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Table 1: Gordon’s functional health pattern in patient with…………..


According to the patient’s According to the patient’s A silent stroke does not have any
wife, her husband stopped wife, his husband has outward symptoms associated
smoking and drinking realized the importance of with stroke, and the patient is
alcohol in the year of seeking help with a typically unaware that they have
1980’s. He seldom gets Professional Physician. suffered a stroke. Thus, patient is
sick like fever/colds but his Even a mere headache at risk for both transient ischemic
Health blood pressure has been should not be taken for attack and major stroke in the
Management elevated. Last year granted. In addition, she as future.
Pattern according to her, he had his wife should initiate on (Leary, MC; Saver, JL 2003).
complained a severe giving him medical
headache but they just assistance to confirm
bought an over the counter about what is going on with “Readiness for enhanced
drugs to seek relief like him. It should have therapeutic regimen
paracetamol and some corrected earlier if they management.”
herbal plants like Sambong went directly to the doctor (Moenges;Moorhouse;Murr 10th
tea hoping to make his during his complain about edition Page 284).
condition better. As a result his health.
it was late for them to know
that her husband is already
suffering from stroke after
they have undergone some
laboratory tests.

According to the patient, According to the patient, Patient’s nutritional and metabolic
during his 10 years of work he should watch his diet status has been changed due to
in Saudi Arabia, his foods more often now. He should his confinement and medical
were lamb/hogget meat avoid high cholesterol diet condition. As individual health
Nutrition and most of the time. After that and change it into high status greatly affects eating habit
Metabolic until lately, he still loves to fiber foods like vegetables and nutritional status.
Pattern eat high fat and cholesterol and fruits. He also said that ( kozier p.1178)
diet such as pork and beef. in his age, he needs to
He likes to use make his food choices “Readiness for enhanced
“Sawsawang patis” at healthier than before and Nutrition.”
home, and meals from should maintain his fluid (Moenges;Moorhouse;Murr 10th
restaurants/fast food. He intake of at least 8 glasses edition Page 381).
rarely eats vegetables and of water daily.
fruits during the time of his
wellness. He drinks 6-7
glasses of water a day.
Elimination According to the patient’s According to the patient’s There was changes in the
Pattern wife, he didn’t have wife, after the insertion of frequency, consistency and
excessive perspiration. He the catheter, his husband amount of stool
defecates 4-5x a week with was able to urinate but Bowel movements affects the
brown in color and normally there was a problem with entire physiology.
formed. According to her, defecation. Unlike before, (Fundamentals of nursing by
he felt a bladder retention he now defecates 3-4x a taylor, lillis p.1342).
so he drank a lot of water week with hard /brown
to urinate but he found out stool, and that her husband ‘’ Constipation”
that he can’t really urinate is complaining everytime (Moenges;Moorhouse;Murr;10th
and as a result, he he goes to the comfort edition pages 162-167.)
reported a distended room. He is not advised to
bladder that made them go do a valsalva maneuver,
to the clinic somewhere in hence, he is having a hard
Mandaluyong City. The time to defecate..
doctor advised to insert a
foley catheter back then to
help him with urination.

Prior to admission, During his admission, he During patient’s confinement in

according to the patient’s was not able to do things the hospital, there are limitations
wife, even if her husband that he used to even in in his activities of daily living.
gets older, he can still basic personal needs, he
perform the basic daily often needs assistance “Activity intolerance “
activities with enthusiasm from his wife or from his (Moenges;Moorhouse;Murr;14th
such as; nurse. edition Page 68).
Activity –
Exercise List of Activity level: List of Activity level:
Changing of clothes: 2 Changing of clothes: 1
Elimination Elimination
Urination/Defecation: 2 Urination/Defecation: 1
Hygiene/Grooming : 2 Hygiene/Grooming : 1
Getting up from bed:2 Getting up from bed:1
Sitting on bed/chair: 2 Sitting on bed/chair: 1
Eating:2 Eating:2
Taking a bath: 2 Taking a bath: 1

