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Commins Manufacturing Inc

IES, Inc. StructurePoint
Phone: 360-378-9484
Web: www.comminsmfg.com Phone: 800-707-0816 Phone: 847-966-4357
Product: AutoTight Tie-Down Systems Web: www.iesweb.com Web: www.structurepoint.org
Description: High Wind and Seismic, Continuous Product: IES ConcreteBending Product: Concrete Design Software Suite
Tie-Down Systems for connecting light frame Description: Smart designers model concrete Description: StructurePoint, formerly the PCA
structures to concrete Footings and PT decks. slabs and environmental tanks using IES Engineering Software Group, offers concrete
Systems carry up to 147 kips. Systems provide ConcreteBending. The tool automatically design software programs updated to ACI 318-14
strength and precision drift control. constructs an accurate FEA mesh, checks for concrete buildings, concrete structures, and
punching shear, and follows ACI 318 or ACI 350 concrete tanks. Reinforced concrete structural
specifications. Stay in control of your projects and software includes programs for design of columns,
CTS Cement Manufacturing Corporation work more efficiently. Get a free trial today. bridge piers, beams, girders, one and two-way
Phone: 800-929-3030 slabs, shearwalls, tilt-up walls, mats, foundations,
Web: CTScement.com tanks, and slabs-on-grade.
Product: Rapid Set® Cement Integrity Software, Inc.
Description: Outperforms other concrete repair Phone: 512-372-8991
materials in durability, repetitive loading, chemical Web: www.softwaremetering.com TRIMBLE
attack, permeability, freeze/thaw, abrasion resistance, Product: SofTrack Phone: 678-737-7379
and shrinkage. Rapid Set gets 3000 psi in one hour, Description: Save money on monthly, quarterly, and Web: www.tekla.com/us
achieving structural or drive-on strength in one annual Bentley® license fees! Automatic control to Product: Tekla Tedds
hour. Use for concrete repairs, restoration, and new prevent over-usage of Bentley licenses. Ensure licensed Description: A powerful software that will speed
construction projects. applications are used within your license limits. Includes up your daily structural and civil calculations,
support for all Bentley licensing policies. Automatically Tekla Tedds automates your repetitive structural
block usage of products you do not own. Ask about
Dlubal Software, Inc. enhanced Autodesk and ArcMAP reporting.
calculations. Perform 2-D Frame analysis, utilize a
large library of automated calculations to U.S. codes,
Phone: 267-702-2815
or write your own calculations while creating high
Web: www.dlubal.com
Product: RFEM S-FRAME Software quality and transparent documentation.
Description: Strength and serviceability limit state Phone: 604-273-7737 Product: Tekla Structures
designs of reinforced beams, columns, and flat/ Web: s-frame.com Description: Move from design-oriented to
curved plates according to ACI 318, CSA A23.3, Product: S-CONCRETE construction-oriented engineering and empower
and other international standards. Advanced Description: The most efficient concrete design and structural engineers to offer improved additional
capabilities: non-linear analysis of reinforced detailing solution available for columns, beams, and walls services. Through our open and collaborative
concrete elements in the cracked state for a realistic with ACI 318-14 support. Run as standalone application software environment, you can work with
view of deformations, stresses, and crack widths for or as ICD in S-FRAME which includes continuous beam other disciplines and reduce RFIs. From
the serviceability limit state. design. Multi-Story Designer option quickly designs and concept to completion, Tekla software gives you
optimizes large structures analyzed with ETABS®. collaboration and control.

Phone: 800-424-2252 Tensar International Corporation Wej-It Fastening Systems
Web: http://enercalc.com Phone: 800-836-7271 Phone: 203-857-2200
Product: Structural Engineering Library/RetainPro/ Web: www.tensarcorp.com Web: www.wejit.com
ENERCALC SE Cloud Product: TriAx Geogrid Product: Ankr-TITE Wedge Anchor
Description: SEL quickly completes calculations for Description: An advanced product specifically designed Description: A high-strength, fully threaded, and
the design of footings, columns, beams, pedestals, for trafficked surfaces. TriAx Geogrid’s multi-directional torque-controlled expansion anchor designed for
shear walls and other concrete structures. Our new properties leverage triangular geometry to provide anchoring into normal-weight concrete, lightweight
3-D sketches let you avoid expensive, complicated an enhanced level of in-plane stiffness. Its triangular concrete, and grouted concrete masonry. The Ankr-
software. RetainPro provides detailed concrete earth structure, coupled with the improved rib and junction TITE anchor has a unique machine lathed expansion
retention design/calculation tools. Our clear, concise geometry, offers the construction industry an improved cone that supports a thick three dimple clip engineered
reports are ideal for client/agency reviews. alternative to conventional materials and practices. to provide high load carrying capability and reduce slip.

Simpson Strong-Tie
ADVERTISEMENT–For Advertiser Information, visit STRUCTUREmag.org

Phone: 800-925-5099 Demos at www.struware.com

Web: www.strongtie.com
Product: Stainless-Steel Titen HD® Heavy-Duty Screw Anchor Wind, Seismic, Snow, etc. Struware’s Code Search program calculates these and
Description: Now available in Type 304 and Type 316 stainless steel, with other loadings for all codes based on the IBC or ASCE7 in just minutes (see online
serrated carbon-steel threads at the tip. Type 316 is optimal for corrosive video). Also calculates wind loads on rooftop equipment, signs, walls, chimneys,
environments, and Type 304 is a cost-effective solution for less extreme trussed towers, tanks and more. ($250.00).
applications where the environment may be wet or damp. CMU or Tilt-up Concrete Walls Analyze solid walls for out of plane loading and
panel legs next to or between openings by automatically calculating loads to the wall
Product: Fabric-Reinforced Cementitious Matrix (FRCM) leg from vertical and horizontal loads at the opening. ($75.00 ea)
Description: Combines a high-performance sprayable mortar with
a carbon-fiber grid to create a thin structural layer that does not add Floor Vibration Program to analyze floors with steel beams and/or steel joist.
significant weight or volume to an existing structure. FRCM can be used to Compare up to 4 systems side by side ($75.00).
repair and strengthen concrete and masonry structures for seismic retrofit Concrete beam/slab Program to provide bending, shear and/or torsional reinforcing.
or load upgrades. Contact us for design support. Quick and easy to use ($45.00).

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