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Transmission line must be matched to the load to - transfer maximum power to the

Known as the ratio of the reflected voltage - reflection coefficient
The Energy that neither radiated into space nor completely transmitted - Standing
A device that converts - Balun
Impedance Inversion can be obtained by - A quarter-wave line
Transmission Lines when connected to antennas have - Resistive load at Resonant
One of the following is not a bounded media - ocean
Find the input reactance og a 600 - j952.836
Determine the characteristic impedance of a given coaxial cable with L =0.118mH/m,
C=21pF - 62
Calculate the load impedance of a transmission line with a characteristic impedance
of 60 - 103.399<39.421
Indicate the false statement. The SWR on a transmission line is infinity - A
complex impedance
A coaxial Line with an outer diameter of 6mm - 2.09mm
Using a TDR, a pulse - 126m
A 300 line is terminated by a 200 - j200 - 42.62
What quarter-wave transformer will matchn a 100 +j75 - 91.16
Determine the length of a shunt - 0.132
Determine the nearest distance where a series open - 0
A wire conductor experiences the following - a and b
What is the distance between a voltage maximum and adjacent - lambda/4
The use of stub-matching network - transmitter side of the stub
A changing electric field gives rise to - A magnetic field
In electromagnetic waves, polarization - is due to the transverse nature of the
Electromagnetic waves are refracted when they - pass into a medium of different
dielectric constant
What is the highest frequency that can be - Critical Frequency
High Frequency range is from - 3 to 30
Radio Waves that is far - Plane Wave
Light goes from a medium A to medium B at an angle - is less than that in A
Indicate which one of the following terms applies to troposcatter - Fading
Troposcopic scatter is used with - UHF
The absorption of a radio waves by the atmosphere depends on - their frequency
Diffraction of electromagnetic waves - May occur around the edge of a sharp
A microwave transmitting antenna is 550 - 20mi
To increase the transmission distance of UHF signal - increase antenna height
What is the FSL in dB at 300 - 173.4 dB
Determine the fade margin for the following conditions: D=40km -31.40dB
A form of unwanted radiation working - Backlobe Radiation
What is the length of the director in a three-element Yagi - 1.35m
What is the gain of a dish antenna with D = 20 lambda - 33.8 dB
A type of antenna capable of transmitting (receiving) a TEM - Helical Antenna
What is the electromagnetic field that surrounds an antenna but does not radiate -
Induction field
It is a non-resonant antenna several wavelengths long - long-wire antenna
The captured area of an antenna is directly proportional to the - gain of the
Why is it impossible to use a waveguide at low frequency - because of the size of
the waveguide
The mode at which a waveguide operates is- method used to couple the signal into
the waveguide
The phase velocity - c=(VpVg)^2
What is the guide wavelength if m = 1 for a 6 cm - 2.55 cm
A waveguide acts as a - HPF
How wide must a waveguide be - More than lambda/2
Determine the angle of acceptance of a glass - 51.45
Determine the numerical aperture for a glass - 0.483