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a. constitutional basis
b. bar matter no. 803
c. what is procedure?
d. purpose of procedure
e. 1997 civil procedure


a. applicability
b. uniform procedures in mtc and rtc
1. exceptions
c. rules of court as law
d. retroactive application
1. exceptions
2. Tan, Jr. v. CA, GR No. 136368, January 16, 2002
e. construction
1. what is the general course of action?
Asia United Bank v. Goodland Co.
2. when is liberal construction proper?
Rule 1, Sec 6
Cabrera v Ng, GR No. 201601, March 12, 2014
Sebastian v Morales, 445 Phil 595, 605
Sablas v Sablas, 528 SCRA 292
Saint Louis University v Cobarrubias, GR No. 177425, June 18, 2014


a. what is a civil action?

b. forms of civil actios
1. applicable rules
2. when rules not applicable?
c. how commenced?
1. purpose of this provision


a. what is a complaint?
b. what is a pleading?
c. pleadings allowed
d. effect of pleading
e. effect of an unsigned pleading
f. aside from signature of lawyer, what else is required?
Intestate of Jose Uy v. Atty Pacifico M. Maghari III, AC No. 10525, Sept. 1, 2015
Republic v Kenrick Development Corp., GR No. 149576, Aug. 8, 2006
Bar Matter No. 1922, OCA Circular No. 99-2008, OCA Circular No. 79-2014, May 26, 2014
g. verification and certification against forum shopping
Bacolor, et al v Makabali Memorial Hospital, Inc., et al, GR No. 204325, April 18, 2016
Cagayan Valley Drug Corp. V CIR, GR No 151413, Feb. 13, 2008
Mid-Pasig Land Dev Corp v Tablante, GR No 162924, Feb 4, 2010

a. what is jurisdiction?
b. aspects of the concept of jurisdiction
Boston Equity Resources, Inc. v CA, GR No 173946, June 19, 2013
c. jurisdiction over the subject matter
Batas Pambansa Blg.129, as amended by RA 7691
1. Totality Rule
Pantranco North Express, Inc v Standard Insurance Co, Inc, et al, GR No. 140746, March 16,
d. jurisdiction over the parties
1. additional defendants
e. general rule
1. exception
Tijam v Sibunghanoy, 23 SCRA 29 (estoppel by laches)
Figueroa v People, GR No 147406, 7-14-2008 (general rule)
Calimlim v Ramirez, 204 Phil 25; 118 SCRA 399
Mangalig v Catubig-Pastoral, GR No 143951, 10-25-2005
Frianela v Banayad, Jr. GR No 169700, 7-30-2009
Duero v CA, GR No 131282, January 4, 2002
f. payment of docket fees
Manchester Dev Corp v CA, GR No L-75919, May 7, 1987
Sun Insurance Office, LTD v Asuncion, GR Nos 79937-38, Feb 13, 1989
United Overseas Bank v Ros, et al, GR No. 171532, Aug 7, 2007; 556 Phil 178; Negros Oriental
Planters Association, Inc v RTC Negros Occidental, GR No 179878, Dec 24, 2008
g. docket fees for civil damages in criminal actions
General v Claravall, 195 SCRA 623
Manuel v Judge Alfeche, Jr., et al, GR No 115683, July 26, 1996
h. doctrine of primary jurisdiction
Paloma v Mora, GR no/ 157783, September 23, 2005
Villaflor v CA, 280 SCRA 297, 327


a. what is a real action?

b. what is a personal action?
c. venue of real and personal actions\
Latorre v Latorre, 617 SCRA 88
d. what is an action quasi in rem?
e. venue of actions quasi in rem
f. venue of actions for specific performance
Sps. Saraza v Francisco, GR No. 198718, Nov 27, 2013
Gochan v Gochan, 372 SCRA 256
g. recovery of deficiency after EJF
BPI Family Savings Bank, Inc v Sps Yujuico, GR No 175796, July 22, 2015
h. exclusive venue
Briones v CA et al, GR No. 204444, January 14, 2015
San Miguel Corp v Monasterio, GR No 151037, June 23, 2005
AM No 99-10-05-0, Aug 7, 2001;
Sps. Ochoa v China Banking Corp, GR No. 192877, March 23, 2011
j. dismissal due to improper venue
1. summary procedure
2. small claims

a. plantiff and defendant

b. what is a counter-claim
c. kinds of counter-claims
1. compulsory counter-claim
a. when allowed?
2. permissive counter-claim
3. effect of failure to answer counter-claim
d. cross-claims
e. third, etc. – complaint
f. real party in interest
1. unknown real party in interest
2. representativs of real party in interest
3. spouses as parties
4. minor and incompetent parties
5. unwilling plaintiff
g. indispensable and necessary parties
h. joinder and misjoinder of parties
1. effect of non-joinder
2. effect of misjoinder
i. class suit
j. death or separation of a party
1. duty of counsel
k. effect of death on contractual money claims
l. transfer of interest
m. actions involving validity


a. what is a cause of action?

b. splitting a single cause of action
c. joinder and misjoinder of causes of action
d. requisites of joinder of actions
e. effects


 Rules 1-7
 Bar Matter No. 1132
 Section 139 of the Local Government Code
 AM No 07-6-5-SC


 Rule 1 – Sec 3a, pars 1&2

 Rule 2 – Sections 1, 2, 4, and 5
 Rule 3 – Sections 2 & 8
 Rule 4 – Sections 1 & 2
 Rule 6 – Sections 1 & 3
 Rule 7 – Sections 4 & 5
 Secs 9, 19 & 33 of BP Blg 129, as amended by RA 7691

 Complaint for sum of money

 Verified answer


a. alternative causes of actions or defenses

b. conditions or precedent
c. capacity of the parties
d. general and specific averments
e. specific denials
1. effect of failure
f. type of specific denials
g. negative pregnant
h. actionable documents
1. requisites in denying actionable documents
2. effect of failure
Benguet Exploration, Inc v CA, GR No. 117434, February 8, 2001


a. kinds of amendments
Marcos-Araneta, et al v. CA, GR No. 154096, August 22, 2008
Alpine Lending Investors v Corpuz, 508 SCRA 45
b. when made?
c. how filed?
d. effects of amendment
e. amendment during trial stage
1. General Rule
2. exception
PNB v Sps Manalo, GR No 174433, February 24, 2014
f. difference between amended and supplemental pleadings
g. effect of supplemental pleading
Young v. Spouses Sy, 534 Phil 246
Ada, et al v Baylon, GR No. 182435, August 13, 2012


a. what is summons?
b. who issues summons?
c. who serves summons?
Manalo v Robles Trans Co. Inc., 99 Phil 729
d. issuance of service of summons after amendment
Viason Enterprises Corp v CA, 310 SCRA 26
e. kinds of service of summons
1. personal service
Manuel v Ong, GR No. 205249, Oct 15, 2014
2. substituted service
Manotoc v CA, GR No 130794, Aug 16, 2006
Alpine Lending Investors v Corpuz, 508 SCRA 45
3. extraterritorial service
f. how is summons served?
1. domestic private judicial entity
EB Villlarosa&Partner, Ltd. v Benito, 312 SCRA 65
Green Star Express, Inc v Nissin Universal Robina Corp, GR No 181517, July 6, 2015
2. defendant without judicial entity
3. foreign private juridical entity
4. public corporation