer teacher of God’s Word
with a huge heart for missions. Her TV program Today with Marilyn and Sarah
Dr. Marilyn Hickey is seen globally. In this series she shares some of her signature messages.

Cell Group Leaders * D3 • Effectiveness

Rev. Hornsby has been in ministry for over 20 years. At the time of these
recordings, he headed up the Bethany Cell Church Network. This movement
was focused on helping hundreds of Cell Churches worldwide.
Rev. Billy Hornsby
12 *supplemental, limited availability, no exams
isom.org/trimester-5 32 Sessions Trimester 5

Christ Connection E1 • Jesus Our Model

Dr. Osborn was known worldwide for his enormous contribution to evange- • Jesus Our Inspiration
• Our Response
lism. He preached to millions of people in 78 nations. His personal comment • Action
on this series was, “These teachings will unlock truths for you of how to move • Our Credibility
in God’s MIRACLE BEST.” • Our Legality
Dr. T.L. Osborn
• Experience

Living to Give E2 • The Maximum Lifestyle

Rev. Myers is a veteran missionary to Mexico and has ministered in more than • How to Initiate a Lifestyle of Giving
• Exchanging Earthly Possessions
70 nations. He has probably given away more cars to pastors and helped put • Living and Giving Beyond the Possible
more roofs on more churches in Mexico than any other missionary. He chal- • Can God? God Can!
Rev. Wayne Myers lenges believers to live to give, like Jesus did.

Biblical Eldership E5
• What is a Biblical Elder?
Rev. Benjamin is presently the apostolic covering for over 60 churches, most • The Function of Elders
• Qualifications for Elders
of which were planted under his leadership. It was his church in Alaska that • The Fivefold Ministry PART 1
sent out 1,000 members to plant new churches. Rev. Benjamin teaches on the • The Fivefold Ministry PART 2
Rev. Dick Benjamin calling and conduct of a Biblical elder.

Reaching a New Generation E7 • What The Bible Says About Children’s Ministry
Rev. George pastors Church On The Move, one of America’s largest churches. • The Laws of Hospitality
• The Last Days Harvest
With Pastor George’s passion to reach a new generation, he has set an inter- • Preaching to Children
national standard for ministry to kids and teens. In this series, he shares the • Pastor-Driven Youth Ministry
heart of his insights on gearing local churches to reach the next generation. • How to Hold a Child’s Attention
Rev. Willie George
• How to be an Excellent Storyteller

Managing for Tomorrow E8 • Using Puppets in Children’s Ministry

Rev. Wideman was the brilliant administrative coordinator of Church On The • How to be a Problem Solver
• Organizing Children’s Ministry for Growth
Move. In this practical series, Rev. Wideman shares the principles that helped
• How to Get Others to Help You
build this church and its incredible children’s program. This series will help
Rev. Jim Wideman with areas such as time and people management, goal setting, problem solv-
ing and other areas of organization.

Ministering to Youth E9 • Setting the Vision for Youth Ministry

Rev. Bartel headed up the rapidly growing youth ministry of Church On The • Leading Leaders to Peak Performance
• Effectively Communicating to Young People
Move. More than 2,500 young people came out each week for outreach
• Planning an Effective Youth Ministry
and ministry under his leadership. The One-Eighty® concept has now been
Rev. Blaine Bartel adopted by hundreds of other churches. In this series, he shares the practical
principles that made this ministry so effective.
NOTE: Trimester 5 was modified. Courses E7, E8 and E9, which are still being translated into many languages, have replaced courses
E3 (Supernatural Faith), E4 (Children & Youth Ministry), and E6 (Discipleship). The original courses may still be used with full ISOM acceptance.



After finishing the 5 Trimesters, ISOM coursework can transfer to a

number of institutions. Each institution has its own fee structure
and each also determines the amount of credit ISOM is awarded For more information:
for one of its non-government accredited degree programs. Our isom.org/transfer
partner institutions shown generally recognize the training to be (909) 478-3330
equal to their respective associate-level awards.
PO Box 11909 • San Bernardino CA 92423 13
Ministry Module 32 Sessions isom.org/ministry-module

This module is for students interested in furthering their ministry training. Learn from veteran ministers
and missionaries as they pour their hearts into these practical sessions. You will be presented with
wisdom, knowledge, and Spirit-led insight ranging from how to prepare a sermon to how to minister in
a relevant and godly way. Ministry Module may be used as an elective module towards a bachelor’s and/
or master’s program.

