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Low Hanging Fruit:

Items that are up and running now and may just need training/exposure

 Hot load indicator

 Quick Add Load vs Add Load
o Templates/Duplicate
 Activities
o Book
o Dispatch
o Send Carrier Confirmation
o Enter Required Info
 May require updates to Rate Con
 Check Calls
o What status to use
o Where to put it in
 More Actions
o Transport Matching
o Backhaul Matching
o Load Postings
o Truck Search
o Call Checks
 What status to use
 Where to put it
o Manage Quote
o Coming soon – Request Advance
 Capacity Portlet
 What happened at game
 Went and got high with the trip magician, he showed us his private realm with all of the
back door portals to the other realms amd he had visions of the cyber realm. He sent
one of his net spider gafflings through the realm portal instructed to traverse to a
terminal in our territory, with the Express reason mapping the portals location on the
other side and to tell me if it was able to see the portal from the cyber realm. Also got
a bag full of the drugs and an invite to comeback.
 Ended up stopping on the way back to check out what may be a cannibal – or a parts
collecter of the human variety. Teeth… like a jar of nuts. I hacked his wifi, dropped a
few descreet audio/video bugs and linked them to the hacked wifi for me to check on
(Computer). I also reprogrammed his chipped ID work card (morgue/hospital??) with
my remote access tool. When he swipes it it should spread to their security system for
later access, including the computer he may use with his card access.

 Downtime Actions
 1 – Patrolling with packmates for the Warder
 2 – Patrolling with packmates for the warder
 3 – Learn Gift – Forge the Fetish
 4 – (Computer) dig up info on the body eater… and checking the information collected from the
bugs planted.
 5 – (Science – Data Science) - continue to incubate my AI feeding it more and more of the data
points I’ve accessed. I’m looking to see what kind of predictions it may come up with (This is
pretty early on, so give me random stuff)
 *My endgame with the supercomputer/AI will be to continue to beef up the netspider spirit
that’s taken up residence in/around it while incubating the AI, with layered learning and
predicative analysis algorithms. Eventually bind as a fetish the spirit to the AI/Supercomputer
host. He is trying to create an oracle machine… something that can plug into and use it to
predict the future. His derangement is an obsession with data collection, and I’m planning on
morphing that into him actually believing that through his AI/Supercomputer/Fetish he gets
glimpses of the future. I might even drop a merit at some point to take oracle or maybe just get
lucky/be right once and a while on the predictions. *

 Influence Actions ((All made online – remote messages, email, video chats etc – none of it
should be traced or followed (Weavers Specter Merit)
 Elite: 5 + 1 (returned)
all 6 actions – Gossip and Insider Trading (Lvl 2)

 Underworld: 5 + 1(returned)
all 6 actions - Word on the Street (Lvel 2)

 XP Buys (starting XP should be 134 (104 floor + 30 start) – with 14xp available)
 Spending (14)xp for:
 Gift – Forge the Fetish (12xp)
Level 2 Lore (2xp)

 Notes/Comments
 Updating in Yorick all sub-catagories:
Elite Influence list: Financial Institutions, Insurance, Police, Utility Services, Real Estate,
Technology Companies, Media, Health, Emergency Services, Bureaucracy
Underworld Influence list: Bureaucracy, Dark Web, Legal, Organized Crime (Numbers based),
Telecommunications, Shipping/Logistics, Technology Companies, Labor Unions, Public
transportation, Local Airports
Allies: Hackers, Online Media, Activists (Resist/CWA – Political Action Chapter), Private
Allies (Shared): Computer Forensics, Guilford County ISV, Social Services, Guilford County GIS
Contacts: Police Dispatch Sgt
Totem Bonus: Pack Link, Umbral Aptitude