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burglar jury pickpocket shoplifting

burglary kidnap pickpocketing steal

court kidnapper prison terrorism
criminal kidnapping prisoner terrorist
guilty kill rob thief
hijack killer robber theft
highjacking law robbery victim
highjacker lawyer sentence
innocent murder shoplift
judge murderer shoplifter

accuse of sg. capital gun poison

admit punishment handcuff proof
alibi commit (a crime) hooligan rape
arrest convict hostage slander
arson crook illegal smuggle
assassin death penalty interrogate smuggler
assassination deny intimidate smuggling
assault / attack detective investigate spy
barrister drug dealer jailbird squatter
bigamy embezzlement life sentence suspect
bigamist evidence manslaughter testimony
blackmail felony motive thug
blackmailer fine mugging trial
booty forge mugger vandal
bribe forger pirate vandalism
bribery fraud plea verdict
bully gang plead weapon
gangster poaching
1) Name what you can see in the pictures.

1. _______________ 2. _______________ 3. _______________ 4. _______________

5. _______________ 6. _______________ 7. _______________ 8. _______________

2) Match the words from the 1st coloumn to the words in the second.

high pocket
kid jack
pick lift
shop nap

3) Unjumble the following letters to have meaningful words.

l y r e a w

r e t t r o r i s

i g y l u t

r u j y

r a m l i n i c

t i v m i c

4) Match the words with the definitions.

burglary court guilty innocent

judge kill law prison
steal thief victim witness

1. a person who is in charge of a trial in a court and decides how a person who is guilty
of a crime should be punished
2. to take something without the permission or knowledge of the owner and keep it
3. the crime of illegally entering a building and stealing things
4. a person who has been attacked, injured or killed as the result of a crime, a disease, an
accident, etc
5. not guilty of a crime, not having done something wrong
6. responsible for breaking a law
7. the place where legal trials take place and where crimes, etc. are judged
8. the system of rules that everyone in a country or society must obey
9. a building where criminals are forced to live as a punishment
10. a person who sees or hears an event happening, especially a crime or an accident
11. to cause someone or something to die
12. a person who steals
5) Complete the sentences with the words listed and translate the sentences into your

burglaries court guilty innocent

judge killed law prison
steal thieves victims witnesses

1. A post office was broken into last night, and the _______________ got away with
£120 000.
2. The jury has to decide whether a person is _______________ or innocent of a crime.
3. According to _______________, the robbery was carried out by two teenage boys.
4. The Black Death was a disease that _______________ millions.
5. She has such an _______________ face that I find it hard to believe anything bad of
6. I don’t really want to move here because there is a rise in the number of
_______________ committed in the area.
7. She's threatening to take me to _______________ for not paying the bill on time.
8. They should put him in _______________ and throw away the key!
9. They were so poor they had to _______________ in order to eat.
10. It seems that we have been the _______________ of a cruel joke.
11. The _______________ sentenced him to five years in prison.
12. Of course robbery is against the _______________!

6) Define the following words.

1. criminal: ______________________________________________________________
2. to hijack: ______________________________________________________________
3. to kidnap: ______________________________________________________________
4. lawyer: ______________________________________________________________
5. shoplifter: ______________________________________________________________

7) Translate the following sentences from Hungarian into English.

1. Nem betörők jártak nálam, csak buli volt.

2. Nincs sok vidám bíró a bíróságon.
3. Attól félek, hogy a barátom barátai bűnözők.
4. Nem vagyok bűnös, de azt hiszem, tudom, hogy ki rabolta el a főnökömet.
5. A kutyám mindig ártatlan arcot vág, amikor ellopja a szendvicsemet.
6. Nem szeretek repülőn utazni, mert félek a gépeltérítőktől.
7. Az esküdtszék figyelmesen hallgatta az áldozat beszámolóját.
8. A macskád tegnap megölte az egeremet.
9. Van valami törvény a butaság ellen?
10. Vannak nagyon okos jogászok is.
11. Sok tanúja volt a rablásnak, de senki nem látta a rabló arcát.
12. Vigyázz a táskádra, sok zsebtolvaj van erre.
13. Minden tolvajnak és terroristának sokáig kellene börtönben lennie.
14. Néhány amerikai államban a gyilkosokat halálra ítélik.
15. Sajnos itt sok kisebb lopás történik.
8) Give the name of the defined law breaker. Choose Law
from the list on the right.
1. steals purses and wallets
2. marries illegally while being married already a thief
3. takes people hostage for a ransom a robber
4. steals from banks or trains a burglar
5. steals a shoplifter
6. kills people a murderer
7. steals from houses or offices an assassin
8. seizes aeroplanes a hijacker
9. takes things from shops without paying a blackmailer
a kidnapper
a spy
a vandal
a terrorist
9) Complete the list with the a bigamist
appropriate words from the a forger
list on the right. a pickpocket