Conquering the Sin Nature • Conquering the Sin Nature

It was in Dr. Gilfillan’s heart that the Lord put the vision for the ISOM. In this
session, he shares how he gained personal victory over the thoughts of the
Dr. Berin Gilfillan carnal mind. This revelation took him 13 years to discover.

The Heart of Ministry • Capturing the Heart of God

• Cultivating an Excellent Spirit
Rev. Bevere reaches millions of people each year through books, live meetings
and his Messenger TV broadcasts. In these sessions, John opens his heart to
Rev. John Bevere tell how he maintains his personal walk with God.

Renewed Like the Eagles • Live Like an Eagle

• What Makes an Eagle Majestic?
Dr. Burns pastors Victory Christian Centre in Vancouver, Canada. He also hosts

an international television program called Family Success. In these sessions,
Dr. John Burns John shares leadership principles from the lives of eagles.

Community & Gender • Community in Creation

• God’s Intent through History
Dr. Bilezikian is perhaps best known for his role in mentoring Willow Creek’s
• The Cross and Community
pastor, Bill Hybels. As a professor at Wheaton College, he has been a profound • Relationships in Community
Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian force in advocating true community in the local church.

Dynamic Preaching • The Need for Dynamic Preaching

• Character and Anointing
Rev. Cliff is an Elim-trained minister and missionary who has powerfully used
• Illustrations and Sermon Topics
the ISOM vision to impact many nations with training. This course is in response • Organizing and Writing a Dynamic Sermon
Rev. Brick Cliff to a demand from developing nations for material on preaching and teaching. • Altar Calls and Outlines

Prophetic Foundations • Importance and Value of Prophetic Ministry

• Types of Prophetic Ministry
Keith and Jeremy Hazell lead a prophetic teach- • New Testament Prophets
ing and activating team. They have prophesied • Releasing Prophetic Ministry in the Local Church
Dr. Keith Hazell in many different lands and operate Antioch • Hearing the Voice of God
International. This ministry serves to activate • Judging Prophetic Words
local churches in prophetic ministry. Keith and • Receiving and Responding to the Prophetic
Jeremy taught this course to provide balance • Prophetic Gatherings in the Local Church
to weird teachings and abuses about prophetic • False Revelation
Rev. Jeremy Hazell • Stepping Out
ministry found in many parts of the world.

Practical Points for Ministry • Vision and Setting Targets

Dr. Vargis leads the Indian Evangelical Team. He is one of the most prolific • Leading by Example
• Leadership Principles for Growth
church planters in India. In these sessions, he shares many of the leadership • A Minister’s Marriage
Dr. P.G. Vargis and personal principles that govern and guide his life.

Hearing God’s Voice • Introduction

Dr. Virkler is the founder and president of Christian Leadership University, which • Four Keys to Hearing God
• Tuning to God’s Flow
has a strong relationship with the ISOM. He has authored more than 60 books • Two-way Journaling
Dr. Mark Virkler and teaches in these sessions how to hear God’s voice in a practical way.
isom.org/maturity-module 32 Sessions Maturity Module

After many years in the making, the Maturity Module is one of the strongest collections of teachings that ISOM has ever released. We took some of the world’s
top speakers, pastors, psychologists, and authors to speak on much needed topics for the mature Christian to grow in their walk with Christ.

The Seven Mountain Strategy • The Seven Mountain Strategy

• Spheres of Influence
Christians are meant to demonstrate God in every sphere of society, not just
• Journey to Convergence
within the church. Learn from Lance as he teaches these five thought-pro- • Hinderances to Convergence
Dr. Lance Wallnau voking sessions and explores the seven strategic areas of influence in society, • Worldview of Convergence
which shape the culture of every nation.

