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26.08.2019 Dear Paul, We the undersigned do inform you that we are resigning with immediate effect from the party. The reasons for our decision to resign are manifold. Inter alia, since 2014 we have observed that the party is going towards a decline with a defeat at successive elections. For the first time in MMM history rot a single member has been returned for the 2015 Municipal elections. In the December 2017 by- elections the MMM got the worst score in its history (a mere 13%) and no lesson has been learnt from those disastrous defeats. Furthermore the MMM has been incapable of retaining our MPs and our parliamentary group has been reduced from 12 to 6 on account of internal squabbles and selfishness on the part of certain MPs. Unfortunately you, as leader of the Parliamentary group, have been unable to keep our Parliamentary team united with the result that 3 of our MPs left MMM to join government ranks and 2 others formed their own political party and one is sitting as an independent member who has otfthe ns We have also noticed that the widely circulated 32 pages document is and will continue to cause tremendous harm to the MMM and there has not been the least serious consideration of that matter. You have become hostage to a privileged few. It is the avowed belief of some sitting at the top level of the MMM that only a few MIMM candidates will be returned at the forthcoming elections and the rest will be sacrificed. You have already been chosen as the next leader of the opposition with our good friend Rajesh Bhagwan as opposition whip. MMM has no electoral strategy for the forthcoming general elections and we do not find ourselves in the above equation as the MMM has deviated from its principles that we were all cherishing at a given time. We are of the opinion that the credibility and popularity of the MMM leadership has been seriously dented and inspires no confidence in the public Since the Prime Minister has made a public appeal to all those who espouse MMM values ( les valeurs ig positively, militantes) we are contemplating of respon ‘We wish you well and we thank you.