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1. Since the project report is expected to serve as an application of knowledge acquired

in the first two semesters as well as during SIP at the company, the student should
ensure that adequate literature is surveyed, primary and secondary data collected
and analysed with adequate rigour using appropriate tools-both statistical and
2. The project report should reflect the application of learnings from research
methodology course (including project report writing) in II semester to the problem
3. The report may be from 60-100 pages in length. The report shall invariably be in
the following format:
Executive Summary : 1 Page
Chapter – I : Introduction (which includes Research Design)
Chapter - II : Conceptual Framework of the topic.
Chapter – III : Organisation Profile
Next One to Three : Analysis and Findings – the chapter Heads have to
Chapters- IV appropriately titled.
Last Chapter : Summary & Suggestions.
Annexures (If any).
4. It may be noted that the analysis and findings must emanate from the objectives and
the conclusions and suggestions must emerge out of the findings. Analysis and
findings should be the thrust of the report.
5. The report must have the Table of Contents, List of Tables and List of Figures, List
of Abbreviations Used and List of Annexures (all properly numbered and in the
right format).
6. The project report must comply with all the normal formalities of the inner cover
page, table of contents, student’s declaration about originality of the work,
Acknowledgements and Certification from the Project Guides.
7. The certification from the project guide/ Mentor in the Summer Internship from the
organization in which the student has worked, and of the faculty guide is absolutely
essential and must be on given the letter head and appropriately stamped.
8. The students may note that the report must be carefully and diligently prepared. It
should be the original work of the student. Wherever, some sentences etc. are picked
up from already existing sources, they must be referenced and given as end-notes
at the end of the report. The end-notes should be appropriately numbered. The
report should show-case the originality, intelligence and ingenuity of the student
and also the quality of work.
9. The Project reports will be put through the anti-plagiarism software to check the
originality of the report. Any report which has more than 25% similarity index will
not be accepted for evaluation.