Navigating Betrayal • Recognizing Betrayal

• Overcoming the Hurt of Betrayal
Everyone faces betrayal in their lives. However, we cannot let the pain of
betrayal stop us from accomplishing the work God has given us. We need to
Dr. David Sumrall learn to forgive our betrayers and move forward in our lives. This session will
teach you how to recognize betrayal and begin to overcome it.

Leadership Principles • Church Growth for the Modern Age

• Building the Local Church through the Power &
Phil Pringle is the pastor of C3, a church in Sydney, Australia. He and his wife
Presence of the Holy Spirit
are strongley involved in church planting, as they oversee over 300 churches
Phil Pringle worldwide. These sessions will teach on the power of church building in this
modern age through the Holy Spirit.

Sexual Wholeness & Healing • Living Free from Sexual Immorality

• Overcoming Sexual Abuse
Dr. Doug Weiss heads one of the largest clinics in the nation that deals with
• Overcoming Sexual Addiction
sexual addictions, overcoming sexual abuse and other issues relating to • How to Have Great Married Sex
Dr. Doug Weiss developing a healthy sexuality. Whether you are needing help or are helping • Parenting Sexually Healthy Children
others, you will greatly benefit from these practical life-changing sessions.

Confronting Life’s Issues • Taming Your Tongue

• Supreme Confidence
Deborah is an astute business woman, certified public accountant, Bible
• Confronting Without Offending
teacher, certified behavioral consultant, and international speaker. In these
Deborah Smith Pegues sessions she will guide you on how to use your words in a positive way, how
to walk in the confidence God has for us, and how to confront others the
Biblical way.
The Marriage Trinity • The Miracle of Marriage
• The Difference Between a Secular and a Christian
Many Christians have a limited understanding of marriage. Dr. Doug Weiss Marriage
confesses that he had a limited understanding of marriage even with four • The Greater Serves the Lesser
Dr. Doug Weiss degrees and after writing four books on the subject. In these sessions he will
show you the way God intended marriage to be.

The Blessed Life • The Happy Life

• It’s All About the Heart
Robert Morris is the pastor of Gateway Church in Texas, with more than
• What Test?
26,000 active members. He is also featured on the television program, The • The Principle of the First
Robert Morris Blessed Life. In these sessions you will see the principles of multiplication, • Breaking the Spirit of Mammom
and discover there’s so much more to life. • Am I Generous?
• The Principles of Multiplication

Cleansing Stream • Walk in the Spirit - Chris Haywood

• To Commit Everything to God - Raymond Pettitt
Cleansing Stream is a ministry dedicated to equipping local churches for bibli-
• Speak Words of Life - Chris Hayward
cally balanced, sound, and effective deliverance ministry. All believers have • Enter the Cleansing Stream - Raymond Pettitt
Chris Haywood/ areas in their lives that need to cleansed. The core of these teachings are also • Press Toward the Goal - Chad Daniel
Raymond Pettitt/Chad Daniel made for teens in the CSY-Into the Deep program found in the back of this Catalog.
Volume 1 33 Sessions isom.org/wow

