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Project Management: Managing


Electrical Projects
Course overview Who should attend?
Effective project management is essential to deliver You will find this course invaluable if you involved in
electrical projects on time, on budget and to managing electrical projects.
specification. This course is designed to equip you with
The course will also benefit you if you are a manager,
the understanding, tools and techniques you need to
engineer or technician working for a user, owner or
manage a range of electrical projects.
operator of electricity networks, plant and equipment,
You will be introduced to the principles of project and will provide useful insight for the owners and
management through a selection of case study operators themselves.
examples ranging from small HV/LV projects to larger
Equipment manufacturers, buyers and specifiers will
132/33/11kV and 400/275kV projects to reinforce the
also benefit from a wider knowledge of the project
main learning points.
management process.
Central to the course is a full scale project management
exercise in which you will create and deliver an electrical
Benefits of attending this course
engineering project in a Distribution Network Operator • Develop essential project management skills
(DNO) company. This will give you the opportunity to • Understand the stages and teams required for
devise and develop project management strategies and effective project delivery
test them out in a ‘risk free’ environment, discussing • Gain valuable tools and techniques for effective
your issues and experiences with other delegates and project management
the course speakers. • Enhance your ability to deliver projects on time and
on budget
• Reduce the risk of delays, cost overruns and creep
Cost: Two-day course: £935 + VAT
Location: EA Technology, Capenhurst, Chester, CH1 6ES • Apply your skills in a comprehensive worked

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Project Management: Managing Electrical Projects

Course programme

Day one Day two

Project Management and the Project Lifecycle Project Reporting and Project Management Techniques
• Projects in context • Purpose and types of report
• Project success and failure • Content and setting-up reporting
• Project lifecycle (concept & definition phases) • Bodies of knowledge
• Tools and techniques
Project Management Workshop 1
Project Management Workshop 4
Project Organisation and Stakeholder Management
• Project management roles Project Lifecycle: Handover & Closure Phase
• Team working • Acceptance
• Stakeholder management • Project review
• Communications planning • Formal closure
• Resolving conflict
• Negotiation
Project Management Workshop 5

Case Study: Rossendale Valley Reinforcement Project

Project Management Workshop 2
Programme may be subject to amendment
Project Lifecycle: Development Phase and Risk
• Delivering the project plan
• Change control
• Commercials
• Risk management

Project Management Workshop 3


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