Criminal Crime
a shoplifter ...................
a robber ................... Crimes
a burglar ....................
a murderer ................... theft
a thief ................... robbery
a blackmailer ................... burglary
a kidnapper ................... shoplifting
a spy ................... murder
an assassin ................... assassination
a hijacker ................... hijack
10) Put the actions in the correct order: terrorism
a.) send to prison forgery
b.) arrest manslaughter
c.) suspect mugging
d.) convict
e.) charge / accuse
f.) try
g.) interrogate
11) Give the correct words.

Who is the person?

prison warden hooligan judge vandal lawyer burglar
witness drug dealer jury

1. A professional person who represents one in court.

2. A professional person who decides if one is innocent or guilty.
3. A group of ordinary people who decide if one is innocent or guilty.
4. A person who looks after prisoners in jail.
5. A person who breaks into a house and steals from it.
6. A person who sells drugs.
7. A person who sees a crime happening.
8. A person who causes trouble at a football match.
9. A person who damages public property.

What is the crime?

rape murder kidnapping terrorism hijacking
manslaughter fraud shoplifting smuggling blackmail

10. If one kills somebody and it was planned.

11. If one kills somebody and it wasn’t planned.
12. If one brings goods into the country illegally.
13. If one takes over a plane.
14. If one commits a crime which has a political motive.
15. If one takes something from a shop without paying for it.
16. If one takes a person [often someone rich] and demands money in return for that person’s
safe return.
17. If one attacks another person sexually.
18. If one threatens to reveal a person’s secret unless money is paid.
19. If one uses your credit card to buy goods on the internet.

1 3
) 1. witness ) lawyer 4
2. judge terrorist ) 1. judge 7. court
3. pickpocket /-ing 2 guilty 2. steal 8. law
) highjack
4. prison jury 3. burglary 9. prison
5. burglar /-y criminal 4. victim 10. witness
6. kidnap /-ping victim 5. innocent 11. kill
shoplift 6. guilty 12. thief
7. innocent
8. court

) 1. someone who commits a crime
2. to take control of an aircraft or other vehicle during
5 a journey, especially using violence
) 1. thieves 7. court
3. taking someone away by force and demanding money
2. guilty 8. prison
3. witnesses 9. steal in exchange for releasing them
4. killed 10. victims 4. someone whose job is to give advice to people about
5. innocent 11. judge the law and speak for them in court
6. burglaries 12. law 5. someone who takes goods from a shop without
paying for them

7 8 9
) 1. There weren’t burglars at my place, there was only a party. 1. – pickpocket 1. – shoplifting
2. There aren’t many judges at the court. 2. – bigamist 2. – robbery
3. I’m afraid that my friend’s friends are criminals. 3. – kidnapper 3. – burglary
4. I’m not guilty but I think I know who kidnapped my boss. 4. – robber 4. – murder
5. My dog always makes an innocent face when he steals 5. – thief 5. – theft
my sandwich. 6. – murderer 6. – blackmail
6. I don’t like travelling by plane because I’m afraid of hijackers. 7. – burglar 7. – kidnapping
7. The jury carefully listened to the victim’s report. 8. – hijacker 8. – spy
8. Your cat killed my mouse yesterday. 9. - shoplifter 9. – assassination
9. Is there a law against stupidity? 10. – hijacking
10. There are some very clever lawyers, too.
11. There were a lot of witnesses to the robbery but nobody saw
the robber’s face.
12. Take care of your bag, there are a lot of pickpockets here. 10
) 1. – c
13. Every thief and terrorist should stay in prison for a long time. 2. – g
14. In some American states murderers are sentenced to death. 3. – e
15. Unfortunately there are several smaller thefts here. 4. – b
5. – f
6. – d
11 7. – a
) 1. – lawyer 11. – manslaughter
2. – judge 12. – smuggling
3. – jury 13. – hijacking
4. – prison warden 14. – terrorism
5. – burglar 15. – shoplifting
6. – drug dealer 16. – kidnapping
7. – witness 17. – rape
8. – hooligan 18. – blackmail
9. – vandal 19. – fraud
10. – murder

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