In response to the need to strengthen over 60% of the global Church, Women Overcoming Disappointment
of the World (WOW) was produced. The teachings are done by women and Lisa and Berin founded the International School
for women. WOW Volume 1 has 33 sessions and is designed to encourage, of Ministry and WOW. Lisa’s WOW vision came
empower and equip God’s ladies to become effective in their lives for Christ. out of a burden to see women healed, both
emotionally and physically. She shares on how to
Becoming a Mother/Mentor Rev. Lisa Gilfillan
be set free from disappointment and depression.
Lisa is a best-selling author. She and her 3 Sessions
husband, John, host a weekly television show, Ministry of the Holy Spirit
The Messenger which broadcasts in 214 nations. Pat leads Faith Christian Fellowship, Intl., which
Rev. Lisa Bevere Here, she teaches powerfully on sexual purity and works in 42 nations. Her endeavors include evan-
2 Sessions being a mother/mentor in the Body of Christ. gelism, church planting, Bible training centers, &
vocational and humanitarian services. She speaks
Generational Blessings Dr. Pat Harrison
with passion on the Holy Spirit.
John and Helen pastor Victory Christian Centre in 3 Sessions
Vancouver, Canada. They also host an internation- The Value of a Woman
al television program called Family Success. John Bobbie and Brian Houston are the pastors of
Dr. John & Helen Burns and Helen speak all over the world on marriage, Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. In these
2 Sessions family and relationships. sessions, Bobbie shares how their church places a
value on women. She outlines how women can
God’s Plan for Your Family Rev. Bobbie Houston
embrace their potential in God.
Marilyn has been fulfilling her God-given vision 3 Sessions
of Covering the earth with the Word for over 30 AIDS Education
years. She ministers practically from the Scrip- Dr. Klaus founded Hope In View, a ministry
Dr. Marilyn Hickey tures, but also from her experience as a mother, addressing the AIDS crisis in a Biblical and
2 Sessions on God’s plan for your family. compassionate way. This is an informative and
Dr. Carolyn Klaus, MD life-changing overview on HIV and AIDS that
Rising to Your Potential every Christian should know.
Christine is a pastor at Hillsong Church and 1 Session
directs Equip and Empower Ministries. She travels Difficulties in Leadership
worldwide ministering. Her vision is to help Joyce Meyer heads up one of the most successful
Rev. Christine Caine people overcome the challenges of life, raising ministries in the world. She is a best-selling
2 Sessions them to their full potential. author and a TV host. In these sessions, she gives
practical advice on how to overcome the daily
God’s Secret Weapon Dr. Joyce Meyer
difficulties that leaders face.
Deborah and Jim Cobrae pastor The Rock Church 2 Sessions
in California where most of the Women of the Being a Pastor’s Wife
World (WOW) was filmed. She is an advocate for Betty Price has stood by her husband, Dr. Fredrick
Rev. Deborah Cobrae WOW. She explains how women are God’s secret Price, pastor of Crenshaw Christian Center, for
2 Sessions weapons to reach and change our world. over 50 years. In this session, she shares how she
overcame cancer and explains the key strengths
Church-Based Women’s Ministry Dr. Betty Price
you need to be a pastor’s wife.
Janet and Bayless Conley are the senior pastors 1 Session
of Cottonwood Church in California. Their TV Overcoming Grief
ministry reaches over 100 nations weekly. Janet Cheryl was Miss America, but did not get there
Rev. Janet Conley speaks practically on how to establish an excel- without overcoming trials. In this intimate series,
1 Session lent, church-based women’s ministry. she shares about the loss of her daughter and her
subsequent battle with cancer. Her testimony is
Divine Healing Gloria and Kenneth Copeland are the Rev. Cheryl Salem
founders of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Their TV 2 Sessions one of hope and restoration.
programs, practical teaching, and generous giving Women in Worship
encourage believers worldwide. Gloria preaches Darlene is the worship leader of Hillsong Church,
on the keys to divine healing that God has given Australia. She is also part of Hillsong’s worship
Dr. Gloria Copeland
3 Sessions all Christians. albums enjoyed worldwide. As a songwriter,
WOW may be implemented along with an ISOM school or Rev. Darlene Zschech minister and mother, Darlene teaches on living
16 separately through a church’s women’s ministry. 4 Sessions life from a position of worship.
Become a Minister
Judy develops tools to help equip Christians to
share their faith and to disciple others. She has
Volume 2
been ministering since 1973. Her programs help
Rev. Judy Bauer individuals grow, congregations expand, and new Mercy Ministries
2 Sessions churches get planted. Blair has served as a youth pastor and a
The Holy Spirit counselor for young people with major life
Sue is a gifted children’s pastor and Bible college challenges. Her compassionate heart led to the
teacher. Sue is used especially in helping new Rev. Blair Pietrini development of a storehouse with food, cloth-
believers get grounded in God’s Word and develop 1 Session ing, and the necessities of life for those in need.

