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Republic of the Philippines

Region XII
Department of Education
District of East Lebak
Nuling, Lebak, Sultan Kudarat

Lesson Plan for Demonstration Teaching

March 14, 2019

I. Objectives:

At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:

 Define what is table napkin folding;

 Appreciate advantages of table napkin folding;
 Demonstrate examples of table napkin folding.

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Table Napkin Folding

Reference: Curriculum Guide TLE_HEHSIOHC-III.ae-9
Resources: Power point presentation, video presentation, visual aids, realia

III. Procedures:

A. Preliminaries:

a. Prayer

b. Greetings

c. Checking of attendance

d. Review

 Motivation

The teacher will flash some pictures and ask the students of what they have
observed in the pictures.

B. Presentation:

 Activities

a. Let’s solve the puzzle!

The teacher will divide the class into four groups. Each group has its own
pictures to solve. Let the students presents their output.

 Analysis

Based on our activity, what do you think is our lesson for today?
Can you point out the advantages of table napkin folding?

 Abstraction

 Discuss the definition of table napkin folding.

a. Table napkin folding is/are square pieces of cloth that are normally used
during dining. It is also used for wiping the lips, finger, and to protect clothes
while eating.
 Introduce the advantages of table napkin folding.
 Let the students watch some video presentation about different table napkin
folding types.

 Application

With the same groupings, do/perform the following task. Each group should
select a leader and a demonstrator or presenter.
Group 1: Perform the table napkin folding PYRAMID type.
Group 2: Perform the table napkin folding BIRD OF PARADISE type.
Group 3: Perform the table napkin folding BISHOP’S HAT type.
Group 4: Perform the table napkin folding CANDLE type.

Present the output in class.

The performance is guided with the following rubrics:

Criteria Multiplier Performance Score
5 4 3
Speed x5 All steps Most of the Some of the 25 pts.
were steps were steps were
followed in followed followed
the correct correctly correctly
Construction x5 Finished Finished Finish 25 pts
process ahead of just in time beyond the
time time
Accuracy x10 Very Perfectly Not so 50 pts.
perfectly fold perfectly
fold fold
Total 100 pts.
IV. Evaluation
Direction: Answer the following question in a ½ sheet of paper.

1.What have you observe in folding a table napkin?

2.What are the advantages of table napkin folding?

V. Assignment

Make a research of at least 5 other types of table napkin folding that haven’t
discuss yet in class.

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