According to the patient, he According to the patient, There are no changes noted in
did not watch television he can still get the same patient’s sleep pattern prior and
much specially during the hours of sleep from 8:00 during hospitalization.
Sleep Rest night because of his visual pm to 6:00 am. He can
Pattern acuity problem. Thus, the even have nap time during Normal
patient went to bed early the day in the hospital.
as his routine from 8:00 pm
to 6:00 am in the morning.
He sleeps 9-10 hours a
The client has difficulty in The client has difficulty in Majority of older adults will
hearing with no hearing aid hearing with no hearing aid experience some changes in their
used, as well as blurry of used, as well as blurry of sensory capacity (vision, hearing,
vision was observed. vision was observed. As he smell, taste and peripheral
Cognitive – According to him, he had gets older he said that he sensation) as a normal part of
Perceptual undergone a surgery for is easily to forget things but aging.
Pattern his cataract in the right eye he is able to answer some (Cacchione; 2005).
2 years ago. He stated that of the questions which the
when he wears glasses, he interviewers asked about.
can still read and write. He is also cooperative Normal
Moreover, as he gets older during the interview.
according to him he has
problem of remembering
things right away and will
take time for him to

According to the client, According to client, in his Due to his Condition, there are
Before he gets sick, he condition, his perception in changes in self concept.
feels good about himself by life somehow changed. He (Fundamentals of Nursing by
taking care of himself, in even verbalized that his Taylor p.68).
his grooming to be hair are all turning into
particular. He maintained color gray and he doesn’t
his hair dyed in black to able to dye it anymore “ Death Anxiety”
Self cover the white hair. He because of his condition. (Moenges;Moorhouse;Murr;10
Perception had enough energy to do He said he is looking ugly edition page 88-91).
Self Concept basic things that he likes in the hospital. In addition,
Pattern and that he makes himself In his age of 73 with a lot
proud of. of health issues, he stated
that he is not ready to
leave his family behind. He
still wants to see his
grandchildren growing and
celebrating special
occasions together.

According to the patient’s According to the patient‘s The family helps to support care
wife, aside from being a wife, their bond as a family which helps him to cope with his
father and a husband, now gets stronger and his condition. When illness occurs
Roles and being a grandparent is one wife as well as his children role changes both patient and
Relationship of the best things are always there family
Pattern happened to his life. He supporting him. According (Fundamental of nursing by Taylor
likes to sit with his to her, her husband wants p 63)
grandchildren watching to have more time with
cartoons. On the other them. He also mentioned “Readiness for enhanced
hand, his children are that he wants every communication”.
always busy at work that Sunday to be spared to be ( Moenges;Moorhouse;Murr;10
they seldom talk and have together with his entire edition pages 145-149).
fun together. family. Have dinner in a
nice restaurant or
somewhere they can relax
and chat more such as in
the beach.

According to the patient’s According to the patient’s “Ineffective sexuality pattern.”

wife, he’s been happy with wife, her husband has
their marriage of 40 years. shown changes on this
Sexuality - They didn’t use any matter. He is always saying ( thMoenges;Moorhouse;Murr;
Reproductive contraceptive devices or that he feels discomfort 9 edition page 472).
method when they were and wants to have space
younger. They are blessed specially when they sleep
to have children and together.
grandchildren. According to
her, passion and
sweetness remain between
them two.

According to patient’s wife, According to patient’s wife, “ Impaired adjustment”

every time her husband is during hospitalization he
stressed. He will just go to can still play soft music (Moenges;Moorhouse;Murr;10 9th
Coping Stress his room and sleep while using their cellphone, he edition page 66 ).
Tolerance soft music is played. seems lonely and quiet
Pattern Sometimes, they will eat because of his condition.
something like ice cream
together and have some
walk outside for fresh air.

According to the patient’s She stated that after the “ Impaired religiosity”
wife, they often go to incident, her husband
church with his family. She doesn’t go to church more (Moenges;Moorhouse;Murr;9th
Values Beliefs also stated that her often because of his edition page 490).
Pattern husband is active with the condition. Although they
church activities and that pray together at home, he
their faith is what keeps doesn’t attend with their
their relationship strong. church religious
celebration anymore.