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Water is the most abundant material in this universe. But , human-being is using it in limitlessly and
recklessly . Already , this had caused a severe problem and effect in many small villages . This may lead
to a huge scarcity in future too. In a survey , we found that mainly apartments , buildings do not use
water in a wise manner . Also, the problem that we identified is people in apartments some times pay
bill without even consuming a drop of water (if they were out of station) , but water gets wasted too.


As we know there is a big problem in apartments regarding managing water distribution for all the flats ,
there is a need for a system to distribute , monitor the usage of water equally for all . So , our device will
help an apartment management to solve this problem . It will not only solve the problem of
management but also the users(people living in apartments) who face problems like irregular water
supply , wastage of water , paying water bill even though they won’t use water etc…So , we used
modern technology like IoT , android application , fire base , and designed a device with an android
application which will solve this problem .This device costs around 1400 /-


We have designed our Prototype which consists of a very low cost sensor “flow sensor “ , Which is
used to measure how much quantity of water is flowing through the pipe . This flow sensor is just a part
in our device which checks flow and tells us flow rate . In addition we have placed a solenoid valve , and
these whole setup is interfaced with esp32 microcontroller . This whole setup of sensors is placed and
fixed in a box which is about 100x120 mm , in which battery is also fixed inside . Inside the user home ,
whether its an apartment or individual home , this box is fixed to water pipe( main connection from
where you get water) or to the pipe wherever you want to , convenient to fix . We have designed an
android application , in which the user when he first time purchases this kit, will be given an id to enter
in that app and get access for life time. After logging in to the app , he will be given packages of selecting
water like 1 month , 2months , 6months etc… according to the package and number of people present in
a particular flat in an apartment or individual house , required quantity of water will be allotted for that
user ( for example , in an apartment , one flat have 3 members of different age groups , and assume
that they selected a package of 2 months , then they will be allotted a quantity of water as much more
than what they needed , according to statistics and according to type of water ( general purpose and
drinking) . Coming to its working , whenever user wants water , he can do it in two ways . First method
is , he can just turn on a push button present on box , or the second way and most efficient way is by
using app . After opening the application , user easily enable device whenever he wants water . When
he/she opens app , its asks him/her to select quantity of water required for that particular day or hour
or minute, then it gets enabled and water flows through the pipe, device . After supply of water , this
whole data of consumption will be sent back to cloud (this cloud account will be owned by that
particular apartment ) and then , immediately the same data of consumption (quantity of water
selected, quantity used and quantity remaining )will be displayed in that app also.


● Arduino IDE


● Solenoid valve

● Flow sensor

● 12v battery

● Android application (android studio)

● Firebase

● Cloud connectivity