Rev. Sue Bryan an understanding of the Holy Spirit. Self-Esteem

2 Sessions Denise is a gifted minister in song. She and her
Finding Your Calling husband, Rick, have been working as missionar-
Shoddy has been a missionary to the Philippines ies to Russia for nearly three decades. Denise
since 1980. She and her husband, Paul, oversee Denise Renner also is the host of a weekly talk show and the
a church-planting movement throughout that 2 Sessions founder of a humanitarian aid ministry.
whole nation. Shoddy is an encourager and faith
Rev. Shoddy Chase Overcoming Sexual Abuse
2 Sessions builder.
Margaret is a minister used by the Lord in bring-
The Esther Message ing emotional healing to others. As someone
Berin and Lisa are the founders of Women of who overcame childhood abuse, Margaret knows
the World (WOW). Their desire is to see men Rev. Margaret Stunt the restoration that Jesus can bring. She currently
and women work together, side by side, so 2 Sessions serves at Mercy Ministries, Australia.
that people can be encouraged, equipped and
Dr. Berin & Rev. Lisa Gilfillan
empowered. This message lays out this strategy. Women of Wisdom
2 Sessions
Joyce is an anointed pastor and teacher of the
Overcoming Anorexia & Bulimia Word of God. She ministers from the Bible in a
Danica battled eating disorders for years, but gracious, yet powerful manner, enabling others
found triumph through the Lord. She now is a Rev. Joyce Villalobos to understand the Lord’s will and His ways.
wife, mother, help to those who are struggling, 1 Session
Danica Goward-Burns and an image consultant with her own line of
1 Session fashion accessories. Female Friendships
Holly is a pastor, teacher, author, conference
Communicating with Teens 2 Sessions
speaker, and a good friend to many. As a breast
Dawna is a pastor and teacher who also is gifted cancer survivor, Holly has known challenges and
in organizing large-scale Christian events. She witnessed the Lord’s sustaining power. Her wit
Rev. Holly Wagner
is a Bible college instructor with a speciality in and humor reveal her zest for life.
3 Sessions
Rev. Dawna Elguera homiletics, the art of preaching.
Becoming Superwoman
Healing the Hurts of Abortion Kerri is a pastor and a gifted teacher. She ap-
Sonia is a lay leader in women’s ministry. For- proaches life with gusto, loving God, His people,
merly a person who hated being around other His Church, and the world. Kerri also is a remark-
females, today Sonia is a compassionate friend Rev. Kerri Weems able writer with a popular blog.
Sonia Freeman and mentor to many ladies, sharing the love of 2 Sessions
2 Sessions God she has experienced so richly.
The Making of a Miracle 1 Session Gaby was on the mission field for 16 years
Barbie has been a children’s teacher and small with the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke. Now
group leader for nearly two decades. She is used a pastor in Germany, Gaby travels around the
of the Lord in the gifts of physical and emotional world, sharing about faith and the miracles God
Rev. Gaby Wentland
Barbie Meyer healing. 2 Sessions performs.

The Nine Principles of War Being Single and Happy

Barbara is a gifted pastor, teacher, and singer. Lindsay is a gifted speaker and anointed minister
She has the ability to make complex subjects of the Lord’s grace. A market research consultant,
easier to understand. She and her husband, Bill, Lindsay combines her considerable business ex-
Rev. Barbara Peters lead a church-planting movement. Lindsay Willis pertise with her faith in the God of the impossible,
3 Sessions 3 Sessions making for a remarkable combination. 17
Strategic Partnerships
Community Development BOKS Distributing ISOM
Looking across the globe, our hearts Schools Around the World
are touched with the plight of women,
especially those in the Developing There are ISOM schools in more than 146 countries and in over
World. After much prayer 70+ languages. Of the 17,000+ locations where ISOM is being
and perseverance, Women used, close to 60% of these schools are in religiously-persecuted
of the World is reaching nations. Only about 5% of ISOM schools are in the Western World.
out to help communi- ISOM’s ease of implementation enables rapid multiplication
ties, both spiritually and growth, but that is only a part of the picture. ISOM’s proliferation
physically. God loves worldwide has been mostly accomplished through strategic alli-
people, and He desires to ances with others. Good Shepherd Ministries International (GSMI),
save their natural lives and ISOM’s parent organization, partners with numerous like-hearted
Dr. Daniel Fountain, a their eternal souls. We want to help ministries/individuals who are passionate about reaching and
veteran rural mission- restore people in every area of life. teaching spiritually-hungry people in distant lands. 
ary doctor, teaching the
basics of pregnancy and From this perspective, the Commu- Licensing and Regional Distribution Centers
childbirth. nity Development BOKS was created For those who have a missions vision, it is possible to obtain a
as a tool to help with basic human license allowing the duplication of certain ISOM materials. These
needs. Just like ISOM, we are granted at the discretion of the leadership of GSMI and per-
drew on instructors’ areas mission is renewed each year based on faithful representation of
of expertise. What has the ISOM program. The one-time license cost is $1,900 USD per
been captured is practical, language and pertains to a designated geographical region/na-
life-skill knowledge from a tion of the world (ISOM Video and related materials are not included
professional perspective. in the $1900 licensing cost). This enables a ministry to integrate
ISOM into their ministry’s vision. As a result, some ministries have
Topics include: started more than 1,000 ISOM schools under a single license. 
Dr. Michelle Schwinandan
from Guyana instructs • obtaining clean water Those holding valid ISOM licenses are called Regional Centers
on child development
• subsistence farming and more than 100 of these exist worldwide. GSMI is able to refer
from a culturally-relevant
perspective. • basic dental care local contacts from different nations to these Regional Centers
• pregnancy and childbirth and is committed to serve and expand these partnerships. Please
• malaria preparedness contact GSMI if your ministry is interested in starting multiple
• caring for the sick ISOM schools in a certain nation or region. Note: License agree-
(including HIV/AIDS) ments are available mostly for developing nations and are not typi-
cally available for Western countries. 
Our goal is to partner with
New Language Translation
those reaching into poor
If you have a heart to see ISOM translated into a new language,
communities and pro-
GSMI would love to partner with you to complete that language.
vide this training in local
It costs about $15,000 to get each new language translated.
languages. Most of the
Depending on the leading of God and the need for a particular
material and the technol-
language, GSMI may step out in faith with a partnering ministry
ogy to deliver it will need
if at least $5,000 can be initially raised. Since ISOM was designed
Dr. Vanessa Reynolds to be sponsored. For more
explains the importance to train and reach unreached peoples, new languages are the
information on Vision 2020 visit:
of feminine hygiene. foundation for progress and vision.
Please contact us if you are intersted in helping develop a new
2020plan.com langauge.
18 info@isom.org • isom.org/partnership • (909) 478-3330 • (866) for ISOM
Leader’s Integrity
Dr. Jack Hayford
These are the notes from the session. You may use them to follow along with the sample DVD or online.

Leader’s Integrity Notes

Leader’s Integrity Notes

PO Box 11909 • San Bernardino CA 92423 • isom.org

info@isom.org • (909) 478-3330 • (866) for ISOM 21
The ISOM is … Leader’s Integrity Notes
… the world’s largest video Bibleschool,
training over 330,000 students at more
than 17,000 training sites in 146

… a church-based video training program.

… a complete training curriculum, including

a facilitator’s guide, student workbooks,
group discussions, homework assign-
ments and tests.

… a bilingual program that is available in

over 70 languages. A non-bilingual
Express version for English only students
now cuts in half the time required to take
ISOM lectures.

… a school where English- and non-English-

speaking students can learn side-by-side.

… a program that respects pastoral leader-

ship and authority.

… a powerful missions tool.

…an opportunity for every willing person in

the Church to be trained for ministry.

… a professionally-recorded curriculum.

… a curriculum with well-known teachers

that impart life messages in their areas of

… a cost-effective program that is easy to


… a school where knowledge, character, and

spiritual gifts are equally taught.

… a program with no denominational ties.

… a program through which the power of

the Holy Spirit is manifested.

PO Box 11909 • San Bernardino CA 92423 • isom.org

22 info@isom.org • (909) 478-3330 • (866) for ISOM